Wednesday, September 19, 2007

12 Avatars

Bite my ass! 12 fully colored months of JellyBean Choose from over 10,000 vanity images - Wall, Desk, & Planners - Coordinate schedules, track events & remmy holidays (minus popularity contest) available at your local KMart!

I started spewing this on my personal Stew but thought Rosie would bitch. :p I figured I'd post this after the 10th friend tried to get me there to vote for them. I'm not trying to be a total bitch by telling you I won't vote for you. Honestly. I own up to being a total bitch when I am. So let me explain my stance on this at the risk of sounding bitter...

12Avatars is the premier printed calendar of Second Life’s top beauties. With stunning women from cover to cover, it showcases the heights of virtual world beauty and fashion. The 12Avatars calendar features an avatar-voted contest for selected slots on the calendar, as well as two real-world beauties who have been transformed into avatars. Distributed for free in-world, and sold for a modest price in the real world, 100% of the proceeds will be divided between the avatars who sell the real calendars in-world and real world charities chosen by the calendar buyer. The 12Avatars calendar is produced by a solid team that includes Apollo Interactive, America’s Leading Interactive Agency (, and Centric, Agency of Change (, who are looking to encourage in-world commerce and cross-promotion in Second Life.

This entire contest "12 Avatars" is a load of crap! Yup, crap. Do you think if you're pretty enough, have the best skin, shape, hair, wardrobe that you'll make it into the calendar? If you do, you're so jaded. In fact this time it's not even about the best photoshop skills. It's a popularity contest. I didn't enter even though I'm certainly all for making my friends vote for me... NOT! First off I think almost, ALMOST every one I know with a whowho has entered this contest. As far as I know you can only vote once, I could be mistaken but then I could give a shit too. Meh. Point is, I'm not about choosing one friend over another and honestly lag hasn't turned me on lately. I'm kinda tired of feeling it rub against my thighs, I think I'm getting a lag rash. There's what? Like a million kiosks with your friends' faces plastered all over this sim & you have to do the laggy breast stroke just to locate them? Yah, no thanks. Do you honestly think that random avatar admirers are just strolling through the lag & groups of giggly girls trying to cast their vote for what they view as the prettiest of the prettiest? I highly doubt it, but I'm curious.
  • Did you enter?
  • Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter (you could honestly just make a calendar of yourself & hand out to friends)?
  • How did you go about campaigning for votes?
  • Did you vote?
  • How did you choose who to vote for?
Humor me please, cause I'm not sure what you really get out of it to go so gaga...


Orchid said...

I didn't enter - didn't plan on entering and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I won't vote for anyone.

It doesn't have anything to do with me thinking that my avatar isn't attractive in comparison to others - nor am I like 'omg people might see my REAL face' (cuz I have RL pics of me for public display) .. its more of me asking WTF IS THE POINT?!?

With all the random modeling contests that go on (there used to be a pageant to find Post 6 girls) I don't know why there needs to be another one.

Some have made these promises of donating the money they earn to a charity and that's fine and dandy - but do you really NEED A DAMN REASON in order to donate to a charity!? WTF People!

Showing off your body for money ... and people call Laylah a whore. Pft.

Truth said...

agree... 12 fucking avatars blows one inch gorilla dick. when will this self photo taking pixelated lovin thy self end!! when did Sl become as shallow as a spring sun shower puddle .. there must be more to SL than this shite. Glenlivet! drink some loosen up SL and lay in the sun for a bit.

Truth said...

Orchid you tell em girl! And Laylah you always be one of my fav whores :)

And what happened to taking off your clothes for nuffin!!!??? huh??

Shenandoah Saintlouis said...

Did you enter?

No way!

Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter (you could honestly just make a calendar of yourself & hand out to friends)?


How did you go about campaigning for votes?


Did you vote?


How did you choose who to vote for?

A friend IMed me and I thought "why not?" And another friend, and another and....
To be honest, I get sick and tired of everybody trying to get their avies look as hot as possible, and selling their selves for a vote in all these blogs.
(phew I said it)


Stephanie Misfit said...

