Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Who are YOU to say ..."

When I first started posting here at MGG2SL I only read comments on 'articles' (and I use that term VERY loosely) that I had posted. Lately though, I've been reading comments on all the posts not only for the humor but for the spew. I'm a spectator in a lot of ways, perhaps I'd even go so far as to call myself a blog voyeur but recently I feel like there are a lot of things left unsaid.

Recently a lot of comments have been geared towards things like "Who are YOU to say you're A-List?" "Who are YOU to say what looks good?" and "This is soooo highschool." Of course those aren't direct quotes, but I'm too lazy to go back. Besides, its the principal of the matter.

I'll begin by addressing the A-List bashing. Who are WE to say we're A-List? First off, who are YOU to say we aren't? We have just as much right (for lack of a better term) to call ourselves A-List as you have to say that we're not. People are so quick to grab onto that whole "Your World, Your Imagination" bull-cheese when trying to justify themselves (or others) of their actions that they don't seem to think that such a motto applies to anything else. Guess what? It does.

In the real world, A-List celebrities get paid money to endorse things, make appearances at clubs/companies ... bottom line is they get paid a lot of money for a lot of things. So in that sense, no we aren't A-list. We don't get paid to say "Hey what do YOU think about ..." as a matter of fact, few A-List celebrities even ask anything out of their 'fans'. They don't have profound views on things and if they do its kept under wraps because their manager feels it would be in their best interest.

Well as many probably have deducted we don't have managers that keep a muzzle on us. We say what we say when we say it because that's how we feel. Do we regret any of it later? Who knows - but if we did would that really matter? Are we not allowed to voice an opinion regardless of what this backwards SL Society says - just because what -seems- to be majority thinks otherwise? Who are we to call ourselves A-List? Who are you to think that you're any better? To my knowledge, no one here at MG has ever claimed to be better than anyone else and has -NEVER- insulted another person. Their product, yes. Their actions, more than a few times - but a person? No. Well, except for for the Laylah "bashing" but as most know - such exchanges between friends isn't ill-willed. Yeah like you've never called your friend a slut or retarded?

Some throw that 'teeny bopper' element in and I really think its all on how you look at it. Is the "Meat n Greet" series too Teen Magazine for you? To be honest I'm not much into it. I'll admit that if I were simply to add a penis - I'd be one of the guys that reads Playboy for the articles. Maybe because I'm insecure in my physical looks I never really pay much attention to anyone else's appearance in hopes they aren't looking at me? That's an entirely relevant theory -- WHICH is why I don't blog fashion. Yeah I like how my avatar looks to me - she looks a lot like me but with more makeup and better hair ... but all in all I'm not one of those "Omg look at this totally cute outfit! Everyone in SL must have it because its just posh!" Anyone who's read more than just the main page of this blog could probably deduct that and if not - I just said it.

Fashion is one thing - style is another. Style is individual where as fashion is more general. I don't think I really need to go into any depths with that - but a few folks have said that the MGs are biased because we all have the same fashion sense or the same style. It was my impression that friends have things in common. Though we might all enjoy bits and pieces of the same sort of fashions - we all have our own style. For those that haven't noticed I'll just make a quick cap:

  • Jelly likes to grunge. Period. She's also gotten a bit into a few 'cutesy' outfits but overall she likes dirt.
  • Akasha is more of a rough and tumble tomboy that wears things that make her look like she just walked way from a motorcycle wreck - and it works for her.
  • Rosie is more conservative in her style and usually wears things that are sensible.
  • Laylah I'd compare to your college roommate that will throw on what she had the day before as long as it doesn't smell. The kind that could always pull off that look that looks like the person isn't even trying but it still looks good type of thing, ya know?
  • And me? I don't really know. I'd run around in a New Kids on the Block t-shirt and rolled up pants and think I look just as good as if I had on whatever new design is out. Oh and if someone makes a New Kids on the Block t-shirt I demand to know!
You would think that no one would really care, but obviously some do. So for those that do, I outlined AND bulleted it for you.

There are a few that think we have no business telling others what looks good and what doesn't. So maybe they look better? As a matter of fact they look so damn good that they comment anonymously so that we may all revel in their spectacular glow which is their being! Come on. You call us high-schoolish but you're going to write an anonymous message on a bathroom stall? Pot, meet kettle.


