Monday, April 30, 2007

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (Beefcake)

Project Open Letter

Cristiano Midnight asked for our help in this, and I agreed. Though I think LL is perfectly aware that their world is going to crap, with the amount of new residents daily, I’m not sure they care. Cristiano has written an open letter and is asking for resident support.

Project open letter was started after I read yet another open letter in a third party forum begging Linden Lab to fix myriad problems that have been going on daily for more than a year, in some cases extending years. Since Linden Lab had worked actively to cut off two way communication methods (the removal of the official discussion forums as well as restricting commenting on their blog), I knew a post on a third party site was not going to get any attention.

As I thought more about it, I realized that just because we no longer have a centralized place we can raise and discuss issues collectively does not mean that we do not have a voice. While an individual forum post may not draw much attention, the visibility of an open letter on a large number of SL web sites and blogs, along with locations in SL would at least help to get attention to the message. Whether it can bring about change remains to be seen, but the effort so far has been worthwhile.

On Monday, April 30th, the letter will be sent to Linden Lab, and will be posted on participating sites. The letter will remain for a yet to be determined amount of time, based upon the response received. It is not an effort to embarass or anger Linden Lab, who we do have a great amount of respect for. It is simply using the tools we have available to express ourselves collectively, since other outlets have been removed.

Ultimately, it comes down to wanting Second Life to survive and to flourish, not to continue to languish under current conditions. It is something that benefits all of us, and Linden Lab especially. It is much easier to retain customers when things work as promised.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this project, from helping to compose the letter (not an easy process by any means) to adding your signatures and including it on your sites. Your efforts have shown how important this is to you as well, and that makes it very gratifying. Special thanks to the Second Citizen forum members who actively participated in this process from conception, and to Vivianne Draper, whose original, sincere open letter provided the inspiration for this project.

Cristiano N. Diaz

Cristiano Midnight in Second Life

So check out when you have a chance please, and add your signature if you support what Cristiano & other SL residents are doing, which is to bring attention via external pressure on LL to fix the major problems of SL. Cnet already picked up on it and the SLH is carrying it in the morning, the MM is putting it in their Tuesday edition, and a bunch of other sites are including it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not so Stellar Shorts

I have to admit I do love new stuff from Stellar even if it is just the same skirts retextured with diff tops. I was so excited to see that Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs had made some frayed jean shorts. I mean my ND ones are so very old & worn out now that I'm surprised there's any material left to them after years of wear. Then of course there was that time with the gearshift knob accident. Sigh. Anywho... I went straight to Stellar all excited like after seeing the ad on bloglines.

First of all designers, please kindly display your *new* stuff in the front of your stores. It's very convenient for us crazy mad shopaholics. Theres nothing I hate more than thongs on men, than searching for new shit. It'll piss me off & I will im you, then you will either A. get frustrated with me or B. laugh at me. Either way, it puts a damper on me wanting to go back. It's so aggravating to swim thru a sea of old shit looking for new shit.

Anywho... I bought three pair and what I got wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. Though they look ab-fab in her ad pic, what she failed to snap was the shorts in motion with diff people's AOs. Oh yes... I present Exhibits A, B & C.

These are SD Denim Cutoffs - Dark Wash, SD Frayed Short Shorts 5, SD Frayed Short Shorts 6 in no particular order because well, that was too much like work. So anyways heres what I have... what appears to be a misplaced maxi pad sliding down my inner thigh, an entire triangle shaped mystery of missing material in middle pic, over creaminess mayhaps on the inner thigh again in last pic. I suppose if I were a good cowgirl, I'd be keeping my calves together and no one would notice but thats not how my AO rolls. So yah theres that, and the fact that I'm not a cowgirl at all. Hm.

The textures are awesome. All nice & denim-y. It's gotta be a bitch to make short shorts, because so often the insides of the thighs are so eep! I thought these would be different but sigh. *struggles to put back on the ND frayed shorts, sucking it in to button them*

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Rosie... Signed Drowning In Attention and More

Dear Rosie,

I like attention, I've always craved it. Yet, lately I feel that people are making too much of a big-to-do over me. I'm not talented, famous, or made any huge mark on SLociety. I am just me, and don't claim to be more than I am. Should I just accept this attention for what it is now? Or should I ask for some space?
Yours Truly... Drowning in Attention

Dear Drowning,

What needy, emotionally-malnourished, party-guy (or girl) doesn’t crave attention? I say: Attention… have at it! If it’s that people are making a big to-do over you, well then welcome that. Perhaps you’re someone who is worthy of the limelight. If people are expecting things of you that you feel are unfair or even intrusive, then step back. Alting can be a fun and stress free pursuit when that star shines too bright. Remember that the next time you want to be up front and honest with those around you. Food for thought


Dear Rosie-
I am so excited to hear that you are back! Welcome back! At first I was mad at you for leaving me to solve my issues on my own. I'm okay now, the judge says I'm up for probation soon.
Out in 3

Dear Out in 3,

My lawyer says I should return your mail unopened. Thanks for the support.