Shallow and vain are just a couple of words that spring to mind in relation to this contest. And no, don't give me any crap about how proceeds from the SALE of the calendar will go to charity - do you really think those girls who are begging people to vote for them, even telling them to cheat by voting with their alts too, honestly give a shit that this is for charity? Of course not, they want their 15 minutes of fame, adulation for their hot avatars and a nice chunk of spending money.

Complaints were received about one of the contestants who was hoping to raise money for charity through this event, and she has withdrawn. Should have seen that one coming. And clearly the avatar needs no excuse to donate to charity, as she is donating the equivalent of the prize money to charity anyway.

This contest has really brought out the worst in some people. Your hot avies are ONLY pixels ladies, and anyone prepared to shell out a few lindens can be a hot babe in Second Life. To those of you who are intent on achieving some kind of personal glory through this contest, get over yourselves. Really.

Phoenix Chapman said...

I didn't enter this contest, and I want to throw up from all of the lame attempts by everyone to get votes (the fashion feed has looked like a fucking joke).

I did vote, though, for The Diva. Because she's cool.

Anonymous said...

I am going to buck the trend! :)

Did you enter? Yep!

Callie Cline kept IMing me to enter and so I figured why not...very least I'll have a few laughs.

How did you go about campaigning for votes?
I asked my close friends... stated on my blog I know I don't have a snowball chance....I just don't want to be humiliated :D I didn't even ask my update group LOL Actaully I haven't even sent to most of my friends yet need to do that still LOL. Oh and I put it on my blog :D

Did you vote? Of Course!

How did you choose who to vote for?
I lost hours of sleep trying to decide whom to vote for! Kidding! :D

@Orchid: My shot is pretty much a face shot... and I'm dressed... thought I would mention it..

@Truth: That's what I was doing have a smidge of fun in between having fun! There is a reason I don't release new things often lol I'm to busy remembering to have that fun!

@Shenandoah: I'm not sure what I said that would be concidered selling myself. Just use the scroll button for one days worth of blogs :D

@Stephanie: Can I adore ya anyway even if you think I'm Vain and Shallow? :D

@Phoenix: Just Scroll :D I Scroll though alot on the fashion feed anyhow and I am willing to bet you do too! :)

There ya go everyone :)

Rosie Barthelmess said...

I did not enter, but I did vote. I didn't even know about the contest until one friend of mine IM'ed me to vote for her - and I was happy to do so because she's exotic, not your average avie, not your standard big-hair big-boobs pole-dancer-lookin SL "hot babe." She's just a beautiful person inside and out, and she is also a businessperson inside SL so I figure it would help raise awareness for her business.

I wouldn't vote for a plasticized model of pixelated "beauty" though.

And don't even get me started on why I wouldn't enter, nor why I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting a vote.

Claudine Jewell said...

Did you enter? YES :)))

Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter (you could honestly just make a calendar of yourself & hand out to friends)?

How did you go about campaigning for votes?


How did you choose who to vote for?

oh my sorry for the caps and the bad english have a great day

Caliah Lyon said...

From the start, when I read the first article/post about this contest, I shrank from the thought of entering it. It's even worse than the Lacoste least that one, you'd be able to understand, given the size of the pot and the fact it was an RL fashion company involved.

I never join beauty or modelling contests that require wooing votes from the public. Simply put, I'm not popular or well-known enough to garner them without advertising, and I think it's a bit much to go around asking for votes and bothering people for them, and I refuse to do that.

This certain contestant's intention to donate the money to charity was certainly admirable, but as usual certain individuals showed how petty they were by having the nerve to complain that doing so might influence the vote in her favour. While that might be true, it was still for a better and more altruistic cause than the desire to have some quick cash, fame, and your pixel mug plastered on a calendar. I was saddened by her decision to withdraw, but not all that surprised.

Paige said...

didnt enter and dont plan on. Why? Because its become as nausiating as listening to designers whine about needing money in real life for new laptops and road trips or what have you so "pleasssssssssse come buy my new stuff". I should give a shit about that why? That makes me run in the other direction just so you know. 0Ops i just puked all over my keyboard looking at the fashion planet feed. So like who's buyin me a new one cos i'm like so broke.cries.

