Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friends Aren't Like Underwear.. You Don't Change Them Daily!

Hey Guys and Gals..

PetMe Petunia is back with YET another point of view and "Pet" opinion:).
Sorry i was away for a bit but RL always gets preferential treatment with me and my GOOD Friends know that and respect it.. cause most of them feel the exact same way :)
Sooo, my
over exagerated opinion today will be about Online Friendships and what <> separates them from RL Friendships:)

When I 1st thought about this I wondered where I'd get my info from? There's alotta info out there on "Friendship" but I wanted a more personal point of view, so I went to some ppl that I know and love and most of all have worked thru some stuff with .. Guess what? We all came out Winners and closer than ever before..
I asked them all for "their" meaning of Friendship and with their permission they said:

Brandi Basset: Friendship is like a relationship without sex... you have to have understanding, honesty, and someone you can always depend on when times are bad

JellyBean Madison: Friend
ship is never having to say "you're bored" or "I'm sorry", sharing common interests, trust, thru hard times & creating better times

Yoyo Maginot: Friendship means that we can work thru differences we have..talk about anything to each other.. be there thru any situation that one may go thru until it passes and still end up together.

Fookk Yue: Friendship is like, you've got people who you want to spend all your time with cause they make you feel great and you're having fun no matter what you're doing. and you've got people who you'd give your life for, and you know they'd do the same.

Kitty Kearny: Someone is my friend whom I trust completely and are truly loyal to me. My friend would never judge me even when I am wrong (and forgive me when I am) and no matter if I am laughing or crying they make time to include me. My friends are where I KNOW I can go and just be quiet if I want to or be silly if I want to and everything is alright.

Psyke Phaeton: Friendship never ends

Tweeze Tyne: Friendship is... an old ragged comfy couch. Nobody understands the couch the same way YOU do. You've lost change in it, you've vaccuumed crumbs out from it, and even found long lost things from underneath it. And most people would rather you just toss the couch out. But, you can't. It so comfortable, you come home and sit in it, and it wraps itself around you, and whispers "welcome home".

Those are just a few of the beautiful comments made by some of the most beautiful ppl I've met in Second Life.. I guess the question " What IS Friendship?" can mean many different things to ppl.

Personally My definition of Friendship is " NOT preventing someone from falling <> but always being there to help them up:). I can't always expect my friends to do things MY w
ay .

Being online for the past 8 years has taught me how to make new friends but most importantly how to KEEP friends. Do I drop old friends when things are boring and go searching for new friends? NO.. Would I do that irl? NO.. How long would it take for "my friends" to figure out Im just using them for a good time until i got bored? For most of us there is NO difference between between online and real life friendships, except the activities that are available.. the Feelings are the same..

Ok.. So maybe this post isn't MG material but my point here is " We ALL have Feelings and No One wants to be considered " Disposable". So by all means .. Make New Friends, but Cherish the Old.. Or you may find Yourself standing ALONE in the Cold!

PetMe Petunia :)

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Tiana Meriman said...

great article, the last paragraph is so true.