Dear Rosie,

Long time reader first time poster. I recently found out that a person who murdered my family is going to be released soon. I don't think that 3 years was a long enough sentence and I feel that I should take the law in my own hands. Sometimes if you want something done right you need to do it yourself. What do you think of my situation?
Thank you for your time

Dear Anonymous,

You are absolutely right. Sometimes if you want something done right you must do it yourself. Take that last letter I answered. A real go-getter. Saw something that needed to be done and acted on it! I say be brave. Take that step to fix what’s broken and you’ll find reward and satisfaction in the task being completed.


Dear Rosie,
I have no problems at all. That must be a problem, no? And if it's not, could you fix me up with one? O, and does JellyBean count as one?
Mr. Perfection

Dear Mr. Perfriggenfection,

I could fix you up with many… I have a buttload of em. But, yes, JellyBean does count as one. How complicated it must be being you. Fight the good fight!


Dear Rosie.
I hurt someone badly. Not physically but emotionally. I feel horrible about it & I have pushed him to get back with his estranged girlfriend. Even though I said for him to give it another go many times, I found it too hard to watch today. Should I disappear from the familiar places that we use to share? Should I attempt to ignore seeing them together? Or should I just become a social hermit? Please help me.
Broken-Hearted Heart-Breaker

Dear Breaker of stuff,

Aww emo kid don’t cry. Are you sad really for what you feel you must witness or is it sympathy pains for his estranged ex? Are you excited about the prospect that it will make him happy to know that it’s uncomfy for you to see them together? Live larger than slife and don’t be swayed or distracted from your goals. And remember one day soon, again, she will be finding it hard to visit those old familiar faces and watch him with another her.


Dear Rosie,
Dude, check this out aight. There is this girl that I like to get drunk. Shhhh(up) it isn't that bad. I like having sex with her. It's aight if we don't but its great when we do. Did I say great??? I MEAN AMAZING!!! She's a screamer and to hear her belt out in ecstasy is like a Prince concert. Music to my ears and it gets me so hot. I think we might have better sex when she is sober but I think she'd say no. What should I do?
Walking HardOn

Dear Hard,

Good times. You’re asking the question… looking for the right answer, but if you dig deep enough inside yourself I think you’ll find you have all the answers you need! Continue to find ways to get her drunk, of course. Bottoms Up!


Dear Rosie,

I am writing to you as my last hope.

I have met this wonderful woman. She is hotter than the Sahara, makes me sweatier than the rain forests, more breathless than the top of Mt Everest, and gives me more chills than Antarctica. But she doesn't even know I exist and she is already taken by another. How can I compete against someone who has all the looks, the taste, the talent? She rushes right past me when I am there. her gaze always slides past me to something beyond. Nothing I can do will change it. What can I do against the DEW?

Help me Rosie Shark-Cozie. You are my only hope.

Signed, Fizzled and flat

Dear Fizzled,

What can anyone do against the DEW?! We’re all just hapless victims to it’s guile and charm. The truth of the matter is you wonder about this rockstar who is riveting the attention of your true love. Be yourself. No amount of talent, taste, linden, and the ability to tweak a shape can compete with honesty and the power of saying something that will make her jaw drop. Make a stand! Declare your feelings for the world to see and watch in wonder as the pieces fall where they may. Happy Hunting!


A questionable advice column shrouded in mystery. Did the letters write themselves? Is it really riddled with inside jokes and venting that is cloaked behind fake anon names and trumped up emotional and romantical problems? I reply randomly and usually far after the requested advice is needed. My procrastination schedule is a busy one! On sale soon is the Dear Rosie Decoder Ring (available at pink). One ring to rule them all! Some content may not be suitable for all readers… if in serious emotional distress call someone who is a trained professional, not someone who just plays one in sl. You can play along at home by writing to or replying here in the comments section. Be sure that I will take all the time and care I need to answer your letters when I feel like it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh Snap! How to Spot a Female Impersonator

Laylah: I just don't know where to start with this one. I'll say that, overall you can tell a crossAVer by their body type. Men see women in a series of features as they differ from their own. Hair, tits, and hips.
JellyBean: Serious mental issues guys. Is it cause your mommy didn't hug you as much as you wanted?
Laylah: So, the easiest way to spot one is, obviously, to note these things. In the first picture you see the massive hips and the small waist. This is very common, as is the huge (and badly done) tattoo .. or are those panties? Either way, it's an overly fem icon, as if to say "Look at me, I am a pretty girl. I like butterflies."
JellyBean: Really I think the crossAVers just want to feel themselves up or look at themselves naked. I don't think in most cases it's to attract the opposite AV sex. If it is, ewww! you sickos.
Laylah: Real women do not feel the need to announce their gender in such garish ways. This person might as well be wearing a sign around their neck reading, "Hi, my name is Tom McFatass and I live in my mother's basement."

