Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neato Mulligans: Dance Edition

Once upon a time in a vast world called The Asset Server there were ways to make avatars move. These limited, though still entertaining animations were used widely by SL residents. Noobs and Oldbies alike all danced in similar fashion without a care in the world. We even jump-kicked around like a Redneck Lord of the Dance. No one could escape the call of rating parties while dancing, chatting, and passing out random things to one another.

Times were simpler then. Prim hair was attached to system hair bases, folks had figured out how to build shoes with prims instead of using the previous method of putting a texture on a template - and the first prim skirt was not yet 'invented'. Yes, those were the days.

The days when 'dancing sexy' meant taking off your clothes while doing dance14 and no one cared what you wore. Everyone looked like shit - but we all thought we looked awesome. Our dances looked like shit but we all thought they were the coolest thing since 90210.

Although the rating system is gone, as well as the parties - those days are not forgotten. Even though the freebies being passed around are the same freebies which made their rounds back in 2005 - noobs are still appreciative. And even though these 'old' dances have lost their top seat in chimeras and dance machines in every club in SL - some of us remember.

Owenimations had created the then cutting-edge of club necessity when the Chimera was released. Finally you could dance in sync with other club goers! Long before the Dance Foo, and not long after dance bracelets-we celebrated our synchronized dancing with MORE dancing. Yes the times have changed.

The way folks flock to Sine Wave Island now days is how we had all once flocked to Owenimation vendors. There were so many dances to choose from! The floor in front of the clicky-wall to demo the dances was always packed with all the girls wearing Washu wigs, the men wearing the same Lost hair (all hair was pretty much either blonde or black - those were your only choices back then) and we thought we were badasses.

Dancing in only the past 3 years has gone from jerky movements where your arms randomly flail about and your joints break to smooth, realistic, almost artistic movements of fluidity. There is more to gain from those 'old' dances than mere nostalgia though, my friends. Oh yes! If you don't have at least 4 of these dances somewhere in your inventory then you're probably an alt - funded by your better known, richer self.

Once a means of entertainment, now some sort of 'chic' thing ... dancing is one thing that will evolve for the better in SL. Fashion may bomb into nothing but tank tops, blue jeans and neko ears - but dancing has and always will be an art of self expression that will never go out of style. I still say that Dance14 is the ONLY dance that can be recognized (by resident majority) in a snapzilla snapshot NO MATTER where the snap was taken during the animation loop.

I present: The Evolution of Second Life Dance

Monday, September 24, 2007

Meat 'N Greet: Shakuzen Snakeankle

*Favorite Color:
*SL Rezzday:
*Favorite animal and why?
Tiger, Just cause. lol
*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?
umm i didn't think, i just did lol.
*Who is your SLelebrity crush?
There are SLebrities?
*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl/guy/furry?
Danced in Hot pink nano panties.
*What's the last book you read?
umm either Deathly Hollows or umm a catering book i gues (being a chef)
*What's a movie you could watch over and over?
Beverly Hills Cop
*You could never date someone.....
who was a guy
*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?
Someone rich i could could give me thier linden just before we swapped back.
*Who would you most like to collaborate with in sl?
insert your name here
*Favorite thing to do in SL?
ummm.. just be with my friends and DJ

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (Couture)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh Baby Don't

Orchid Glitterbuck: Guess what I'm hiding under this umbrella of a skirt?
The subtle, romantic whimsy that is the babydoll dress is totally lost on me. Every one I now see is immediately dismissed as same as the last and something I have absolutely 0 interest in ever purchasing or wearing... again :P It's not just a little frightening, and somewhat humorous that all three of us were able to produce these from our inventory.

Are some of them made very well? Yes. Do they have that pretty, delicate, flowy, ethereal feel to them? Yes, most of the time. Does every one of your favorite designers in SL offer their own variation of this same, tired, overly done blah look? YES. Does this mean you should buy 1, 2, 642 of them? Oh hell, by all means, NO! Fashion is made, err... "fashionable" by that which is worn. You can lead a gaggle of fashionistas, shoppers, and trend-setters to your organized and deliberate closet, but you can't make them dress! Don't you have eyes? I know mine are bleeding from the influx of cutesy, withering, ultra-femininity that is every ad or fashion blog posting every new babydoll release.

