Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where Are They Now?

SLebrity Nooz...
Here it is the end of January 2008. No better time to start with some new feature article, right? Introducing this one, by me! Yay!
Ever wonder what happened to your favorite SLebrities, blogs, pawp-u-lar stuffs? Some had long careers before fading into oblivion, while others seemed like they didn't get their full 15 minutes. But we still loved them. I went on a quest to find out 'Where Are They Now?'

*Light Waves (Starax Statosky)*
The creator of the infamous Starax Magic Wand returned to SL a while back under a new name, Light Waves. Even keeping a low profile, people could not sit back & gaze upon his work without figuring out who he really was. He is still doing stuff for SL and currently working on a Rezzable project. It's all sculpties these days and so he doesn't really need to log into SL to build until he is working his magic putting his art up for us to "awww" at.

*Willow Zander (Fashion Blogger)*
Most know that Willow took an SL hiatus to hang out in RL for a bit finding out how awesome it can be. She recently gave birth in RL to a beautiful baby & has slowly but surely worked her way back into SL on occasion. I asked her if she would continue her WTF Is Willis Wearing series and she says, "Part of me reaaally misses blogging, but part of me doesn't. The drama was not fun, and soooo many people are "fashion bloggers" now." I couldn't agree more.

*Brutal Honesty (SL Blog)*
Last year we saw this blog come & shortly there after... GO. Though many are completely happy that it's gone (including me), it leaves us with questions. It appears that the sole purpose of it's creation was to be a public pot stirring, spoon carrying, SL rag that grabbed a lot of attention for awhile. In fact there was a huge anon following. Just as well. After the huge scandal of the alt cover up, it went dormant. You would think that in order to maintain the "story" of not being alts and their innocence, that they would have continued 'business as usual'. Just sayin.

*turk DaSilva (Notorious Bad Boy/Player)*
Depending on the circles you ran with, you may remmy good ole' turk. The outspoken, hard ass, uber flirtacious, female pawp-u-lar bad boy. So where is he now? Well, in his own words... "I disappeared because my real life became to overwhelming. Moved states, impregnated 2 women neither of which was the one I'm dating. I don't know if I'll ever be back. Sl is not conducive to me making money. I fucking MISS tringo. And, next for me will probably be some random woman killing me because I told her "I love you" followed by the wrong name. Name tags should be mandatory."

More to come on our favorite & some not so favorite, but pawp-u-lar spotlight absentees... Stay tuned.

Monday, January 28, 2008

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (Anon Comments)

Click To Enlarge!

Meet 'N Greet: Kere Delcon

*Favorite Color:

Red - most days.

*SL Rezzday:

11/21/2006 - omg, I'm so old!

*Favorite animal and why?

Tiger - I like everything about them, their colour, their power, and mystery. I've always wanted to have a tiger cub as a pet, they have all the appeal a grown tiger has - with cuteness to boot. Shame it would grow up and likely maul me. They'd be expensive to feed.

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?

I wanted it to reflect me, so it could be an extension of my personality that I could identify with and feel comfortable playing. I'm 6'5" in RL, so he had to be tall - rugged and dark, but soft enough to fit my gentler side. He does have a better tan than I do right now, and nicer tattoos - well any actually.

*What's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?

I have never done anything embarrassing for somebody - although, I was helping a vendor with his store once, when he politely let me know that "dude, your junk is hanging out".

*What's the last book you read?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (sorry)

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?

Muriel's Wedding

*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)

Had no sense of humour

*If you could trade SLives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?

I'd never trade my life with anyone. It would be dangerous in the wrong hands!

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in SL?

I am lucky to be able to collaborate in SL with the people I love and admire the most.

*Favorite thing to do in SL?

I dance and build.

