Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mean Is Not Synonymous With Heartless.

Quoted from Jelly's 'Do' list is one very small but VERY important DO:

"Take into consideration that the people you encounter are REAL people playing just like yourself and can be affected by you and what you say/do."

Now, to most people this is common sense. To others, unfortunately, not so much.

So, I log in to SL last night and do my usual rounds of 'hello, hi how are you's and I get a reply from “B” saying 'not very good.' We get to talking and she finally spills – someone, someone who said she was a friend, got mad at B and told her that she hoped her cancer kills her.

Let me say that again, because the sheer stupidity bares repeating: “I HOPE YOUR CANCER KILLS YOU.”

What. The. Fuck? Would you say something like this to someone, face to face? Would you have the testicular fortitude to stand there and watch that someone's heart break and know it was your fault? We're talking about a RL person here, a special unique snowflake of special unique specialness, etc... Not some NPC (Non-Player Character, for the non-nerds). I have watched a few blogs and have seen this happen to quite a few people... It's just not acceptable.

Just because you aren't face to face to see the devastation you have created doesn't mean it isn't just wrecking someone's feelings. To the person who did this, and all people who have done this, you should be damn ashamed of yourselves! Would you say something like that in front of your mother? No – cause if she was a good mother she'd have whooped your ass for shit like this.

As stated above, mean is not synonymous with heartless. As a “Mean Girl” I sometimes wonder what, exactly, that implies. Do people think I am a heartless cunt simply because I am honest? Well, honestly, I couldn't care less because the people who DO matter to me already know the truth.

I'm just a gooey-centered pushover and it literally brings me to tears to see people treat one another this way. Try and remember that there is a real person on the other side of that AV and treat them the way you'd want to be treated.

Now, if you're a weird emotional masochist and like having your RL shortcomings, health problems, or drama thrown in your face by some soulless cunt online who has no conscience, no empathy, and no fucking MANNERS... Then, by all means, feel free to continue.

And now, a funny/informative flash about cancer! Don't be panic!

Cancer Has Become the Number One Killer Disease

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♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

OMG! I can't believe that some people can be so insensitive. Seriously! Telling an emo kid to go get a happy pill prescrip is bad too, but hey, I've been known to do it. There's a diff between wishing someone ill will & helping. Gah!