Noam Sprocket said...

Did I enter: Nope, no whowho.

Did I vote: OH. GOD. YES.

How did I chose to vote: I went with the prettiest avatar there. And by that I mean the blue one in the LL skin with LL hair that I think might be ruth... I hope she gets July, cause she's so hot.

How did you go about campaigning for votes? In a very Tom Sawyer-esque way I talked the people who weren't interested in 12avatars into thinking voting for "le Blue girl" was the greatest idea ever.

Additionally: Why did I even bother?
Boredom is a powerful thing.

Paige: There weren't a lot of designers in the contest. I know because we played "Spot the designer."

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

I entered but my photo is fully clothed and in fact I'm wearing an evening dress I love. Simply put, I needed something to occupy my mind this past Sunday and it was something to do for a few minutes.

I don't expect to win and I'm hesitant about even asking anyone to vote for me or whatever. I've asked a few of my friends that I know didn't participate to vote for me but otherwise I've said nothing about it.

Yes, I'd love to win some extra lindens as I'm on a fixed income irl. I also was excited at the notion of representing so many beautiful people and avatars in something that has worthwhile goals and would bring attention to SL as a whole as well as allow many many avatars to perhaps do something useful with some of their gaming time.

As I've pointed out before, only 2 of the 12 avatars will receive any recompense at all and the rest get only the perhaps dubious distinction of appearing in the calendar. The real payment, if any, will go to the distributors of the calendar, so perhaps those people are due some of this acidity I see being poured out everywhere.

I saw the fashion blog feed posts as more or less in fun;, we all know that most of us will not win after all.

Finally, I completely respect the avatar who was planning and still will donate money to charity. I always have and I doubt that my opinion will ever change. I did have an issue with what imo amounted to a kind of moral bribery to solicit votes. Among other things it was strictly against the rules. Any payment of any kind, including money or goods or services of whatever form cannot be offered for votes in the contest. I'm sure many less altruistic avatars are still trying to get away with it, and that sucks. But nevertheless, payment for votes is prohibited, no matter the altruistic purposes involved.

As for giving to charity, I routinely do that anyway.

Shir Dryke said...

Haha well glad someone finally said what I thought about this whole circus:P I find it really funny though. It clearly shows that in SL society, it's all about how you sell yourself and how popular you are. So with that note:

I did enter and I'm sorry I did. I didn't actually know what was it all about, I was away for a while with no time to read the feed so it passed me. A friend IMed me, she needed help in entering it and I just did the thing with her:P So there - also a reason why I did.

I did not go campaigning at all. I think now is the first time I even said I entered. I don't have a chance in any competition. Not famous, not able to promote myself:)

And did I vote? No. I didn't bother.

Basically, the whole thing could have passed me by if there wasn't such hassle on the feed about it. Some people made me laugh, some wonder and some shocked. So I'm happy someone finally said it's kinda icky:)

I don't think badly about anyone who has entered though, so I hope that's clear:)

paige said...

Noam: I wasnt talking bout designers that entered the 12 avatar contest I was referring to the ones that beg for people to buy their stuff lately because they need money in real life. What suprised me the most is all are pretty well known designers and i'm sure the stuff would sell itself but the way they went about it was so tacky and unprofessional imo and each of them lost my sale where i probably would have bought the stuff otherwise

Cierra Theriac said...

No, no, and no (did I catch all the questions?). Why? Same answer to all of them - It didn't even dawn on me.

Frankly, the modeling thing doesn't even appeal to me. So I tend to ignore anything related to that and popularity contests.

I saw some of the "please vote" s on the Fashion Planet feed, but they didn't really catch my attention so I just scrolled past them (until I hit the 5th or whatever one, at which I hit the "Oh please!" stage).

But then I have started scrolling through most of the fashion posts too, unless something unusual catches my attention.

*Helix Rehula said...

Hi .
Did I enter? YES
Why? ..I wanted to start having more fashion relationships and i thought it was a good way to start..but. lol i didn´t know there was so much blood* involved.

how did I make my campaign? Friends help me and we announced on the México main group asking for the latinos and mexican people on SL to support me.
I posted it on my blog also.