*** Side note: Kere's a Kiwi RL, so along with that hawt pixelated bod he has a luscious voice to match! *faints*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We have teh pr0n (Or Kitty's utter shame)

The following post has been rated 'NC17' and is totally NSFW or any situation where people may see you and think you "Look like a saddo" Danke

Those evil miscreants at Are We Not Men? have been up to their nasty little games again. Upon hearing that a Mean Girl had starred in a porn film they've been working their naughty little arses off trying to uncover it. Well sorry boys, you have been scooped.

Rather than sit back and let you bray yourselves silly at your own cleverness I've decided to out myself and post the video here.

Ironic it may seem after my previous post (indeed the line "Old porn film surfaced on some bitching blog, laugh it off" seems to be almost Nostradamus like in it's predictive nature) but it's all so sadly true.

I'll trot out all the excuses of being young and reckless, but fuck it, 500L$ was a lot of money and I may be deep, but I'm materialistic.

So without further ado, I present my moment of shame.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Allowing Comments: A Mean Girls Policy

Some time back we turned off anonymous commenting for our blog posts. Though there was a specific post and reason for the decision at the time, we had conveniently decided to leave it off and just “forget” to turn it back on. There were many reasons for this decision. Anyone anywhere reading any blog has seen the drama trapeze act that comes a lot of times from anonymous commenting. I follow some of them too, sometimes with my mouth agape at the faux confidence and self-righteousness of people who are clearly so sure of themselves, and the importance of their message, that they feel no need to cloud the issue by stating who they are. Many times watching some blog post or other (an opinion stated or shared) turn into something truly ugly or seeing that the drivel in the comments section becomes the main show while the post itself is deferred to merely background noise.

Just as I feel that it is the right of anyone to write a blog stating their opinions or views whether or not they are the correct ones, I also feel that it is the right of anyone to be able to argue your point, defend yourself… discuss, debate. I’ve seen posts come and go… everything truly outrageous that’s gotten your feathers ruffled is usually a forgotten event within a couple of months, weeks even. I’ve watched publicly the confusion and anxiety caused over a post gone wrong in the comments section. I’ve seen policies implemented in some fashion blogs that require a blogger to disclose their personal knowledge of the content creator being reviewed at the end of their post just so that no one else gets their panties in a wad over any “alleged” favortism. Someone reviewing something a friend made? OMG, the outrage! Is that nepotism? Please. If you’ll notice, even some of the blogs content creators themselves maintain to let people know about their new releases no longer accept comments. Period. Why? Well, because there are disgruntled, angsty people everywhere. Some with an axe to grind or latent emotional issues due to not being breast-fed who are still looking for attention… no matter how they come by it. And thanks to them, you can no longer tell your favorite designer in a comment how much you love their latest release.

I’ve had several discussions with my cohorts regarding comments. Although we don’t all like the idea of anonymous commenting (myself included!), for the most part we agree that we’d like to go back to a more open format for anyone to share their views. Because Sharing is Caring! That being said, we are not therapists and comment section content that requires serious mental evaluation will not be allowed. Quite simply, only one of us is a trained professional and it would be irresponsible to allow you to put your care in our hands :)Think of us as the Dr. Phils of SL, doing what we can for the Brittany’s out there without making a single linden in the process.

Besides, everyone already knows that I’m a 68 year-old man who weighs 550lbs and lives in his mother’s basement. So there won’t be any need for you to point that out ~anonymously~ in a comment when you disagree with my stated opinion in a post.

To simplify, we are allowing anonymous comments until we decide not to either for a single post or indefinitely. Inappropriate, deranged, misogynistic comments that cross a line, will not be allowed. Try Gor for that. So choose your words wisely. If you’d like to share, discuss, or debate… you are welcome! Now, Bring it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Baby, Baby How was I Supposed to Know?

Picture it...

You've gotten hitched to the perfect spouse in SL, and you both decide to have a cute little prim baby to hug, and pet and squeeze and call George (or Georgina). So you go and pick out a "belly" to wear and enjoy the beautiful process of your little junior growing inside your pixelated womb.

While wearing your little bundle of joy in public, suddenly you see some green text on your screen:

Your babies are unsettled. Please rub your belly.