Laylah: As we travel up the body you will see just how small that waist is compared to the giant missiles attached to this person's chest. Now, far be it for me to tell you big boobs are bad, Hell, I'm known as 'Bewbs'... But the fact remains, these boobs are massively over sized and the curves aren't really curves at all; more like cliffs.
JellyBean: Cliffs? Are you kidding me? These are hot air balloons or air bags. Very very useful in case of a face plant into a sidewalk. They could possibly save his/her life.

Laylah: Lastly, we have the face. Usually square-jawed, as men don't pay too much attention to this. I wish it were simple enough as looking for an Adam's apple! Instead, we get the hair. Sometimes overly fem, usually just badly done. CrossAVers seem to be texture-blind when it comes to hair - at least this one is. Lets not forget the fact that the hair does not suit the face... and is badly aligned.
JellyBean: Do men ever line their hair up right? Nah, not really. I think it's more buy & wear - hope for the best for most. But yes, this very bad hair for a toothpick of an av with air bags & wide hips.

Oh, Snap!
An MG Blawg Post Series with Laylah & JellyBean. Two views on fashion, faces, and unfortunates combined into one general consensus.

SLunchtime Poll Results - Last Week (Hair Fair)

Yay! I remembered this week. Haha! Okay that may be hard to read. :/ Oh well, just click on it. :p

Friday, April 20, 2007

MGG2SL Review Policy

Ack! All the designers go on Vaca? Anywho, slow, as in turtle speed Fashion week. Okay by that I mean, no one released anything good. Wait, that's not entirely true. ETD did release new ab-fab hairstyles. Granted she waited til I only had 900L to release the four 200L each styles, evil Elika. Simply evil! Then of course Last Call released some stuff too. Thank you for making me poverty stricken. Thanks to you both I had to sell off a couple of my alts. I hope you feel good.

As for our review policy here at MGG2SL, since we do say we do fashion & all, I thought I should cover this. Well, we don't write puff pieces. If you need your ego rubbed & fluffed there are plenty of Frufru Fruity Style blogs out there for you to have your new design plastered all over with sticky sweetness dripping off the review page.

I'm not saying that we don't accept review copies... we also accept cash, all major credit cards, paypal, flowers, and chocolate. Just don't expect us to sugar-coat a review for you. It's not our thing. Review copies here will get an honest review with no fluffing.

For example: If you pass us a skin with the tatas looking sore & swollen or the whowho down right icky, we're gonna say so. Unlike other blogs, I have a huge issue with skin reviews. STOP COVERING THE GOODIES. If you want to do a review of makeup, just take a pic of your pixelated face. No need to full figure shoot the skin just to cover up the goodies (which so happen to be the most important features) with pics of happy faces or fruit! Seriously, what the hell is up with that?

Ok ok ok I digress. Let me restate, we accept review copies, if you are brave enough to pass them to us. Haha!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

EX PhileZ: Trust

Ok with the thought that everyone is someones ex, I have decided to start this little thing called "EX PhileZ" Where we discuss ex's and such problems and give ideas on how to deal with the issue of dealing with the ex. Be it yours their's or you as the ex.

Today I would like to talk about your currents ex and how to deal with any thing that may come up. Alright say that the person you are with has an ex that wants them back.. What do you do? Nothing!!!! You should be with that person because you trust them and there decisions. No, you don't have to trust anyone else around your current.. Most of sl is after someone.. Yes, you can be upset about it. If your upset then be upset, talk with your current and explain how you feel. Just don't start accusing anyone of anything until you have proof, don't even think about it.. That person is with you for a reason. Don't let the drama that sl can bring cause you to stress over what could probably be nothing at all. Just have fun and enjoy each day.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Technosexual boys make me “unf unf ung.”

I can't help it, I just can't. Something about the way they nudge their glasses up as they're bending over my overheating box, nimble fingers poised to seek and probe my ports. I love to download my software onto their hardware... and forcing them to overclock their poor defenseless CPUs just to keep up with me.

I've always had a thing for computer geeks... Listening to them talk shop makes me all creamy even though, most of the time I have no idea what they're talking about.

