Monday, May 26, 2008

Club Etiquette: The Dancer

Finally, my post about club dancers and what role they have in the the SL® world. To start with, you must remember that there are two distinct types of dancer: Erotic and Non-Erotic. I decided to interview one of each so that you all have a better idea of the differences and similarities. I also decided to interview two MALE dancers since they have a unique perspective on the subject matter.

Let me introduce you to Camthan Hax (Owner and Erotic Dancer at Lounge of Dreams) and Damian Furse (Non-Erotic Dancer at Sanctuary Rock). Yup I have 2 consecutive posts about Damian and I'm sure he's gonna have a swelled head after reading these. ;-)

Anyways, the first thing to address is what exactly a Dancer does in both erotic and non-erotic environments. The most common duties include making sure people are having fun, welcoming all guests who wander into the club, and of course acting as 'eye candy' for all guests who stay for the course of the event. Having an attractive Avatar certainly helps, but don't think you have to be a human Avatar to accomplish this. There's a lot of Neko, Furry, and other types of Avatars that make wonderful dancers. Damian said, "Anyone has his place and especially in SL and a rock club... its all about the music and the fun... anything else would be racism."

Now, besides the obvious factor that Erotic dancers eventually end up naked and Non-Erotic do not, there is one other distinct difference between the two. At Erotic clubs, the Host is support for the Dancers while at Non-Erotic the Dancer is support for the Host. This doesn't make Non-Erotic dancers any less important, mind you. The more on-duty staff that greet and making guests feel welcome the better. "Notice your guests, notice your colleagues, and read the atmosphere," Damian suggests.

Erotic dancers also have to perfect the art of emoting. Camthan suggests, "The main thing to remember is that you are there for the guest, they are not there for you. You need to treat everyone the same, and they will treat you good. Anyone can get a nice looking Av, but interaction is the key. Dancing is not camping. Someone tips you $5L and you treat them good, they will be more inclined to buy more money to spend on you, and it'll be more than $5L." Don't beg for tips and don't make your emote something like 10 lines long, either. You're trying to please the guests, not annoy them.

Many non-dancers still think that being a dancer is one of the easiest jobs to do in SL®. Far from it. Not only do you have to make sure that you're not just standing there, but you also have to keep track of all the current guests, welcoming all new guests, answer any questions about the club, and also be on your toes to respond when a guest tips you. Erotic dancers add on knowing what pieces of clothes to take off at certain times and attaching "parts" properly. In reality it's one of the most difficult jobs in SL® to do and do well.

The last part of my interview with both Damian & Camthan, I asked them if they could suggest things an aspiring dancer should purchase. They both suggest investing in a good shape, skin, and a selection of clothing to wear for event themes. The first two are critical while the last you can build up over time. You should also eventually purchase a good Chim to put dances in. You can start with the provided dance machines, cages, and poles the club already provides but buying a Chim from Owenimations and dances from places like Sine Wave or Animazoo so that you have a more distinctive overall 'look'. Finally, Camthan says, "If you're going to get nude, you need to get a real penis from Dark Delights, or a Lotus penis. Xcite won't do for dancing."

So I hope this gives all guests of clubs, dancers, and aspiring dancers a more in-depth perspective on club dancers and their purpose in both Non-Erotic and Erotic environments. Thank you to Damian & Camthan as well for offering their insight.

Next Club Etiquette... DJs

Meat 'N Greet: Damian Furse

*Favorite Color:

To surprise you it's bordeaux-red and black ;) I like also combinations of black and purple, black and green or black and red.

*SL Rezzday:

2/13/07 and it was a sunny day... oh wait, here it's always sunny, hm.

*Favorite animal and why?

Cats. Simply animals with character. A phrase explains it very well... "Cats are the only animals, where human giving everything for it like food and toys, but don't expect anything in return and don't mind".

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your Av?

Hm, I actually had some "cool" guys in mind as I created my Avi. Peter Steele and Danny Filth, but sshhh ;P

*What's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?

Nothing that could hurt anybody. Only stuff that was funny and more embarrassing for me, like showing up as a girl with chesthair and beard on a birthday party ;)

** BTW Guen has pics of that. ;-) **

*What's the last book you read?

Ugh, thats a while back, I used to read much but had not enough time the last year. It was "Eragon" (both parts) and "Der Schwarm" (the school).

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?

Oh a couple like: The Blues Brothers, The Big Lebowsky, Monty Python Movies (too much to name all), and some more...