Why do you need to be reminded on not only your screen but everyone else's screen in the immediate vicinity that your belly needs to be rubbed? Minutes go by and you'll be told you need to take your vitamins, that your nails are healthy from taking them, and that you're happy to have the babies inside.

That's great for your wellbeing and all, but everyone else in the fashion boutique you're in (and most likely has clothes that won't fit your glowing self anyways) shouldn't have to hear that your babies are hungry and need you to eat something.

I haven't checked into who originally wrote this script to spam our screens with this prenatal babble. Probably a man since any woman who's ever been pregnant in RL would have text about morning sickness, swelled ankles, and peeing all the darn time.

Please keep in mind that I have nothing against the miracle of conception and feeling a life growing slowly inside of you. In fact it can be a very enlightening (and life changing) experience for most if not all women. I also understand that some women cannot have children in RL so have chosen to experience it in SL. That's perfectly your business and your right.

The rest of us just don't need to experience it with you.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meat 'N Greet: Wrath Paine

*Favorite Color:
Green because it the idea of a banana, so ready and yet forbidden until it rushes headlong into the heady days of it's maturity and can be devoured
*SL Rezzday:
*Favorite animal and why?
Okay, sure, if you know me, then you know that wildlife often roams onto my property and decides to stay. Vint finds it perfectly acceptable to climb aboard wild animals and hope not to get thrown.
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
I'm the official greeter at Clockwork and as such I wanted to go for a smiths look without trying to look like a cheap knockoff. : "I put special care into each individually hand crafted greeting to help customers feel personally welcome"
*What's the last book you read?
the bible
*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
All Angels of Light should be required to watch Boondock Saints for all eternity. You as well.
*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
... was interested... NAH!!! Someone who doesn't love the Smiths.
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
meet the ladies, and shop, when I'm not hearing confession or working with the guys

****Disclaimer (cuz the lawyers said I hafta). This is provided as an artistic interpretation of a beefcake. Any similarities to real or pixel people are unintended and should not be blamed on us! i.e, we made this shit up.. k?

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (ETD & Last Call Sales)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

You blog it!

Rosie & I are kinda dicking around with the similar subject of annoyance.

Anyone remmy the 1920's Antique Headress last week from Chapeau tres Mignon? How could you forget it? It was saturated all over the fashion feed. Every fashion blogger that it was given to blogged it from what I can tell.

I was given it too. By the way, have you noticed that I really don't have a personal review policy anymore, nor does MGG2SL? It's because everyday there is a new fashion twat blog etc for SL that does all the work for me/us. Why work harder when you can work smarter? The big differences between me & most, see I said most, other fashion blogs is that:

  1. This is not a fashion blog per se
  2. I have an opinion
  3. It has to meet *my* standards of happifications to end up blogged by me

What does that mean Jelly? Well it means that if a designer gives me something they don't know if I'll blog it or not. Unlike some fash bloggers like AnaLu. Don't get me wrong, Ana is a great person & she is great with Photoshop, but she rarely, and I mean like almost never gives an opinion. Do you like that ensemble? Hate it? Why? What do you like/hate about it? Is it detailed?

I know I sound hypocritical here because every once in a while I do a Jelly's Closet on my personal blog and I don't feel I need to post an opinion. The reason for that is because if I am wearing it, that means I love it. Period. Also I never call it a review. If that doesn't clue you in that I "like &/or love" what I am blogging, seek professional help from Capt Obvious. kkthnx

Don't most designers have their own blogs? What about the What's New in SecondLife blog? Is there really a reason why the fashion feed has to be saturated with the same item on different avatars? 900 copies of the Antique headdress were given out? Okay mayhaps it wasn't 900 but jeepers! Who is buying it when it was given out to so many people? Do I really need to see how it looks on Ana, Sai, Gillian, and a handful of others?

So this post ends up with more questions than answers. Mayhaps it's just me on a ventage cycle but my gawd people if you want to call yourself a fashionista, a fashion blog, or person with good taste, at least have a fucking opinion.