There's something so sexy about a guy who knows his way around a computer. For years geeks, dorks, and nerds were overlooked by females who considered them undesirable because of their obsessions with all things technological. It was a stigma be be considered smart or computer savvy. Ladies, let me tell you, you are making a huge mistake if you are discounting these guys on principle alone.

This is, of course, a generalization – all 'cliques' or labeled groups have their sub-groups and oddities.

I find that, as a whole, computer geeks really know how to research a subject. Just because they have never done it (whatever it may be *grins*) doesn't mean they haven't looked it up and figured it out already. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised if you give it a go – the curiosity and eagerness will more than make up for lack of experience! I mean, have you ever met a jock or pretty-boy who actually took the time to research the location of the g-spot? I sure haven't ... *grumbles*

So, the next time you call over the geek squad to take a look at your box... Don't hesitate to slip those glasses off, hop up on the desk, pull him over by that sexy ass tie and offer to play secretary. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.

....For god's sake, people - Comment! I won't bite!

Fan Male! (haha)

I read your articles and I love your sense of humor, they were ALL very entertaining and had me laughing hard (I’m still wiping the tear residue from my eyes). Keep up the great work! Oh, and yeah, post my nude pics next time =P



Congrats... It's a blue prim!

So like I was at Tringo yesterday & I hear a tummy talk. No problem, I muted it. Bleh, but then the “vitamin” she took spoke. So I muted that too. How much shit must I mute?! My mute list is full of talking tummies, babies, etc. I was thinking afterwards to myself, what is the point of getting knocked up in SL? Seriously, my kids drive me crazy in RL, why the hell would I invite that into my SL? Shit, why would anyone?

“Awww congrats you spit out a scripted prim with eyes out of your virtual whowho. I hope it didn’t detach your talking Xcite! clit on it’s way out! O.o” Personally I prefer to not think of my inventory as a uterus. *shrugs* But more like a closet for all my shit you wish you had. I find it ridiculous.

So here’s my theory… Women get knocked up in SL for one of three reasons.
  1. It’s proof that you put out & do the virtual nasty. Kinda like a virtual hickey with responsibility. “Woah! He must have potent particle sperm. Looket those babies swim!”
  2. Boredom. The novelty of something new. Eventually you will bore of your new toy, or get dumped. You can easily just stick your baby back into your invey. No biggy.
  3. There are some cases where sadly a woman cannot have children in RL, and they will act it out virtually. This peeve isn’t about those women. I feel for them truly.

There's been cases where I have seen a recently dumped & abandoned single SL mother try to sell off her slightly used prim baby just so she could afford to get her new clothes/hair/skin fix. Sad, sad, sad.

So many questions, not enough answers...

Who keeps the kid when the reship inevitably ends? Is there a custody court? Does the other parent get visitation? What about child support? Do you get monthly living expenses for prim milk or script maintenance?

What kind of bond do you really have with a prim baby? Is it the same like my bond with my ETD hair?

In Mother's of Prim Babies support groups is there a debate about what is better - breast feeding which I guess would be Xcite! feeding or bottle? If you Xcite! feed does your prim grow up with natural Xcite parts, no purchase necessary?

Is your prim child forever damaged mentally because it will never grow up? I mean you could mayhapsibly edit & stretch it til it's bigger but really, isn't it then just a stretched bigger version of a baby? Do you keep photos of the growing bundle of joy? Yet they all look the same, the only thing that has changed in the pics was your hair & your outfit and well, the guy with you might even change, but poor Jr. is in the same prim clothes that he was wearing in the last 20 pics, and by now I'm sure they smell of sour milk.

Do you have a folder for Jr. or is he thrown in with "objects" or in your "lost and found"? Kinda convenient though cause if you ever leave him somewhere you shouldn't... he will just be returned to you. No harm no foul.

I suppose I just don't get it or mayhapsibly I really do and the rest of ya'll don't. Help me, help you, help me understand the insanity.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hawt Pot: Women Touch Them and Why For?

You know that pot is hot… you’ve touched it before and felt the sting of the burn. What makes you think you can reach out now, yet again, and in the same way and get a different result? And, more importantly, do you really want a different result? From that pot?

You see it there… on the stove… steaming. The scent is wafting toward you and making your tummy all jumbly. You know what’s in the pot and that the last time you stood here in the same spot, considering the same hawt pot, you found what’s in it didn’t really live up to your expectations. It had no real substance and whatever it’s made of, you realized that pot has been double-dipped in. Do you really want something that has been double-dipped in? Ewwww.