I´M REGERTING IT ANYWAYS..They feel proud and want me to but it´s very hard. I THINK i have like 80 votes now, but it´s not enough.. anyways I had fun and I SAW my group* support me. =)

By the way REFORMA is the main mexican sim on Sl and our group has almost 3 thousand avis..we´re doing our best to grow more. =)

Summer Deadlight said...

I did enter. Why? Well I love second life, online MMO gaming and experiencing the virtual world. I would like to think that this calendar is a way to represent a digital woman, that we're not all some big bewbed, amazon girlie wearing bling and running around making guys wet themselves. That some of us really worked hard on our AV's and with the right marketing skills, the desire to network and pure luck, we might have a shot of displaying that.

To me its not about winning, its the race there. This week, true there has been "rumours" of some of the tactics used to get votes, and Natalia did resign (free hair thing), but yanno I have made several new friends from nearby girls. I've got to see other people I was in Miss Tropics with, stood around chatting, plus when I contact friends I haven't seen in a while, its been awesome to retouch base with them when they stop by to vote.

I've learned how to work for a goal, if I dont win, then I dont win. I've made friends, used social networking skills, and got a chance to participate in something fun and different.

Its a good feeling to go for a goal and try to obtain it. I appreciate the support and care from my friends and family on this endeavor . I voted for myself :P

Good luck to those of you who entered!

Gillian Waldman said...

I didn't enter. I have entered one contest my entire year in SL - and one that didn't require votes.

However, it doesn’t personally offend me that people enter a contest and ask for votes. I guess if you only read the fashion feed it might get annoying. I find it easier to simply say 'good luck' and move on.

This same crap happened with that Lacoste contest and I see absolutely no difference except that now it's apparently not cool to pimp for votes. The campaigns - and yes those were some serious campaigns – that people ran around that particular contest were aggressive and even cutthroat from my little outside view. That one was all about the million L$ cash prize, yes? At least there is some mention of a charity component to this, right?

Sorry, but I just don't see the point in getting all worked up about matters relating to a contest or the actions of a few people on a blog aggregator that most of SL doesn’t see. In fact, I think it’s a hell of a lot more human not to pass judgment. For one thing, it must be terribly exhausting to worry so much about what others are doing (or blogging or saying or...)

Anonymous said...

Did I enter?


Do I expect to win?


I simply did it for some exposure of my picture. Granted the picture right next to mine has a gal wearing a black sequined bikini. :-P My picture is a shot of me from the waist up in a nice off the shoulder blouse.

I haven't done any other modeling things (just been in a couple of the Closet Crisis Girl for a Day contests) so I don't feel shallow about it really.

Will I do this again? Probably not, especially after seeing other gals IM people to death and offer bribes (from money to pixel sex) just for a measly vote.

Krius Misfit said...

I think this is a giant joke, It's cool if you want to take artistic shots of yourself and whatnot, but has anyone seen most of these pictures? I urge everyone to find the most noobish looking AV there and vote for it. I voted for some blue chick because honestly, self worshipping your AV is kinda sick and is very comical to me. There were girls standing in front of their pictures asking people to vote ... OMFG, how lame. Maybe I don't understand the want and desire to be a SLcelebrity because I prefer to spend my time under a rock and keeping to myself.

STOP THE MADNESS, if you are seeking attention go find a strip club. HA! (I'm an asshole)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gillian.. I've only entered one contest where there was only one judge and no voting. Seeing how many people entered this kinda disturbed me a little bit to be honest. I knew once I TPed there with Noam and Krius that i was about to see the lengths some girls would go to for votes (by wearing their hooker heels or hardly anything at all and in suggestive poses).

After camming all over the place.. my camera found my winner. Atlantis sporting the blue skin and hair. She got my vote for two reasons.. she's not one of those girls who obsess how their pixels look and doesn't need sex to sell herself yet was confident enough to enter into the contest with a bajillion barbie-wannabe's.

Anyone in SL can look 'calendar perfect'.. but to obsess over it to these lengths just gives a bad taste in my mouth.