Oh yes, opinions. That really gets me. If you are going to call your post a review, actually say something. Really. If you're just doing a fashion post, kay then... but a review you would think would require you to have an opinion! Don't be afraid to have a little credibility, okay so a designer could pass you up next time if you actually give an honest less than savory review, but imagine that you could actually be known as an honest blogger with some kind of credit. Not just the blogger that blogs EVERYTHING!

Remmy the good ole'days where fashionistas would find us things that weren't ALL new releases? I do! I do!

Discuss (i.e Slam me here....)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fashionista Test

The term fashionista gets bandied around a lot. Apparently even I am meant to be one. But what does it mean? Well... Don't ask me, I haven't got a bloody clue. My guess would be they are people that transcend from the mere excitable shopper, to be omniscient beings, knowledgeable in all that is fashion, light shining from their elegantly clad bottoms.

I don't believe them though. I reckon that most of the 'fashionistas' couldn't tell their arse from Armidi. Oh and now I'm going to try and prove it!

It's a simple little quiz, tiz all. Look at all the purty pictures and answer the questions. Easy huh?
Well sort of, I'd like to point out that aside from (more) fame and glory there is no prize. Although I should mention we're the second most read blog after the Linden one (which has less nudity so why read it?). There will be a lovely leaderboard posting after the closing date. It would be oh so tragic to not have your name on it, no? Unless it's at the bottom *snickers*

In the above photo, from left to right obviously, tell me what shop they came from

The two black dresses, the green dress (don't worry about the tights or boots) and the two outfits made up from two separate items from two separate shops (Am I making this difficult?)

Simple one, name the boots from left to right.

Skins next, there are FAR too many on the grid here is a umm selection. Simply jot down the shop again BUT.. Extra clever person bonus points if you name the exact name and shade (Ooooo)

Hair now, we only want the shop here.

And you're done. Those are all the important questions out the way. Too easy? Don't worry, cos we dreamed up a couple of bonus rounds for you. These are a bonus part of the quiz, you don't have to answer them. But muchos kudos to those that do.

In the first picture we have clothing from yesteryear. These are items from the very mists of time. From the time when people would scream and cry and berate you for wearing prim hair (which on the whole looked shit) and bling was actually quite exciting and sexy. Quick note you only need to name the boots in the right hand picture.

And finally we have the 'we know you're all sluts with kajira alts who crawl around on the floor licking boot heels' section. BDSM and slutting done in style. But can you name them?
You have one week from this post (Friday 25th for those too lazy to count) to get your answers in, send them in a notecard named with your name to Kitty Lalonde c/o The Freak Factory, Essex.

G'luck y'all!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meat N' Greet: UCBlack Legion

*Favorite Color:

Tie-Dye...Is that a color?

*SL Rezzday:

Oct 29, 2006

*Favorite animal and why?

Cats. I always wanted a cat the size of a large dog so I could take it for a walk around the neighborhood and scare all the dogs. Cats are easy to deal with and they make great foot/head/neck warmers when it's cold outside.

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?

How often have I seen other avatars with a certain attribute or style, and the big one, is it fun.

*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?

Honestly, I don't get embarrassed by much in SL. I have almost no shame when it comes to wearing things or tags if it gets a good laugh. The closest I can think of was when a friend beat me three times in a row in a catfight and I had to wear a tag saying "LS's Bitchboy" while at a busy nightclub.

*What's the last book you read?

Catch a fire, the Bob Marley biography.

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?

5th Element. Just a great story, and it has a bit of everything a guy could want in a flick.

*I could never date someone who ________ (Fill in the Blank)

...was a part of "Two Girls, One Cup."

*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?

Slobie Bolero, just so I could clean up all those damn crabs.

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in SL?

Chavez Darrow and Veronica Harford. If/when I do my own club, there are no two other people in all SL I would want to be my partners in the venture. Chavez has killer design/building skills and V knows just the right touches to bring success.