Some people like to play with fire and steaming-hawt pots. Why would they? They know without a doubt that the last time they sampled that particlar brew it went all funny. Sure, it was tasty, hit the spot… but they found that it had no long term positive affects. Immediate satisfaction achieved, they couldn’t stop there. Why not? Why can’t you just say “well that was a tasty little treat” and “yay, now I know that the hawt pot can scald a finger”? And move on to other kitchen items that might not be so risky? But, nooooo. You continue to tempt the gods of fire, steam, and Salmonella and reach for it again as if unaware you are doing it. Who’re you gonna blame this time?

You want to know… why can’t I get more from this? Surely whatever is in that pot could bring longer-lasting fulfillment and well-being. Is that what you want? Are you sure? Think about it. If you’re willing to admit it to yourself, you know logically that this often sampled and popular fare won’t satisfy you. In reality, this upside-down version of the food pyramid lacks the sustenance you need to feel strong and healthy. Of course it makes you go “mmnmm” for the moment. In the long run, though, you’d do better just watching the pot—for a friend maybe--, stirring it for good measure, and passing the spoon.

That’s right, ladies, put the spoon down and step away from the stove! You have insisted for so long to do things the way you always have. But how’s that working for you? For clarification… the Hawt-Pot will burn. Duh! Just remember that though it may get tasted, tested, and raved about… it can get stale and cheesy and it will continue to give you flaming turds for a week after it’s consumed. Oh and gas. And that’s just soooo unladylike.

It’s an analogy, peeps, think it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Call me Capt. Obvious!

I have had way too much Iced French Vanilla Frappes this morning, so sue me. I'm hyper.

With Hair Fair this week, this amazes me. Gritty Kitty was not even involved with Hair Fair but spit out one of the hottest hat/hair combos to hit SL. Noam did a damn fine job on the New Gritty Kitty hat/hair combo (Gritty Kitty: Ministry & Zombie Dreads), but now that everyone & their mother owns it... I say let's draw straws. Everywhere I go, someone is wearing it. Yesterday I was at the Block (also known as the BBB) when a girl & a walking Block billboard guy stood next to me donning the newest do. Gah! Show of hands here... So who remmys being country before country was cool? Yah, s'what I thought. Shup!

It’s okay to be original & random. The hair is mod/copy & no trans, as with most of the hair in your folders. So why not tear it apart & add a new style to it? You don’t have to be a Gritty Kitty clone this week. I unlinked, relinked, tweaked & added my ETD Willis II - Pink Blackened style to the hat & relinked that bitch like nobody’s business. Ha!

Everyone take it off... I CALL THIS WEEK!

Oh Snap! How to Spot A Slut

Spotting a slut tip #1
Laylah: if you can fuck her without removing or re-arranging any clothing then she's probably a slut. Case in point - the slut-skirt. I don't see any panties.. and at that length I should be able to. She might as well be wearing kneepads for all the wear-and-tear she'll be getting.
JellyBean: Easy access is always perfect for a quickie in an alleyway, backseat, parking lot, trash dumpster, etc. etc.

Spotting a slut tip #2
Laylah: Ha - the kneepads. See, I told you. Slut. If the boots go over her knees, it's not a fashion statement.. it's to hide the scars from past rug burn and prevent future injuries.
JellyBean: Safety first! Especially in this lifestyle, one can't let them know she's not as sweet & innocent as she's trying to make herself out to be. This is where dark places come in play if she's asked to remove her boots.
Laylah: Notice the heavy hardware on these boots - That's to prevent kneepad slippage. Yeah, this one is strapped in and ready to go.

Spotting a slut tip #3
Laylah: See these lips? 9 times out of 10 sluts will have the textbook 'face you want to fuck.' Those full lips are bred in from slut generation to slut generation, humans adapt to their surroundings. Blow job lips are a necessity in the slut lifestyle. Who wants to get head from a bitch that's all teeth? These bee stung pillows of flesh are easily pulled in and over the teeth to keep your blow jobs all tongue-and-sucking.

Spotting a slut tip #4
Laylah: The Tramp Stamp (tm)! is the lower back tattoo. Might as well be a bullseye. If you're lucky it'll tell you just how easy she is. Words like "Slut" "Whore" or "Free" are good ones. Don't be put-off if the tattoo says something like "Daddy" or "Innocent" though, the Tramp Stamp (tm) has and will always mean she's a slut, regardless of what it says.
JellyBean: If it's in a foreign language, just assume it says "Cum here". You'll probably be right.

Laylah: It's really too bad that SL doesn't give you diseases. Someone should make a free copy/trans skin with herpes around those BJ lips... Or crack pipe scars. Then we could give them out to the whores.Or draw meat curtains hanging down their legs. Prim meat curtain attachments for SL porn stars! You know those bitches aren't tight. Just jumping from pose ball to pose ball with every Tom, (Dick), and Harry.

