Thursday, April 19, 2007

EX PhileZ: Trust

Ok with the thought that everyone is someones ex, I have decided to start this little thing called "EX PhileZ" Where we discuss ex's and such problems and give ideas on how to deal with the issue of dealing with the ex. Be it yours their's or you as the ex.

Today I would like to talk about your currents ex and how to deal with any thing that may come up. Alright say that the person you are with has an ex that wants them back.. What do you do? Nothing!!!! You should be with that person because you trust them and there decisions. No, you don't have to trust anyone else around your current.. Most of sl is after someone.. Yes, you can be upset about it. If your upset then be upset, talk with your current and explain how you feel. Just don't start accusing anyone of anything until you have proof, don't even think about it.. That person is with you for a reason. Don't let the drama that sl can bring cause you to stress over what could probably be nothing at all. Just have fun and enjoy each day.

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