Summer Deadlight said...

Its your web, and your first and second life. If you choose to blog and say what you want, then thats your prerogative. If people do not like it, they do not have to read what is said. I think classifying people is something we are all programmed to do by our societies, and we get clues from one another on what our local culture deems appropriate. Yet, to free yourself from that, and express yourself for your own individuality is a good thing.

I love this blog, and I think it's interesting to read the opinions and comments here about what goes on in your blogger's minds.

You shouldn't have to defend yourself or reason out why you do the things you do to anyone! Unless it is malicious in nature, but even then it's a public blog and if people are offended then again they can choose to look elsewhere.

Anyhow, I love MGG2SL!! No matter how bitchy, cool, sexy, ranting, fun, etc etc you all get, its great reading! I admire your group and perhaps those who do not, wish that they were as original and independent as you all! Much <3.

Anonymous said...

NKOTB shirt huh ?
You guys keep doing what your doing, Your unique..and don't go along the same lines as everyone else,personally I think thats great.
*thumbs up*

Claudine Jewell said...

let me add my 2 cents hehe
i just like this blog its entertaining different and fun so keep on bloggin what you want to blog yay

Nivea Frua said...

I dont think there is a A-list, in SL or RL I am just not into those kinds of things. I do however like to listen to peoples thoughts on style or fashion.
I enjoy this blog, I read it get a kick out of it for the most part. Do i agree with everything that is said heck no, but even if I dont its a good read.

tiana meriman said...

even though some of the mean girls post sometimes leave me wondering what it has to do with anything, often theres at least one good point to the post. you just need to know to take some and leave some.

people will always try to find things to insult people with and blogs and sl are not different. there again you need to take some and leave some.

i think the mean girl blog is great, its funny and sometimes it gets you to think. everyone has their style and the mean girls say it loud and clear and i think thats great.

Sans said...

I think there is an interesting symbiosis between fashion bloggers and designers. It used to be you'd see it posted on the SL Forums and go buy it, no matter what anyone thought.

Then there was a threat of the forums being shut down so blogs popped up, and even though the forums were not shut down, blogging had arrived and lots of people started buying based on recommendations from bloggers.

Now it's a year and a half later, and it's like if it's not blogged it doesn't exist, which is pretty sad.

The "who are YOU" thing is sad too. I don't base my buying decisions on who the blogger is, because likely we don't share the same taste or have the same avatar or whatever. What I do is think of it as a service--bloggers are out there scouting what's new and great, and I go and check my long, long, long list of blogs and see what's new, and if it's something I like and I still have L$ left after tier payments, I go buy it. No one person has the time to scan the entire grid for new stuff daily--hence why there are fashion bloggers. It's a service. I don't necessarily agree that everything that gets blogged is great, but at least I can see what it looks like and decide if I want that.

What I love about this blog is that it's not just fashion, and you guys keep me laughing. I've run to buy the dances Jellybean sometimes makes movies about, but overall we don't share the same sense of style. What I do love is peeking into your SL (sort of like watching a tv series every week), which is so different from my SL and appreciating the things you all have to say about what you do on the grid and what interests you.

Keep on blogging, it's not high school, it's just another slice of the pie that is SL.

Joonie Jatho said...

I love your blog. It's listed on my blog. It's been one of my favs since the Hawt Pot post. ;-)

So keep doing what you're doing. The number of people who come here prove you're doing something very right! And as one who blogs and has been given crap about it...you know....joke 'em if they can't take a f**k!

Rock on!

Kitten Martynov said...

My question is, why is it such a big deal to you guys to be on the A-List or not?

I mean really, the whole theme of this post is "Who are YOU to say we aren't?"

When I started reading, the point that I HOPED you were going to make is that opinion is subjective, and that you couldn't care less if other people considered you an A or D-lister. Instead it's an equally insulting attack, calling into question your criticizer's own popularity or "status", and basically confirming that whole "high school" accusation.

Who do I have to be to question you? A designer? A blogger? Someone with an equally big ego who has to be at the top of some imaginary list?

Anonymous comments are annoying, I get that. I've read that on most every blog. And no-one thinks they matter as much... except that everyone listens and reacts to them, as evidenced by this post.