*Favorite thing to do in SL?

DJ. If I could pay my RL way doing nothing but SL DJing, I would in heaven. I've been DJing in SL for almost a year now, 3 or more sets a week, and I still get excited each time, it's a rush.

Cover your ears!

Okay, granted I may be in the minority here, but I've got a fucking problem with the blogosphere right now. Music.

That's right, music.

See, some of us have sensitive earses, and should we happen upon your blog but then suddenly have goddamn Santana or Cheryl fucking Crow blasted into our unsuspecting faces, we, or I rather, might be driven to beat myself to death with my laptop. Do you really want that blood on your hands? Well, maybe you do. But I don't.

It's not you, it's me. I love music to death, but I don't necessarily love the music you love. I admittedly have a narrow spectrum when it comes to shit I like. The shit I like, I like intensely. The stuff I don't like, I loathe. Call me overly sensitive (you won't be wrong, nor the first). I could never listen to music and do my homework as a kid and I regularly walk out of retail establishments that play soft rock. Because if I don't, I might assault someone, and I can't have that on my record.

I'm just saying, why not move the player to a sidebar and use a play button, rather than an auto playback? Oh god, please? That way when I'm sneaking a peak at work, Seal won't suddenly blast through my speakers as my boss is walking by, causing me to inadvertently stab myself in the neck with a ballpoint and cursing you to the high heavens.

Just consider it. Thanks!

Poll Results: Designer Personality

Click To Enlarge

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blingtards: Stop the Insanity!!!

Yeah, I know... this phenomenon is nothing new.

In fact we have a whole Flickr folder devoted to these misguided individuals. (Scroll down if ya wanna see some of the newer additions). The reason I'm writing this post is because apparently this is more widespread than originally thought. Just this evening, I happened to run into Three blingtards who managed to congregate where I was DJing at. Even more ironic, each fit into three separate categories of blingtardom, which I will explain here:

Hip Hop Bling

Yes we've all seen it. The bigass chains that IRL would make your whole body fall over with their weight. Whether necklaces or bracelets, these things are often seen on rapper wannabes and newbies who think that all that sparkle is bitchin' and supah fly. Well I'm here to set it to ya straight, folks. It's not cool... it's -tacky-, trust me. When we can't see your face past the incandescence of your accessories, we got a problem.

Armor Bling

There's nothing wrong with blowing up things. In fact we encourage it on video games to relieve stress. We do not encourage, however, having on armor that makes you burn like a Roman candle on the battle field. Isn't part of the point that you're supposed to blend in with your surroundings? No chance of that here. Lest we forget that he not only has the bling, but also the BFG's hanging from his arms that are bigger than his entire body and a pair of hunting daggers that would make Crocodile Dundee shit his breeches. Do us all a favor and go play Halo 3, k?

Girly Bling

Blingtards are not only a male problem, oh no! We have plenty of ladies who seem to have fallen under the same affliction.

This tends to constitute various articles of jewelry and shoes that female avatars wear to get attention, but wearing too much will garner the wrong kind of attention. Nothing says cheap whore like 1000 points of light... on your personage. If you -have- to wear blingy stuff, wear only one type at a time, and make sure the intensity isn't so bad that folks have to wear SPF 50 to come near you.

And remember ladies & gentleman... 'bling off' isn't just an option, it's a public service.

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Deception" & Friends :)

Rosie Shark: afk
JellyBean Madison: kk
(few minutes later... )
JellyBean Madison: pssst
JellyBean Madison: Rosie
JellyBean Madison: pssst Rosie
Rosie Shark: lol hmm?
JellyBean Madison: look at my feet

So I did what any rational, totally normal, totally justified friend would do (I can only take so much ya know). I knocked her down! And ripped those totally gorgeous-just-had-to-have boots off her snide lil feet! Yeahhhh she may look tough, but I whoop'd her ass!

Then I gave them back cuz she pulled my hair and I like broke a nail. Ok, so my face is a little messed up, but you should see the other guy!