Oh, Snap!
An MG Blawg Post Series with Laylah & JellyBean.
Two views on fashion, faces, and unfortunates combined into one general consensus.

Mean Is Not Synonymous With Heartless.

Quoted from Jelly's 'Do' list is one very small but VERY important DO:

"Take into consideration that the people you encounter are REAL people playing just like yourself and can be affected by you and what you say/do."

Now, to most people this is common sense. To others, unfortunately, not so much.

So, I log in to SL last night and do my usual rounds of 'hello, hi how are you's and I get a reply from “B” saying 'not very good.' We get to talking and she finally spills – someone, someone who said she was a friend, got mad at B and told her that she hoped her cancer kills her.

Let me say that again, because the sheer stupidity bares repeating: “I HOPE YOUR CANCER KILLS YOU.”

What. The. Fuck? Would you say something like this to someone, face to face? Would you have the testicular fortitude to stand there and watch that someone's heart break and know it was your fault? We're talking about a RL person here, a special unique snowflake of special unique specialness, etc... Not some NPC (Non-Player Character, for the non-nerds). I have watched a few blogs and have seen this happen to quite a few people... It's just not acceptable.

Just because you aren't face to face to see the devastation you have created doesn't mean it isn't just wrecking someone's feelings. To the person who did this, and all people who have done this, you should be damn ashamed of yourselves! Would you say something like that in front of your mother? No – cause if she was a good mother she'd have whooped your ass for shit like this.

As stated above, mean is not synonymous with heartless. As a “Mean Girl” I sometimes wonder what, exactly, that implies. Do people think I am a heartless cunt simply because I am honest? Well, honestly, I couldn't care less because the people who DO matter to me already know the truth.

I'm just a gooey-centered pushover and it literally brings me to tears to see people treat one another this way. Try and remember that there is a real person on the other side of that AV and treat them the way you'd want to be treated.

Now, if you're a weird emotional masochist and like having your RL shortcomings, health problems, or drama thrown in your face by some soulless cunt online who has no conscience, no empathy, and no fucking MANNERS... Then, by all means, feel free to continue.

And now, a funny/informative flash about cancer! Don't be panic!

Cancer Has Become the Number One Killer Disease

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DOs & DON'Ts - Take Deux

Spinning off of my Duffle-bagging post, I have for you some DOs & DON'Ts for SL. You would think most of this is common sense, but nah, it's not because if it were, why would I need to say it? Yah, that's what I thought. This list is compiled from a friends list survey. What does that mean Jell? Well, it means, it's not just my opinion, DUH! Let's start with the DOs...

  • Guys wear a shirt - just because you walk around with one off, doesn't mean we're compelled to strip ours off to join you. Yes, we know you think your skin is teh awesome.
  • Be random. Nobody likes a clone.
  • Make friends - you can never have too many.
  • Play Tringo (haha)
  • Say "Hello" to strangers. Yah, be aloha bitches!
  • Organize your inventory. Cleanliness is next to Lindeniness
  • Be respectful.
  • Try and figure things out for yourself. There are a ton of facts and FAQ's on the website.
  • Clean up after yourself. (seriously build a prim and leave it at my house, I'll punch your mom in the head & bleed you).
  • Be helpful when possible.
  • Take into consideration that the people you encounter are REAL people playing just like yourself and can be affected by you and what you say/do.
  • Expect to have to buy Lindens (at some point) otherwise you're going to look like a tard.
  • Dress in Transformer AV's and have sex in public on a dance club - how often do you get to see Optimus prime fuck Megatron?
  • Try and make something. SL is special because it's content is user created, and everyone's first try was bad. You can and will get better.
  • Nooblets: Spend the first 3 months traveling around.
  • Buy shoes before drama.
  • Ask advice.
  • Turn off your talking tummies - I don't give a shit that you're expecting a prim with eyes, much less do I wanna hear how a script says you're feeling.
  • Detach Xcite parts or you may become a victim of my Highlighted Transparent Bits post.
  • wear pants...pants are good. Certain attachments worn over pants are not.
  • Click peoples Xcite shit in a club for no reason. If they didn't want you to poke their jibblies, they'd take 'em off.
  • Take screenshots of peoples weird discolored prim balls.
  • Overly use obnoxious gestures. Seriously as a noob, grabbing all the free gestures you can should not be priority over skin & hair. DUH doofus.
  • Wear bling.
  • Ask RL stuffies within minutes of meeting someone.
  • Be insanely quiet. We *will* talk about you & make shit up.
  • Talk to Black Summers.
  • Open an IM to an escort. (sorry Dancer)
  • Buy land from anyone claiming they're doing you a "favor".
  • Build a lagtastic casino anywhere near Krius or he'll shoot you in the face.
  • Open an IM to a male escort.
  • Offer friendship without saying "hello" or anything first, ever!
  • Shoot random people in a non-combat zone.
  • Have noobtatstic sex right in public on a dance club.
  • Just walk into someone's house, just because it's land and you can get in doesn't mean you're supposed to.
  • Be afraid to try new things. You might like being a Gorean Furry Ageplayin' Bukkake Thug...probably not though. Especially if there's bling.
  • Hold SL above RL.
  • Expect sex.
  • Be afraid to be yourself.
  • Beg for money - You can always play tringo :p
  • Lie about yourself, because you may end up regretting it.
  • Nooblets: stop at the first nice place you find.
  • Let your inventory get out of control.
  • Be an asshole - SL is full of them, no need for too many over-achievers.
  • Be a dramite - but it's okay to laugh at other people's drama. Rofl. Fooking Spoon Carriers!
  • Be a braggart - No one cares if you won the SLdrama award.
  • Particle spam!
  • Type out the lyrics to a song that's playing. It makes you a candidate for face stabbin.
This is just a short list. I'm sure there's more to proper casual SL etiquette, but well, it's possible that I didn't catch it in this post. Feel free to add your two Ls in comments if you think I missed something.