In an attempt to understand the babydoll revolution, I really gave some thought to what might be the motivation for wearing, let alone purchasing, a Babydoll dress or top. In my own case, I think it was about loving the designer's work. Like a fan, maybe, I tried to have all their albums :P Something about loyalty, yadda yadda, that makes us sometimes buy things that aren't the best choice, yet we're totally behind this particular designer and their work. Iunno. Can't even be sure how many I actually have in my inventory although I'm embarrassed to admit it. It was a look I tried, I caved to popular fashion opinion, I said baaaa. It is, however, high time we move on to other fashion trends and interject a bit more variety into our repertoire. Really? You find this attractive? How so? In a MaMa ::sucks on pacifier:: kind of way? A trend that never seems to die but has lived long past it's time. Babydolls. In no way is this *the* look for anyone sl or rl for that matter... no matter what kind of body type or shape you have.

A frumpy, stuff-it-all under style that is only relieved by the rack you're sporting, which, by all accounts seems to be exactly what the "dress" is pointing to. A look that says "hey guys, not only am I the fertile type (evidenced by how I will look pregnant with your prim child), I am also equipped with these mammoth nutrient-giving orbs to promote strength, health, and vitality". We know there are some of you out there still buying them...


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

12 Avatars

Bite my ass! 12 fully colored months of JellyBean Choose from over 10,000 vanity images - Wall, Desk, & Planners - Coordinate schedules, track events & remmy holidays (minus popularity contest) available at your local KMart!

I started spewing this on my personal Stew but thought Rosie would bitch. :p I figured I'd post this after the 10th friend tried to get me there to vote for them. I'm not trying to be a total bitch by telling you I won't vote for you. Honestly. I own up to being a total bitch when I am. So let me explain my stance on this at the risk of sounding bitter...

12Avatars is the premier printed calendar of Second Life’s top beauties. With stunning women from cover to cover, it showcases the heights of virtual world beauty and fashion. The 12Avatars calendar features an avatar-voted contest for selected slots on the calendar, as well as two real-world beauties who have been transformed into avatars. Distributed for free in-world, and sold for a modest price in the real world, 100% of the proceeds will be divided between the avatars who sell the real calendars in-world and real world charities chosen by the calendar buyer. The 12Avatars calendar is produced by a solid team that includes Apollo Interactive, America’s Leading Interactive Agency (, and Centric, Agency of Change (, who are looking to encourage in-world commerce and cross-promotion in Second Life.

This entire contest "12 Avatars" is a load of crap! Yup, crap. Do you think if you're pretty enough, have the best skin, shape, hair, wardrobe that you'll make it into the calendar? If you do, you're so jaded. In fact this time it's not even about the best photoshop skills. It's a popularity contest. I didn't enter even though I'm certainly all for making my friends vote for me... NOT! First off I think almost, ALMOST every one I know with a whowho has entered this contest. As far as I know you can only vote once, I could be mistaken but then I could give a shit too. Meh. Point is, I'm not about choosing one friend over another and honestly lag hasn't turned me on lately. I'm kinda tired of feeling it rub against my thighs, I think I'm getting a lag rash. There's what? Like a million kiosks with your friends' faces plastered all over this sim & you have to do the laggy breast stroke just to locate them? Yah, no thanks. Do you honestly think that random avatar admirers are just strolling through the lag & groups of giggly girls trying to cast their vote for what they view as the prettiest of the prettiest? I highly doubt it, but I'm curious.
  • Did you enter?
  • Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter (you could honestly just make a calendar of yourself & hand out to friends)?
  • How did you go about campaigning for votes?
  • Did you vote?
  • How did you choose who to vote for?
Humor me please, cause I'm not sure what you really get out of it to go so gaga...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Who are YOU to say ..."

When I first started posting here at MGG2SL I only read comments on 'articles' (and I use that term VERY loosely) that I had posted. Lately though, I've been reading comments on all the posts not only for the humor but for the spew. I'm a spectator in a lot of ways, perhaps I'd even go so far as to call myself a blog voyeur but recently I feel like there are a lot of things left unsaid.

Recently a lot of comments have been geared towards things like "Who are YOU to say you're A-List?" "Who are YOU to say what looks good?" and "This is soooo highschool." Of course those aren't direct quotes, but I'm too lazy to go back. Besides, its the principal of the matter.

I'll begin by addressing the A-List bashing. Who are WE to say we're A-List? First off, who are YOU to say we aren't? We have just as much right (for lack of a better term) to call ourselves A-List as you have to say that we're not. People are so quick to grab onto that whole "Your World, Your Imagination" bull-cheese when trying to justify themselves (or others) of their actions that they don't seem to think that such a motto applies to anything else. Guess what? It does.

