Monday, April 16, 2007

Congrats... It's a blue prim!

So like I was at Tringo yesterday & I hear a tummy talk. No problem, I muted it. Bleh, but then the “vitamin” she took spoke. So I muted that too. How much shit must I mute?! My mute list is full of talking tummies, babies, etc. I was thinking afterwards to myself, what is the point of getting knocked up in SL? Seriously, my kids drive me crazy in RL, why the hell would I invite that into my SL? Shit, why would anyone?

“Awww congrats you spit out a scripted prim with eyes out of your virtual whowho. I hope it didn’t detach your talking Xcite! clit on it’s way out! O.o” Personally I prefer to not think of my inventory as a uterus. *shrugs* But more like a closet for all my shit you wish you had. I find it ridiculous.

So here’s my theory… Women get knocked up in SL for one of three reasons.
  1. It’s proof that you put out & do the virtual nasty. Kinda like a virtual hickey with responsibility. “Woah! He must have potent particle sperm. Looket those babies swim!”
  2. Boredom. The novelty of something new. Eventually you will bore of your new toy, or get dumped. You can easily just stick your baby back into your invey. No biggy.
  3. There are some cases where sadly a woman cannot have children in RL, and they will act it out virtually. This peeve isn’t about those women. I feel for them truly.

There's been cases where I have seen a recently dumped & abandoned single SL mother try to sell off her slightly used prim baby just so she could afford to get her new clothes/hair/skin fix. Sad, sad, sad.

So many questions, not enough answers...

Who keeps the kid when the reship inevitably ends? Is there a custody court? Does the other parent get visitation? What about child support? Do you get monthly living expenses for prim milk or script maintenance?

What kind of bond do you really have with a prim baby? Is it the same like my bond with my ETD hair?

In Mother's of Prim Babies support groups is there a debate about what is better - breast feeding which I guess would be Xcite! feeding or bottle? If you Xcite! feed does your prim grow up with natural Xcite parts, no purchase necessary?

Is your prim child forever damaged mentally because it will never grow up? I mean you could mayhapsibly edit & stretch it til it's bigger but really, isn't it then just a stretched bigger version of a baby? Do you keep photos of the growing bundle of joy? Yet they all look the same, the only thing that has changed in the pics was your hair & your outfit and well, the guy with you might even change, but poor Jr. is in the same prim clothes that he was wearing in the last 20 pics, and by now I'm sure they smell of sour milk.

Do you have a folder for Jr. or is he thrown in with "objects" or in your "lost and found"? Kinda convenient though cause if you ever leave him somewhere you shouldn't... he will just be returned to you. No harm no foul.

I suppose I just don't get it or mayhapsibly I really do and the rest of ya'll don't. Help me, help you, help me understand the insanity.


Ann said...

Hmmm, that first picture looks oddly familiar... lol

Seriously though, do you think the father was one of those big-eyed, big-foreheaded aliens that are always running around probing people? 'Cause that kid sure as hell doesn't look human...even SL human. O.o

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Haha! Thanks for leading me to the pic. Rosie was slightly confused as why my opinion was being wasted over on my blog. So it was "born" over here. Rofl.
That baby scares the jeepers outta me. :/