Monday, April 16, 2007

Technosexual boys make me “unf unf ung.”

I can't help it, I just can't. Something about the way they nudge their glasses up as they're bending over my overheating box, nimble fingers poised to seek and probe my ports. I love to download my software onto their hardware... and forcing them to overclock their poor defenseless CPUs just to keep up with me.

I've always had a thing for computer geeks... Listening to them talk shop makes me all creamy even though, most of the time I have no idea what they're talking about.

There's something so sexy about a guy who knows his way around a computer. For years geeks, dorks, and nerds were overlooked by females who considered them undesirable because of their obsessions with all things technological. It was a stigma be be considered smart or computer savvy. Ladies, let me tell you, you are making a huge mistake if you are discounting these guys on principle alone.

This is, of course, a generalization – all 'cliques' or labeled groups have their sub-groups and oddities.

I find that, as a whole, computer geeks really know how to research a subject. Just because they have never done it (whatever it may be *grins*) doesn't mean they haven't looked it up and figured it out already. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised if you give it a go – the curiosity and eagerness will more than make up for lack of experience! I mean, have you ever met a jock or pretty-boy who actually took the time to research the location of the g-spot? I sure haven't ... *grumbles*

So, the next time you call over the geek squad to take a look at your box... Don't hesitate to slip those glasses off, hop up on the desk, pull him over by that sexy ass tie and offer to play secretary. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.

....For god's sake, people - Comment! I won't bite!


Rosie said...

Oh yessss Laylah I know what u mean about the techno babble that can really get u going!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I am opposed! Haha! I need me a manly man! One that doesn't make my poor pink head hurt when he talks. Techie is a whole other language to me, like Korean. Please dumb it down just a lil for Jell. kkthnx :p

A. Burgess said...

The geeks thank you, Laylah. And Jellybean, we're smart enough to dumb it down for you too, sweetie. You may never know you're talking to a geek in wolf's clothing.

Laylah said...

It's not really so much *WHAT* they are saying, but rather *HOW* they say it. They talk about technology with such passion - like playboys talk about how they gently caressed some whore the previous night. They really dig in there, search, find out.. It's intense and very, very hot.

Jells: Some 'geeks' are very manly. You don't understand car-talk do you? I understand it a bit and it still gets me all squishy when some guy is talking about his car. Like I said, it's not what, it's how.

A.Burgess: The geeks may thank me with donated/spare computer components. Please send emails to for my PO box. Thanks!


Silent Sonnet said...


Rosie: *cheers*

Jells: Geeks are men, too! Yeah, have your mainly man try to "man up" and submit to taking his computer to a geek. Real manly now when he can fix the sink, but he can't fix tainted software ;). Geeks are well versed in utilizing software to get the job done. See if your mainly man can fix your website, Jells... Well?

a. Burgess: Amen.

Lays: A yes, what geek couldn't adore the wildest, fastest, liquid-cooled laptop ever! But lets face it, you've always had it in for the technosexual. Maybe I should bring my old uniform with me. Fantasy maybe? Alright!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Haha... umm website still not fixed. :p kidding!
Nah, not gonna change my mind, I'm not into technosexual. I can car talk with the best of them, I'm into mechanics, just not geeks. My man wouldn't take the computer in, he'd wait til I did it. Rofl