Friday, September 12, 2008

Sayonara betches! (no, really... for realsies)

Jell: Hi there I'm JellyBean Madison from the popular web blog MGG2SL...
Rosie: even though she hasn't blogged here in over 6 months.
Jell: Here at MGG2SL we're always looking to improve your SL experience...
Rosie: Does that mean people are actually following our suggestions?
Jell: *sigh* No... they're sheep.
Rosie: I hate blingtard sheep. But sheep in general are cute?
Jell: As you may know it's been slow over here...
Rosie: and talent is lacking.
Jell: So we're finally ready to say sayonara betches and pack our bags.
Rosie: Bet ya thought that would never happen? Am I right?
Jell: The time has more than come, for us to go
Rosie: We *know* this.
Jell: It's been swell but the swelling's gone down
Rosie: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
Jell: oh like when we saw Lala the skank changing right in Last Call like it was Walmart or something
Rosie: We're gonna make like a banana and split... this blog is over
Jell: Just like the careers over at Brutal Honesty
Rosie: Thanks for the memories
Jell: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out
Rosie: Last one out's a rotten egg!
Jell: with badly-adjusted prim hair!
Rosie: and bling!
Jell: Do not fret though because we have somewhere else to herd you sheep. Consider us your shepherds as we lead you over to the Revolution!
Rosie: What is *that*, you say? Well, it is the ever so slightly popular AWNM blog combining with us - the ever so popular POP-U-LAR blog, MGG2SL. Plus the viewpoints and ramblings of other creative forces who will share with you too!
Jell: Bringing the best of the best in one place. If you want the truth...
Rosie: You can't handle the TRUTH! (oh god just what we've all been missing... more truth innuendo)
Jell: Then follow us over there & let us enlighten you. :)

In case you missed it: viva la REVOLUTION!

With lots love, hugs, kisses & snorts...
JellyBean Madison & Rosie Shark