Monday, January 14, 2008

Cover your ears!

Okay, granted I may be in the minority here, but I've got a fucking problem with the blogosphere right now. Music.

That's right, music.

See, some of us have sensitive earses, and should we happen upon your blog but then suddenly have goddamn Santana or Cheryl fucking Crow blasted into our unsuspecting faces, we, or I rather, might be driven to beat myself to death with my laptop. Do you really want that blood on your hands? Well, maybe you do. But I don't.

It's not you, it's me. I love music to death, but I don't necessarily love the music you love. I admittedly have a narrow spectrum when it comes to shit I like. The shit I like, I like intensely. The stuff I don't like, I loathe. Call me overly sensitive (you won't be wrong, nor the first). I could never listen to music and do my homework as a kid and I regularly walk out of retail establishments that play soft rock. Because if I don't, I might assault someone, and I can't have that on my record.

I'm just saying, why not move the player to a sidebar and use a play button, rather than an auto playback? Oh god, please? That way when I'm sneaking a peak at work, Seal won't suddenly blast through my speakers as my boss is walking by, causing me to inadvertently stab myself in the neck with a ballpoint and cursing you to the high heavens.

Just consider it. Thanks!


Daman Tenk said...

Agreed Completely.

I'm a huge music fan, but I hate blogs that play music.

Maybe if they switched to some good old Black Metal I'd appreciate it more :P

Rosie said...

Agreed, also. It immediately causes me to hunt for the off/mute/pause button on their blogs. First off, why does it have to be so LOUD?? Secondly, I rarely listen to music while I'm doing other stuff in sl, cuz I have problems concentrating too! :P

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Good post! LOL...Luckily I am far too technically incompetent to add music to my blog (although I would like to have some click-able - NOT automatically playing - links to relevant/good songs). It took me weeks to figure out how to add a counter. And cuts? Forget it.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Yah it can be a real PAINE in the arse!

Annyka Bekkers said...

Not to mention it can get you into trouble when surrepticiously surfing the web at WORK!

AND, i often have itunes playing, so then I have two songs playing at the same time, and it can take a while to figure out why my music has started sucking all of a sudden.

And furthermore, its friggin 2008, people! Didn't we figure this out like 10 years ago?

Anonymous said...

amen - hate hate hate music players on blogs! thanks for bringing this up!

Annyka Bekkers said...

eep! I just outted myself as a partial blogskimmer!

dammit! I don't have time to read entire blogs!

Sai Pennell said...

OMG, I agree! Its especially annoying when you have like 8 FireFox tabs going at once, and have to hunt down each one to find the one with the music.

Luckily, my speakers come with a little corded volume/power controller thingie, so I just hit the power button and bye-bye music. ^^

Anonymous said...

I have one on mine, but luckily it doesn't start unless you scroll down to the bottom of the page in the first place.

Also we're not allowed to use our speakers at work since we're in a cubicle environment and music tastes are bound to clash.

I do agree that most of them are too damn loud. I'm trying to find a way to make mine a lot softer.

Timothy Lilliehook said...

Yes, I totally agree to this post! For me, generally auto-playing music on websites is often a reason to close them immediately.
I have no problem with players starting after you press a play button, but this automatic intrusion into my life is just not right, especially as it usually mixes up with the other music playing on my PC.
Some SL blogs with music were just lucky that I like their posts too much to dump them completely ;-)

myg said...

well I guess I'm not alone on this one afterall!

Lixena Lamourfou said...

<---- [steps up on a soapbox] Okay, I am taking the opposite road then everyone who has commented so far. I love finding music pushed to me on the websites/blogs that I encounter. I appreciate it as an additional medium that the author is using to enhance the experience of their websphere. It is "artistic license" people. I totally disagree with all of you!!! Really stop hatin' you should not be surfing at work anyway. And for all of the self-proclaimed "music lovers" that have shamelfully used that titled and then commented. Take note: “Intolerance is evidence of impotence.” ~ Aleister Crowley (English Poet) I really doubt the love you proclaim is sufficient.

p.s. "View my blog/website with caution, autoplay abounds!" LIBERTE'

iskandra said...