Boots: "Deception" Sinistyle (released now!)
Skin: "Busted Ho" 1313 Mocking Bird Lane (release coming soon?)
Hair: "Angel II" Armidi
Dress: "Jersey Pullover Set" Cake
Photosphere: Kyoot Army HQ

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beware the tux!

Ladies, back me up here, please.

What's the first thing you think when you're out shopping and you see a dude in a tuxedo?

If you're like me, your very first thought is "pervert." Then, nine times out of ten, you check the dude's groups and sure enough there are about 15 VIP Escort groups listed, probably a bukkake group or even three or four, maybe a BDSM group, and back in the day you were almost guaranteed to see an age-play group listed too. Next thing you know, he turns to you and says, "hi."

What I want to know is, why the tux? Is the perv trying to mask his pervness with threads he thinks will help him pass as a classy,good guy? Does he think he's going to actually pick up real women sporting the tux? Does he not realize that at least 50% of those high-styling bitches hanging out at Phat's are really dudes in drag? Or maybe he doesn't care about that. Probably not, actually.

If you ask me, given the misuse of tuxedos by pervs trying to score, the only acceptable time for a dude to wear a tux in SL is if he's in a wedding. "Oh dear, what to wear at Phat Cats then?" If this is your dilemma, you're def reading the wrong blogger, because that place plays fucking Barry Manilow. And not ironically, either.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are We Not Catty Women?

Seems as though the gauntlet has been thrown down and it’s time for a little clarity. Recent discussion has put forth theories that attempt to help individuals on either side of the gender line define what it is that make up either their Y or X chromosomes. After much flailing and a whole lot of hype, it’s clear that this is where we must step in. Opinions – I’m sure we’ll all be knee deep in them, but remember, ladies, are they not men? It is our solemn duty to lead these poor inept creatures to the troughs of fashion, excellence, and substance.

In an attempt to further illustrate what it is that makes you blue or pink, we’ve come up with a short list…

Real Men Don’t

  • Wear Cherries
  • Say ‘hehe’
  • Fondle the breast size slider in appearance mode (that we agree on)
  • Own a lot of skins. Let’s face it, simplicity is the name of the game and any more than 3-4 skins creates a variety that just confuses them.
  • Organize their inventory. It’s all in the details, and let’s face it… the words ‘details’ and ‘men’ are completely unharmonious
  • Don’t carry big spoons… or do they? Hmmmm…
  • Know how to dress and accessorize… they require a woman for that. Unless, of course, they want to appeal only to the other loner guys at the sandbox who are so busy “blowing shit up” that they wouldn’t know a decent pair of trousers if it bit them in the ass.
  • Really know the names of at least 3 Nascar drivers… If someone you know actually does, the question of virility comes up. Is this macho rawr heavy machinery idolatry or the simple cover up of a man in the throes of understanding which team he’s really playing for?
  • Need to wax on and on and ON about what real men are and what they do. They’re too busy keeping up with their high-maintenance gfs. And are secure enough in their manliness that they don’t need to take such a combative stand.
  • Worry about a demographic “typical males” that isn’t being provided for. Seriously? How did you find the time with all of your nail-biting, fashion-blog skimming, and shopping?
  • Knock others with true style simply because they are too un-evolved to make their own look and instead use the pages of comic books to get their dastardly and unimaginative style. Don’t be hater, y0, Malibu Ken is hawt. Sorry you weren’t born with those genes.
  • Come up with great blog titles... This is where you guys shine like the true men that you claim to be :D

**posted by JellyBean Madison, who’s so busy doing the devil’s bidding that she used ghostwriter, Rosie Shark, and added a few of her own thoughts. Hey, so what if this is like the bathroom and we go in pairs… we’re girls, sue us. /us watch to see if we learned how to do the ‘cut’ on feeds.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The SL to RL Dilemma.

It's easy, in this game that is not really a game, to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotion that comes along with getting to know someone. SL allows us to reach out and touch people we would not have met before. Now your search for love can span the entire globe.