SLunchtime Poll Results (last week)

Friends Aren't Like Underwear.. You Don't Change Them Daily!

Hey Guys and Gals..

PetMe Petunia is back with YET another point of view and "Pet" opinion:).
Sorry i was away for a bit but RL always gets preferential treatment with me and my GOOD Friends know that and respect it.. cause most of them feel the exact same way :)
Sooo, my
over exagerated opinion today will be about Online Friendships and what <> separates them from RL Friendships:)

When I 1st thought about this I wondered where I'd get my info from? There's alotta info out there on "Friendship" but I wanted a more personal point of view, so I went to some ppl that I know and love and most of all have worked thru some stuff with .. Guess what? We all came out Winners and closer than ever before..
I asked them all for "their" meaning of Friendship and with their permission they said:

Brandi Basset: Friendship is like a relationship without sex... you have to have understanding, honesty, and someone you can always depend on when times are bad

JellyBean Madison: Friend
ship is never having to say "you're bored" or "I'm sorry", sharing common interests, trust, thru hard times & creating better times

Yoyo Maginot: Friendship means that we can work thru differences we about anything to each other.. be there thru any situation that one may go thru until it passes and still end up together.

Fookk Yue: Friendship is like, you've got people who you want to spend all your time with cause they make you feel great and you're having fun no matter what you're doing. and you've got people who you'd give your life for, and you know they'd do the same.

Kitty Kearny: Someone is my friend whom I trust completely and are truly loyal to me. My friend would never judge me even when I am wrong (and forgive me when I am) and no matter if I am laughing or crying they make time to include me. My friends are where I KNOW I can go and just be quiet if I want to or be silly if I want to and everything is alright.

Psyke Phaeton: Friendship never ends

Tweeze Tyne: Friendship is... an old ragged comfy couch. Nobody understands the couch the same way YOU do. You've lost change in it, you've vaccuumed crumbs out from it, and even found long lost things from underneath it. And most people would rather you just toss the couch out. But, you can't. It so comfortable, you come home and sit in it, and it wraps itself around you, and whispers "welcome home".

Those are just a few of the beautiful comments made by some of the most beautiful ppl I've met in Second Life.. I guess the question " What IS Friendship?" can mean many different things to ppl.

Personally My definition of Friendship is " NOT preventing someone from falling <> but always being there to help them up:). I can't always expect my friends to do things MY w
ay .

Being online for the past 8 years has taught me how to make new friends but most importantly how to KEEP friends. Do I drop old friends when things are boring and go searching for new friends? NO.. Would I do that irl? NO.. How long would it take for "my friends" to figure out Im just using them for a good time until i got bored? For most of us there is NO difference between between online and real life friendships, except the activities that are available.. the Feelings are the same..

Ok.. So maybe this post isn't MG material but my point here is " We ALL have Feelings and No One wants to be considered " Disposable". So by all means .. Make New Friends, but Cherish the Old.. Or you may find Yourself standing ALONE in the Cold!

PetMe Petunia :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

No! No! No! *wacks you with newspaper*

It's come to my urgent attention that duffle-bagging in SL is becoming an epidemic! Eep! No! Do not! What seriously possesses you men to expand that crotch slider to Freakish Idaho Potato size?! It could possibly be that ya'll just don't look at your AVs like we do. Hey, it's possible.