In the real world, A-List celebrities get paid money to endorse things, make appearances at clubs/companies ... bottom line is they get paid a lot of money for a lot of things. So in that sense, no we aren't A-list. We don't get paid to say "Hey what do YOU think about ..." as a matter of fact, few A-List celebrities even ask anything out of their 'fans'. They don't have profound views on things and if they do its kept under wraps because their manager feels it would be in their best interest.

Well as many probably have deducted we don't have managers that keep a muzzle on us. We say what we say when we say it because that's how we feel. Do we regret any of it later? Who knows - but if we did would that really matter? Are we not allowed to voice an opinion regardless of what this backwards SL Society says - just because what -seems- to be majority thinks otherwise? Who are we to call ourselves A-List? Who are you to think that you're any better? To my knowledge, no one here at MG has ever claimed to be better than anyone else and has -NEVER- insulted another person. Their product, yes. Their actions, more than a few times - but a person? No. Well, except for for the Laylah "bashing" but as most know - such exchanges between friends isn't ill-willed. Yeah like you've never called your friend a slut or retarded?

Some throw that 'teeny bopper' element in and I really think its all on how you look at it. Is the "Meat n Greet" series too Teen Magazine for you? To be honest I'm not much into it. I'll admit that if I were simply to add a penis - I'd be one of the guys that reads Playboy for the articles. Maybe because I'm insecure in my physical looks I never really pay much attention to anyone else's appearance in hopes they aren't looking at me? That's an entirely relevant theory -- WHICH is why I don't blog fashion. Yeah I like how my avatar looks to me - she looks a lot like me but with more makeup and better hair ... but all in all I'm not one of those "Omg look at this totally cute outfit! Everyone in SL must have it because its just posh!" Anyone who's read more than just the main page of this blog could probably deduct that and if not - I just said it.

Fashion is one thing - style is another. Style is individual where as fashion is more general. I don't think I really need to go into any depths with that - but a few folks have said that the MGs are biased because we all have the same fashion sense or the same style. It was my impression that friends have things in common. Though we might all enjoy bits and pieces of the same sort of fashions - we all have our own style. For those that haven't noticed I'll just make a quick cap:

  • Jelly likes to grunge. Period. She's also gotten a bit into a few 'cutesy' outfits but overall she likes dirt.
  • Akasha is more of a rough and tumble tomboy that wears things that make her look like she just walked way from a motorcycle wreck - and it works for her.
  • Rosie is more conservative in her style and usually wears things that are sensible.
  • Laylah I'd compare to your college roommate that will throw on what she had the day before as long as it doesn't smell. The kind that could always pull off that look that looks like the person isn't even trying but it still looks good type of thing, ya know?
  • And me? I don't really know. I'd run around in a New Kids on the Block t-shirt and rolled up pants and think I look just as good as if I had on whatever new design is out. Oh and if someone makes a New Kids on the Block t-shirt I demand to know!
You would think that no one would really care, but obviously some do. So for those that do, I outlined AND bulleted it for you.

There are a few that think we have no business telling others what looks good and what doesn't. So maybe they look better? As a matter of fact they look so damn good that they comment anonymously so that we may all revel in their spectacular glow which is their being! Come on. You call us high-schoolish but you're going to write an anonymous message on a bathroom stall? Pot, meet kettle.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Meat 'N Greet: Vas Legend

*Favorite Color: Blue (because ita'a nice)

*SL Rezzday: 11/15/2006

*Favorite animal and why? A Dog. Loyal, and lovable.. A cat will sit on its ass, where as a dog will be exstatic to see you when you get home from work.

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av? I was brought into the fashion world fairly quickly.. Some friends took me to 'The Block' and It was then I realised my size was too big. My shape has been in continuial development since then really. But I wanted to portray myself as muscular, but not over bearing, and importantly I like legs. So the important thing for me was the hips and waist which a lot of people seem to mess up. But hey, I look at peoples avatars these days, and a lot of people are doing a great job!

*who is the designer or creator you would most like to collaborate with? None other then my beautiful girl Saeya Nyanda of 'Kyoot', damn her stuff is Awesome! An idea is for her to do the clothes (which I suck at) and Ill do the prim work. Some of my stuff so needs clothes with it.

*what's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl? Bent over and.....

*What's the last book you read? 'Northern Lights' by Philip Pullman -going to be a christmas hit in the cinema's over christmas, so i thought i would read the book before hand.. Really good stuff..Im excited by the movie release.