I'm not one of the criticizers. I come here for entertainment, and you girls are good at it.

But it's more than a little offending to read a defensive rebuttal that questions someone's right to question, based on something as transient as "status".

Anonymous said...

"To my knowledge, no one here at MG has ever claimed to be better than anyone else and has -NEVER- insulted another person."

Mean Girls called some nice girl a blingtard, posted pictures of her and posted her name.

Now as an anonymous poster, let me say, that if you'd all said that your A-List status was imaginary from the beginning, it wouldn't have seemed as obnoxious. But thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

"Besides, its the principal of the matter."

It's principle.

- Tardis Noel

Anonymous said...

The fact that you posted this pretty much proves what your naysayers ..well, say.

You girls are so worried about image, that you claim to be a-listers.

You post 'Meat of the Week" a clever play on words which proves you are teeny-bopperish. But hey, it's your blogspace, feel free to show the world your immaturity. :)

You've never attacked anyone? Please. I suggest you read your own damn blog. You'd get a whole lot more credibility from your naysayers if you weren't so damn obtuse.

Anonymous said...

So now calling someone a blingtard is just as bad as calling them a bad parent or just saying "Pft bet she (or he) is a loser in real" I think there is a big difference.

And grammar nazism? Wow seriously go back to your rp sim. So she used the wrong word, I cant count the times other higher end blogs have done the same thing.

I think everyone in SL is caught up in their own image otherwise why would people work so hard on their avatars?

Everything is a game of who's prettier and if it isn't its all about figuring out who's alt is who. You can't be original in this damn game anymore on your main account. Look at Swirly Cyclone. Couldn't she be a fatass sassy model on her main? Noooo gotta worry about image.

Laylah said...

Personally, and this is just my opinion, I can not claim it to be the opinion of my peers so don't hold them accountable but...

I couldn't care less if I was A-List or not. I don't even think there is an A-List in SL. If there is an A-List in SL I am pretty sure I'm not on it. I'm not that popular, hardly anyone knows me. I am not a super model, I didn't win any RL/SL awards or sell my soul to a RL company (No, this is not a stab at anyone). I am not a hugely well-known designer or even that often blogged about.

I am not an Slebrity and I'm more than ok with that. Even if I was it would have no bearing on RL. I wouldn't go to a job interview and be like "Well, I'm a SLebrity. Everyone in this game knows me because of my tattoos or my DJing. I'm practally worshipped" because 1) it doesn't matter, I'm still a nobody in RL and 2)it holds no bearing on what I do in RL. I don't knock people out of the way in lines and say "Excuse you, don't you know who I am?!" because it's SL and no one cares!

To me, this is a parody blog. Everything is written with a humorous outlook, half making fun of ourselves in the process. To me, us claiming to be A-List is hilarious.

Relax, people, learn to have a little fun.

guenevere decuir said...

Wow even in a post talking about folks who insult the blog... there's comments from people who insult the blog.

Don't you people have something BETTER to do with your time? Just like Summer already mentioned, if you don't like it don't read it.

MG is one of the very first SL blogs I ever found and I have to say I check this spot for a new post almost every day. Not only is it informative but it's also damn funny!!!

As for the blingtard thing... well folks I hate to say it but excessive bling on your AVI is well... stupid. I've sent a couple of bling pictures to Jelly, myself to show off the sheer horror of this phenomenon. Say no to bling before other people have to scratch out their eyes with red hot pokers... PLEASE.

bex hathaway said...

wait, there's an SL A-List???

oh, now see what you've done? you made SL sneak into RL, cause you just deepened the laugh lines on my RL face ;)
dang it!

Noelle Hathaway said...

Some people need to learn to take what you girls say with a grain of salt. You are the ONLY group in the blogging world who is unafraid to say what they want to say AND use their main avatars names to do so (well, as far as I know). Don't let them get you down, they're only doing what they know how to do, hate.
I love this blog and I very much enjoy reading it.

Robert Smith. said...

whatevaeva whateva-eva-evaaaaaa

drama is tres poopoo

what happened to the days
when we were all exotic dancers
and hookers

damn new second life
why cant we just all go around
cyberhumping each other like good ol times
now thats what i call fun