As for the Fashion feed.. it was kinda old seeing all the 'vote for me's when i primarily use it as my one stop shop to see what's going on in the SL fashion world. I understand some of the people couldn't help it since their blog is on the feed because they primarily blog fashion findings or i know it's not the persons fault.. but in general it was just a lot to handle at once and I got discouraged going through the feed. Not to mention I think I now have carpal tunnel in my right hand from the mouse scrolling now. haha

Wednesday Soon said...

I had no idea it was even happening until after entries were over and it was all over fashion planet.

At first I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to enter, but the the Fashion feed started popping up with all these 'vote for me's!' and it got old and then Gillian (<3 you!) talked a little sense into me and I went on my merry way.

I have been IM'd to go vote for friends, but honestly...if I do go vote, I'll vote for whoever I want to! I'll never look at the bloody calendar anyway, I have enough stuff in my inventory!

CronoCloud said...

Did you enter?


Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter (you could honestly just make a calendar of yourself & hand out to friends)?

For the "glory", but just for fun basically. I got asked a some days ago if I had entered and just went ahead and did it.

How did you go about campaigning for votes?

I posted about it on my blog, which is not on the Fashion Planet feed. (I haven't asked to be added because I don't post enough) I'm not really campaigning. Don't vote for CC!

Did you vote?


How did you choose who to vote for?

Easy, I voted for me, me, me! And I figure that's the only vote I'll get and that's okay. I don't expect to win.

Jo said...

You know what I hate about these little contests plaguing SL and then the winners thinking theyre the hot ass shit "famous" for winning?

Well in RL a laaaaaaaarge audience knows about the contents. but in sl, the contestents are hand selected, and even then barely anyone knows about it.

how "famous" can you be? its mother fuckin SL for crying out loud. we dont have tv where you turn it on and your name and photo is everywhere, you are only ever "famous" in the group you surround yourself in. the end.

Alyssum Therian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alyssum Therian said...

Did you enter? Yes

Besides the obvious reason of "Oooo I might be in a calendar" why did you enter?
I did it all for the nookie. Seriously, it sounded like a fun idea. Plus I am a masochist. I knew I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell but that didn't stop me.

How did you go about campaigning for votes?
I posted it on my blog because I THOUGHT it was a harmless thing to do.

Did you vote? Yes

How did you choose who to vote for? I voted for myself, DUH!

That Damn Naughty Neko said...

well, I voted for Summer! I didn't know abt it until someone sent me something through their fashion update group (which is not why I joined tyvm!). I didn't vote for her cuz I didn't know her. I voted for Summer cuz I love Summer AND she was one of the few representing the Neko-love. She rawks and don't hate on her or any of the other entrants for being conceited or whatever. If you don't want to vote, don't vote. It's just for fun. . .I dunno what idiot is going to pay for the calendar though. And shut up all you people bitching about people wanting to make their avatars look good. I know none of you run around looking like newbs, otherwise you wouldn't be reading a fashion blog. I look good and love the fact that I have enough sense to make myself look good. In fact, I am very jealous of my Avie's clothing (most of which is hard to find in rl). So to sum it up. . .STOP HATIN, you know you wanna look as good as me. ;) JK

Azar Kazan said...

Just out of sheer curiousity how do they expect to make a profit with the calender? I know people who play SL will probably buy it, but will it make a dime outside of the SL community?

I don't know many guys outside of SL who get randy for pixelated cunts..except those who jack off to sailor moon getting creamed on..

Willis said...

I didn't enter, therefore I cannot answer any of the other questions!

I also don't log in SL enough to actually be motivated to vote, although if I do, i'm so voting for the blue chick Noam mentioned.

That is all!

Anonymous said...


The day Sl became shallow was the day your sorry as created.

Summer Deadlight said...

Thank you for the vote! :P

Just to comment however on "who would buy the calendar?" Well, have you seen those calendars in the mall they sell? I mean people buy all sorts of calendars there :O There's a lot of gaming companies online who sell products, have event cons, etc etc. People in SL might buy a real life calendar yes, but there's over 1,000,000 people who've signed up and yanno everyone has their own idea.