*What's a movie you could watch over and over? Mad Max 2 and the Big Lebowski, Love them so much, can almost recite the words *shushes*

*You could never date someone who _ ? always clock watches and gets distracted too much and likes to constantly talk about themselves. Having said that, on the flip side I would date anyone who is interested *laughs*. If its SL, then for sure their avatar has to be attractive (shallow I know), its a typical thing to say, but SL is a visual game. theres no physicallity between two people, I mean I cant reach out and touch the person, so it is all in the mind and fantasy, so I think aesthetics are an important factor. Life in SL moves Fast, So as shallow as it seems, people will discuss their avatars pretty much straight away. As far as SL dating goes though, I have my diamond, perfect in everyway.

*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be? hmmm, theres a few here that come to mind.. For obvious reasons *grins* But, pro-actively I would probably like to Trade Places with Jonny Dusk from '5ifth' ..Man his stuff is awesome, and he is a big tough man, I would go shoot some mofo's with his avatar.

*Favorite thing to do in SL? I love to build, theres something calming about it for me, and it keeps me out of trouble. I like to Roleplay, and yes.. Sorry folks I once was Gorean. But hey, the Roleplay element was good. Same as fantasy like Madmax (visit the Wastelands for that) and those magical folks down in Everwind. I love meeting new people, Most peole here are actually really friendly and nice to talk to, and hey.. its weird but I would share my Real life issues with some people here to seek advice. I would never normally dream of doing that, but People here have all sorts of backgrounds and knowledge, and good advice is always welcome!

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (Live Performers vs. DJs)

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Friday, September 7, 2007


Proof that Laylah doesn't do her own stunts! Pure stunt double vagina if there ever was one. :o

Click Here

EDIT: I always gotta be the admin... stepping in to keep you girls in line :P
**WARNING**linked image may not be suitable for work (shouldn't you be working anyhow?) or for all ages. -Rosie

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fashion Puppet

I've decided that I am indeed a fashion puppet. Designers pull my strings with new releases & I usually come trotting. Well, it was the case for awhile anyways. Lately I cannot find one damn thing I want to buy. I find myself buying yet another utility belt, a hat, Marionette strings, or other miscellaneous accessories just to avoid the new haute couture trend.

I miss new releases from ETD (which has been closed for how long now?), Renegade (suffering from SL block), Deviant Kitties hair (yah, I'm not a huge fan of piercings so much), and Naughty non-sculpted flexi hair goodness. Has SL fashion finally hit a fashion funk or has haute couture possessed everyone?

I don't want bunny heads on my hats or dead pigeons. Btw, anyone notify Pamela Anderson or Peta about that yet? I'm sure Furnation is in uproar. Seriously... bunny heads on hats!!!

Am I the only one missing new releases that made sense? How do ya'll feel about the new haute couture?


Sweet mother of god. So, I'm standing in my tattoo parlor eariler talking to one of my customers and I look in his profile. I'm curious like that. One of his groups is a beastiality group so I ask him "Are you really into that?" He hems and haws for a bit then says yes. Not him PERSONALLY, but he likes it when his girls are into it.

Ok, this guy is nice. He seems smart and he's very funny. I can't seem to wrap my head around this. I'm sorry - you like WHAT?! Morbid curiousity takes over and I ask him about it, how he got into it and why he likes it. He proceeds to tell me that he wasn't into it before an ex-girlfriend of his introduced him to it. It seems she has a thing for dogs. I ask why not just get another guy and he says that it could lead to jealousy and that "...a man can't fuck like that. Not that fast."

Sorry, threw up a little bit. Anyway! It got me thinking, you know... in SL there really aren't many taboos.. except fucking kids, can't fuck kids. However, apparently, you CAN fuck dogs. See that pretty great dane up there in the picture with me? He can't fetch and he won't protect your home from intruders. He will mount you though!

This, and many other things (including horses that you can fuck and will fuck you) can be found in a little store named "Dark Desires." I was treated to a tour of this place and each item was more disturbing than the last.

Need an AV of a plastic fuckdoll? Got it. Bukkake scene? Yup. Want to piss on your slaves head make them drink it? You better believe they have the animations and props for it.

It's really just too much to take in at once. (No pun intended) I promised that I wouldn't write a 'mean' article about this so I'll just lay out the dirt for you and let you make your own opinions.

My one redeeming thought on this whole store is that at least in SL there are no REAL animals involved, so better here than in RL... But is that really a saving grace? Does that really make it OK for people to do this or for this store to have a spot on the grid?