Practically every taboo fetish has a group you can join to find people of the same mindset. Your every desire can be sought out, ordered up like some dial-a-date personal mate builder. All you have to do is find the right place for what you're looking for and then sleep your way through the various and sundry applicants.

You may just find “The One.” People make up and break up by the thousands every day in SL and it's been said that a relationship's longevity in SL is at least half compared to a RL relationship. My SL husband and I have been together, technically, since October of 06. We did not marry in game till much later and had been seeing each other many months before the engagement.

We took our relationship as far RL as we could relatively quickly. We talked on the phone for days at a time, saw each other on web cam quite often... It all happened so fast that I don't even know how one thing led to another. I met him and suddenly we clicked and I knew this was going to be “it” for me.

We met for the first time in RL in 06, before we were married in SL. I was so nervous. I knew him, heart and soul, before we planned this but there is definitely a different dynamic face to face. I spotted him as I was coming down the stairs... It was like a scene from any sappy romance movie. I ran to him! As I threw my arms around him.. I tripped over my own feet. He caught me and I pressed my lips to his in our very first kiss.

To this day I am still falling for him.

I know, I know, this doesn't sound like a Mean Girl's article! I assure you that I have not been body-snatched by some sappy sloot. Relationships are a huge part of SL. Finding, keeping, leaving, hiding, day in and day out on a much grander scale than you could have in RL.

The Mean Girls strive to be honest about things in SL. If your ass is fat, we tell you. Your Bling too Blingin? Expect to be made fun of (It's for your own good!). I've been thinking about SL to RL relationships a great deal lately and I know some of you have been there, done that, and not had it go to well. Some have had the same experience that I did.

Share your stories, Readers! Spurned by an ex-lover? Call him out! Sleeping with a partnered man? Please, do tell. Met the man of your dreams in RL and been completely disappointed or completely head-over-heels? This MG wants to know what goes on behind your closed doors.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Meat 'N Greet: Adec Alexandria

*Favorite Color:
I feel like I should be saying Blue .. hair and all that .... but actually its Orange..
*SL Rezzday:
*Favorite animal and why?
I've always wanted a dog because you can create a great bond with them, but never lived anywhere that its been feasible.... but atm .. my fave animal has to be a horse ...a beautiful French horse whose prolly too busy eating and rolling around to be reading this :)
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
Not a lot really, I haven't really changed since the 2nd day in SL - except skin / hair etc. It was only a few weeks later that I realised I was half the size of most males around me! .. and then too late .... oh and the name.. have used Adec on the web since I can remmy..
*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
Seriously can't think of anything .... i'll email you i come up with something...
*What's the last book you read?
It was actually Snow Crash .. but just about to finish My 'Dam Life by Sean Condon - great book if you have ever been to Amsterdam!
*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Easy .. The Matrix ... and Cruel Intentions ... oh and Four Weddings of course.. and mayhaps Love Actually at this time of year!
*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
..wasn't Gillian Waldman ? :)
*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
Can I pick Torley ? ..just to see how he manages to fit so much into one day! Plus I'd love to be paid to 'play' in SL all day !
*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
Not sure how much I'm gonna be adding to this collaboration .. but Debbie Trilling. She's an amazing installation artist. She's just been asked to join CARP at the Art Gallery Diabolus .. ..and you can should go see her Particle Garden now @ !
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
Taking photos has been an interest for a while, great way to explore SL .... oh and building structures that end up being far too big for my land ....and more than anything else, spending quiet time on Pillow Talk pillows with Gillian ;)

**Edited to correct Slurl

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where Oh Where Has Our Dear Orchid Gone?

I'm wearing purple in mourning because our beloved Orchid seems to have vanished without a trace. Even on her own blog her posts have become less frequent. Should we send out a search party?