Anime has a huge following, people collect comic books, techgeekz, gamerz, you name it. The online world is a part of daily life for humans now. It will become more as technology advances.

Why do real life companies come to SL? Marketing strategies, business opportunities and a chance to get customer bases built through an international community.

Brand names are in SL, artists feature their work, musicians perform live streaming, even popular Hollywood names have been to SL to promote.

Yes, I think some people would buy a calendar and see this as just another avenue for merging real life economy with a virtual economy.


Anonymous said...

I didn't enter. I went finally the other night to look around and see who to vote for. I went late at night so it wasn't very laggy at all luckily. I tried to just pan through as much as I could.

Summer you had a friend there campaigning for you lol, I saw you had over 200 votes and I felt the need to look around and choose for myself. With that many people in the contest I can imagine one would have to campaign to get anything over 20 votes.

I met a few cool people that were walking around looking as well so that was all good. I finally voted for someone. Honestly I have to say that I saw maybe 3 or 4 that I would actually like to see in a calender but that's all a matter of personal taste.

Good luck to those that entered!

melanieann said...

Just a couple of very obvious reasons for entering this contest:

(1) While the amount of the monetary prize may not be one million $L, it is quite enough to buy a modestly sized land parcel to add to one's property, or perhaps fund advertising for a new business, and

(2) There were probably a lot of people who thought this would be a good, legitimate way to get more exposure and thus possibly obtain some modeling gigs in SL.

Granted, these reasons are full of wide-eyed SL naiveté, but there you have it. Not everyone in SL is a jaded (there, that is the correct usage of that word, btw) oldbie who knows better.

Some of the judgementalism I've seen in the comments for this post is apalling. Proclaiming people as being "shallow" and likening them to "whores" for simply participating in an event that they did not foresee devolving into a less than savory experience... well, now if that sort of thinking in and of itself isn't shallow, I don't know what is. Pot kettle black much?

Anonymous said...

I regretfully admit to have been one of the girls who joined up in this stupid contest. At first I thought it would be interesting. Then, when I was asked to join the group... it being titled as a fan group to some guy named Monkeyface, I realized quickly that it was not a beauty contest, but an advertising ploy.

The thought came quickly to my mind of how cheap this has been for these companies to get advertising lol... laughing all the way to the bank.

I still joined the group out of curiosity, but never set foot on the sims. I gave the guy a not so sexy pick of me (in a seatshirt of all lol) mostly because I thought the whole thing seemed fishy, and didn't want to take the time to get a good one out lol.

I got busy, went on with my usual work, then finally left the group after being totally annoyed by the rediculous chat that was going on in that group.

Girls paying for votes, guys running around offering exchange of sex for votes, the lag.... the bickering. God, it was awful, and quite frankly, I was a bit embarassed to have that group listed in my profile lol

I agree totally with you. From now on, I will only go for the things that show a good representation of me as a person - more than skin deep.

Alioops Oh

Anonymous said...

did i enter: no

did i vote: no

i don't see why everyone is so shocked or upset, or whatever.

and as with the nature of any contest, it's totally predictable that

a. people will wanna do it for fun
b. people will hope to god they win
c. people will start attributing bad motives to anyone and everyone who starts to take the lead
d. people will bitch more
e. people will blog about the "bad" aspects
f. people will make false statements
g. people will spend time blogging saying they "don't care" when they obviously DO...

*hint, when you DONT CARE you don't waste time, energy or money on your 'not caring'... ever see mean girls blog "elfs?" or "you fill in the blank" it's cuz they really "don't care" about that which they don't blog.

so on a positive note, i personally witnessed a lot of people having fun, being honest about hoping and dreaming of winning, and just not taking it all so seriously.

of course no one will blog about that... cuz........................

people are vain, they wanna be stars, or "anti stars" so they can feel "cooler" than the "silly masses" or whatever.

most of it is just human behaviour 101 and in ANY contest in SL, the losers and immature always cry "foul"

we can certainly see that magnified here!!!

nice post. i hope they pick a mean girl. that would rock.