I'm always listening to my own music on my comp, and in most cases, that's SO not what other people have on their blogs....and I hate suddenly having two songs playing, and my audio config always has the blog music louder than anything else peeve of mine.
(For me, the worst kind of music is that so called top ten pop stuff.....*clenches teeth* It's just not my personal taste, and I don't force anyone to listen to my kind of music either)

Wrath Paine said...

I always enjoy playing devil's advocate, and in this case, I don't really have to, since apparently I am one of the offenders, but looks like I'll be supporting Lixena's views today. :-)

For those of you who do not like to open up a blog and hear a song playing you do not like - wow, however do you manage to turn on the radio without knowing exactly which song they will be playing ahead of time? Must be like Russian roulette for you. How are you able to do your grocery shopping - earplugs? You almost might want to avoid elevators, music stores and electronic departments, as in my experience they all having music not of your choice playing as soon as you walk in, as well. Just curious as to how those people ever discover new music in the first place...

And for those who are afraid of getting caught at work surfing the 'net for personal stuff, if you honestly cannot figure out how to surf in silence (SL blogs aren't the only sites in which audio might start up automatically, lots of websites have videos or ads that do the same, fyi), you probably should be focusing more on your work tasks. But, fear not - here are a couple of tips for surfing undercover:

1. Use your volume control. Afraid websites will start playing music or other audio upon visiting them? Lower the volume or mute it ahead of time while trying to be sneaky online.
2. Plug in headphones. This method works best for me at work - if I don't want to hear something, I don't wear the headphones. And since the audio goes right to the headphones, no one around me can hear, either.

True, two songs playing at once can be annoying, but I am guessing most sites with music also have a stop button.

I like opening someone's blog and hearing their taste in music - if it's not to my liking, I turn it down or off, but I am always curious to find out what they like, and hopefully hear something new that I might like, myself. It's far less of an inconvenience to me than say a website or blog that has so much crap in the margins that it bogs down my browser and take two days to load the page (which is why I never voluntarily check out any MySpace pages any more).

And since no one has yet to mention on my blog anything about the music auto-starting, I am guessing no one has told other bloggers of their dislike, either, so it's likely to continue until you go to the source.

Timothy Lilliehook said...

For me the problem is not the kind of music playing (as I actually like very different kinds of music), but the automatic playing of music while I surf the web. When I do that, I often have other music playing on iTunes, so mixing it with "blog music" is not a good idea (most of the time, although I see a potential for randomly created music mixes here...).

And I'm all for music players on blogs, as I agree with you that getting a view of the writer's music taste is often very nice. All I'm asking for is that if I want to hear it, I can press a simple "play" button and that I'm not forced to listen to it every time I open the blog page.

Concerning reading blogs at work, you are right that there are other solutions for avoiding getting "caught" ;-)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

The main reason I dislike it is that is startles the crap out of me when it comes on suddenly. Otherwise it might be just fine - I love discovering new music.

myg said...

@Wrath: hey, stop making sense. You're *killing* my rant, damn it. And let me tell you, I go insane in grocery stores that play music not to my liking (most of them - Alex does the grocery shopping for this very reason). I NEVER turn on the radio, unless it's for traffic only, and then when the stupid hosts go off about taxes and shit I nearly run off the road. And I only find new music because Alex forces me to listen to it on Monday nights. Okay? okay?! Point taken, damn you Paine. Damn you.

Wrath Paine said...

No, no, no - it's a good rant, Myg!! Don't let me step on it! lol I was laughing right along with it until I realized, oh snap, I bet I think this blog post is about me (I'm so vain). And just for you, well, okay, maybe JB also if she asks nicely, one day soon I'll try and figure out how to keep the autostart from actually happening (until then, I'm just too lazy or busy with important stuffs, hehe). ;-)