Come back to us, Orchid!!! WE MISS YOU!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Portraits of SL Assholes, Special MGG2SL Edition

Apparently I'm inspired to get off my ass and write since my induction to MGG2SL. And I must say, It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite-to-produce blogging features, Portraits of SL Assholes. Today's topic? Asshole Ghettopreneurs Who Spam Designer Groups in order to Promote Their Very Low Quality Garbage. It's a mouthful, I know. But here's the deal.

I recently got hooked on freebie surfing, and joined a number of my favorite designers' groups so I could score some holiday cheer. And wow what a haul this season - especially in the skins category. I know you're following the free skin frenzy, I won't blog it here. But it never fails, does it? Some asshole must capitalize on the attention of the good guys who are giving away quality stuff. So, today SL Asshole of the Moment spams a designer group with the following:

[13:28] Asshole: beautifull skin + 4 make-up + 1 shape to 499 L here Island/..... and skins from 50 L (only creation not fullperm !)

Now, given the quality of the text alone you knew it was a scam. I can smell an SL asshole from 10 sims away, so of course I opportunistically TP'd to the scene immediately and found bedlam.

All kindsa pissed off folks standing around, not rezzing, hair up the ass, every manner of catastrophe known to vanity. That and the fact, of course, that the store is filled with tacky garbage that even the newest noobs should steer clear of.

The group IMs continued in a flurry (all chat transcripts edited for conciseness and humor, read at your own risk:)
[13:31] Random Av: Is that [designer's name here] skin?????
[13:35] Designer Group Rep: No it is not and that person has now been ejected.
[13:37] Another Random Av: what is it ?
[13:38] And Another Random Av: I think its a spam
[13:39] Random French-speaking Av: mdr les skins sont horribles
[13:40] Random Av: ow ok:)
[13:41] Random French-speaking Av: beurkkkkkk

I couldn't agree more. Meanwhile, at the shop in question, the following ensues:

[13:35] Myg: this store sickens me
[13:35] Different Random Av: what is this?
[13:35] Myg: it's shit, that's what
[13:35] Another Different Random Av: this shop is crqp
[13:35] Another Different Random Av:: crap
[13:36] Myg: way to abuse another designers group to promote your own low quality shit
[13:37] Myg: say cheese
[13:37] Designer Group Rep: Well you have been ejected from the group, you don't go around spamming your products on other peoples groups. It's unethical.
[13:39] Myg: can everybody pose here close to [SL Asshole in question's name] like we're about to group stone her please?
[13:39] Totally Different Av: lol
[13:42] Totally Different Av: place is a train wreck
[13:42] Totally Different Av: ;/
[13:42] Myg: sheesh old enough to know better - your in SL almost a year and pulling that kinda bullshit?
[13:42] Myg: for shame

Mind you, the asshole in question didn't respond, not a word, gesture, tp out, nothing at all, not to any of us. She was doing stuff, but ignoring the whole scene. Smarter than I would normally give credit for, I am sure. But that doesn't make her (him, most likely - see AWNM, type 3 would be my guess) any less an Asshole for trolling the designer's group in such a way.

Myg out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

M is for Mean Myg

Hullo, Mean Girl fans. I'm Mygdala March.


Some of you may recognize me from M is for Myg, or perhaps from my half-baked SL-based graphic blog serial, Met a Stranger. Better odds are that you have no idea who the hell I am. Yet.

You may not realize it now, but out there lurks the potential for wanton, reckless maleness to run rampant through the SL blogosphere. That's right. Beer drinking, truck admiring, fight watching, cussing, poor sock matching, bad laundry folding dudes have banded together, and god help us, *socially coordinated* over at Are We Not Men.

It just so happens that one of those dudes recently proposed to me. With an impending SL partnership, I had to do something to preserve the sexual tension in our SLives - for both our sakes.

So I became a Mean Girl.

Here's hoping I've got attitude enough to cut it here, even if the posts may be a little sporadic. In all seriousness, I have been a huge fan of this blog since nearly my original rezz date and SL obsession began a year ago, and I am honored to have the MG title. Here's to us, bitches.

Now let the boys beware.

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