Keep in mind men, that unlike us women, without the pen0r attachment, we know you look like a Ken doll under there. By making it bigger than well, ya know, we're seriously not impressed but more along the lines of grossed out.

If you are not sure what it should be set on, look around & ask guys that look "normal". Don't be shy, I mean this is your crotch & you really don't want to be the bulge of all the jokes, do you?

Random Comments on the Subject:

Gillian Waldman: FFS, what is that exactly? O.o

Nimil Blackflag: LOL someone's dufflebagging

Trinitee Trilam: zOMG I couldn't agree more on how much against this slider I am. me thinks they might be compensating for something lacking in RL? perhaps? haha

Brace Coral: holy crap... I'm scarred for LIFE!! *sobs!*

Krius Misfit: LOL, isn't that too high for a CAWK? Maybe it's just a goiter, or he has a raging case of genital warts. STD's are no laughing matter ladies!

Please don't make Brace cry, keep the bulge to a minimum, and as Krius said "
STD's are no laughing matter." So try keeping it in your pants.

This has been another public service announcement from JellyBean Madison.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

In the eyes of Others

Why is it that so many people actually care about what others think of them? Does it make a difference? When it comes down to it, isn't it what you feel about yourself that is most important? And yet we have all at one time or another cared about how others see us and perceive us. I have since become tired of it and have chosen to only care about what a select few think of me. Those few know me and they know who I am and what I'm about. Those that don't and have an opinion of me shouldn't matter. I know it's hard to deal with, other people saying things that aren't true, people having there opinions about you as a person, but come on.. they don't really know you now do they? They don't know the inner workings that are you or even what your about. So of course they are going to form there own opinion because they are not special enough to try and get to know you before the judge who you are. Each person is unique and should not be judged until you have gotten to know them.

I wonder if we all took up the idea that we should get to know someone before we say things about them if the drama would end? Well probably not lol but the fact is at least we would have backup to say what we do about others. Instead of the a conversation going "did you hear about this person doing this" *other person* "no way how do you know" *1st person again* "on well such and such told me" gee there's a lot of information there O.o

That brings up another thing though.. If someone says something and yes they are right but you get ticked off about it, then what does that say about you? If it's true but you don't like it, then change that about yourself.. Yes change is hard, Everyone knows that! But obviously you don't like it or else you wouldn't get upset about it.. So change it and make yourself a better person! If you like that about yourself then you wouldn't get so bent now would you?.. Hmmm

Just some food for thought. Those that do know you won't listen, and those that don't, won't care.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Tringo & the Beast!

*Begin Tringo Rant*

It's bad enough that over 2 years ago Kermitt Quirk invented a highly addictive gaming alternative in SL known as Tringo. I am one of these so-called Tringo Sluts. Recently released T2 is taking over & shaking the Tringo community. Feelings are mixed on this new twisted version that just so happens to be the drug of choice at the moment. Though it is one fubar'd version in my opinion, I find myself drawn in to it. Too many pieces, too many rounds, too fast, too many fucked up pieces & still full of cheap bastards. This ranting & raving though has nothing to do with how much I hate the new T2 though. Oh no, this is about the on going issues since the first version was released...

Greedy Bastards & Cheap Fucks
Yuck! Just yuck! How can people live with themselves? With Tringo comes greed. Yucky word, I know huh. I may be a Tringo slut but I still play for the fun of the game, not the pot. The pot can be a nice bonus, but trust me it's not my source of income. For others such as Bri Koolhaas, Black Summers (and his multi-alts) & Zen Golding, that lack talent doing anything else, Tringo pots are very important. The tringo Check.. its like SS for those who never had a real job. In fact, you will rarely see them at smaller potted games. Well, you may not see Zen at all as he has been banned from almost every Tringo place in SL and he is no longer look-up-able. Not only do they like to win big (guessing they use the Linden win to supplement their food stamps) but they rarely re-pot.

A couple weeks ago at Pay-To-Play Tringo (a weapon used solely to combat the douche bags) Bri did the math, I didn't know he had it in him. *color me shocked in pink* He thought that the return amount was shorted by 10L. Oh mah gawd! No way! Shut up! A whole 10L?!! Turns out he was wrong, but still... How can people get off making a stink over how much the pot should be? Especially when you're CHEAP!?! Amazing! Absolutely amazing. He also made a point of letting us know he put in 40%. Kudos! Hope that % math was better than the add-back math. :O

I could go on & on forever about how much this makes me want to punch their mothers in the face, but I won't. It's like one of those things you just have to deal with in life. Not everyone can be an asshole, thank goodness for over achievers!

*End Tringo Rant*