On another note, I found a kickass pair of boots there. I'm afraid to click on them though because they'll probably detach themselves and bootfuck me.

Free speech, etc. etc. Discuss.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Neato Mulligans: Vehicle Edition

In the real world - things that are considered 'classic' never really fall out of style. Normally there is a small group of enthusiasts which keep the spirit of the classic alive. English teachers keep classics like The Adventures of Huck Finn and Romeo and Juliet going strong while movie buffs recommend classic films like The Count of Monte Cristo or Gone With the Wind allow such 'outdated' flicks to still be sought after and loved by even younger viewers.

The same doesn't ring true in Second Life. Though SL could easily be considered an infant among online games - trends have already come and gone in our realm that we very easily call 'classic'. Like scripts in the asset server many of these things have become lost to many of us among droves of boxes in YadNi's Junkyard among other freebie places.

Do any 'older' (not necessarily wiser) residents still whip out any classic items? Most likely not. With the overwhelming rate of content creation (compared to just two years ago) many of these things have just gone .. well .. away. Do I think these things should be widely loved, adored, or even viewable? Not really, but I do think they deserve some recognition. If nothing else they should be revisited - like a fond memory - instead of avoided like the plague.

I hope in the next few posts to cover things that most new residents probably won't know about - and things I wish I could see again. I'll call it Neato Mulligans (Mulligan being a golf term for 'do-over')SL Cars

Alright so everyone and their brother has a Shadow - but what ever happened to these beauties in Dosojin built by ahkenatan Grommet? In my opinion this was the first vintage, retro, 50s styled sim in SL. There might have been others, but if there were they didn't stand out like this place did. akenatan had a diner, old 50s style gas pumps, classic cars .. the whole package was here in this sim and it was just fun to explore! The cars were all prim work - all the way down to the engine. You couldn't drive them but they were simply amazing to look at!

I realize and understand that every one's idea and taste of/in art differs greatly from person to person, but as people of the same community why is it that so many lack appreciation for prim work? It isn't always about who's the biggest badass in Maya or Photoshop - sometimes the best art is that which seems so simple. Like all those cars that akenatan built. Sure, to the outsider they're just cars. Who gives a rip, right? But some of those cars were well over 160 prims and were fully prims! They were sculptures! Instead of having that huge muscled handstand statue in front of your house ... why did no one have a Delorean?

As a matter of fact I loved that sim sooo much that its one of the first places I took Bebop when we were SL dating.

And why do I never see noobs zooming around on the penis hover board .. or any hover board for that matter? Are hover bikes, boards and flying teacups now a joy that SLers no longer experience?! If so, what started this downward spiral of such vile hatred of hysterical laughter and random hilarity?

SL Vehicles: Classics or Extinct? I'd like to know. How many folks have these prim art pieces hidden in their inventory? How many people have all kinds of fun vehicles that they never use just because you get a +5 Pantie Drop skill for whipping out the Shadow as apposed to the prim equivalent of a Plymouth Fury?

Maybe I'm just old. Perhaps I just miss the days of racing my friends around sims in the most god awful vehicles on the grid. We actually had people that built dentist chairs we could fly, toilets that shot out particles that looked like poo, pigs that engulfed your entire screen with pink particle clouds, and bouncing cows. Where's all this fun gone?!

Meat 'N Greet: Steve Hansen

*Favorite Color:


*SL Rezzday:


*Favorite animal and why?

Puppies, theyre cute. I just like bein a cat in SL sometimes =^.~=

*What factors did you take into consideration when creating your av?

Ehh i just wanted it to look as good/realistic as it could be. Have changed my skin once since the first i had for a year, and have tweaked my shape also.

*Who is your SLelebrity crush?

Hmm dont think i have any.

*What's the most embarrassing thing you've done for a girl?

Cant recall, or maybe im too embarrased to even wanna remember what it was. Hehe :P

*What's the last book you read?

Not so much of a reader.

*What's a movie you could watch over and over?

Kung Fu Hustle! Its hilarious :]]

*You could never date someone who _____________ (fill in the blank)

...could never comprehend my silliness.

*If you could trade slives with one other avatar for a day, who would it be?

With great builders/designers. Or maybe with high Linden earners and send their shit over to my avie! XD

*Favorite thing to do in SL?

Just fool around, hang out with my friends, shop/explore places, and build when i feel like not bein my lazy self. *teehee*