*You could never date someone who...

is not a redheaded, hotblooded girl with a tongue sharp as razors. ;P

*If you could trade SLives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?

I guess a n00b. Sometimes it's nice to think back how we all started here and don't forget that "we all" had to start here as n00bs.

*Who would you most like to collaborate with in SL?

Thats a hard question. Never really thought about that sorry.

*Favorite thing to do in SL?

Being there for my wife and friends and of course designing tattoos. All that is for what SL should be: Fun ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Got Nerd?

Remember 733t sp34k? Well folks have gotten completely past that and now moved into nerd tech speak (or 'Nerdic' as it's not being called) and actually considered it as an official language. Finally after decades of wedgies and 'kick me' signs, us nerds no longer need a series of bad movies to prove that we have worth!!!

Who woulda thought 5 years ago that terms such as 'Google', 'MySpace', 'Blog' 'YouTube' would become so ingrained into our very social make-up? At this point if you haven't heard any of these terms before, you are totally living under a rock... in a mirror dimension...

It'll only be a matter of time before other tidbits of our linguistic lexicon become ingrained into everyone's Nerdic vocabulary. But... the question is, what should the New Oxford dictionary consider next?


A growing phenomenon (especially on Second Life®) started by the internet phenomenon of LOLcats.


Admit it... fluffy animals in silly poses are like crack. Not to mention the implement of such phrases as as 'Yus!' and 'I haz it' that have become staple phrases on SL®. This will no doubt continue to spread across our screens and suck more into its whimsical cuteness. You will be assimilated! Come on... you know you want to.


Cab Calloway made it into an art form with his songs... and you gotta admit that watching June Cleaver talking Jive is one of the most hilarious moments in film history. Here's a dictionary if you're not up on your jivin' lingo. Be sho' man t'check it out! Right on!

Swedish Chef

Okay you're probably like 'that's a dialect?' Apparently this Muppet lingo is on some video games (I personally found the language option on Guild Wars). If ya wanna sound drunk on purpose, this is the one to use. BORK!


Oh yes, the Jelly has her own language to spread to the masses! Who hasn't heard the words, 'kkthnxbai' or 'Mayhapsibly' and not thought of the Pink Wonder? Even though she is not around SL as she once was, many of us have been touched by her catchphrases and all around spunky attitude. Before too long we all caught ourselves saying 'I know, right?' among other goodies. It's easy to say that she's definitely left her mark.

Know other ignored dialects? Tell us so we can confuse multitudes of folks who are not 'in the know'. ;-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meat 'N Greet: Winter Jefferson

*Favorite Color:
White. The absence of all colour, the prism bereft of light, the symbol of death. The very essence of Winter. Not something I wear that often, however - the bloodstains are hard to remove.
*SL Rezzday:

1/12/2008. Don't let the recent date fool you, this isn't my first incarnation on the Grid.
*Favorite animal and why?
I'll risk the wrath of my Bat familiars, and go with Lemurs. Orange eyes, black and white stripes. Style itself, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket. What's not to love?
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
I studiously avoided the steroid jock 100% slider approach. I'm built for speed and stealth, not brute power. I like to be able to harken back to the year of my Turning, 1787 - and yet still able to work it 21st century style.

*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
As a doe eyed, innocent newbie I was dragged out of a club by a girl celebrating her 30th birthday, and had my throat cut in a sacrificial ceremony to appease the Dark Linden Gods in the hope they would reduce lag. It doesn't appear to have kicked in yet.
*What's the last book you read?
"Dr Neruda's Cure For Evil" by Rafael Yglesias. A fascinating psychiatric drama. No, really.

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?

Donnie Darko. The melancholy music, the bleak outlook and the evil 6 foot bunny rabbit haunt my dreams. And The Little Mermaid, for the same reason.
*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)
Doesn't swal - *cough* I mean, know how to laugh at themselves. Not at me though - I'd have to kill her.
*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
June Dion. I'd run around and double the prices on all the Bare Rose goodness, as she certainly deserves it. But then I would have to find a way to slobber all over myself in hero worship. Hmmm....
*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
Leatherchest Cortes. A friend of mine who is on the point of opening a live comedy club - LMAO - here in SL. With all of your favourite real life comedians converted to pixellated form.

You can make that cheque out to cash, Taz
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
Meet people, charm them, change their lives, and then disappear into the night, leaving no trace... except for the odd discarded Juicyfruit wrapper.