Monday, April 9, 2007

No! No! No! *wacks you with newspaper*

It's come to my urgent attention that duffle-bagging in SL is becoming an epidemic! Eep! No! Do not! What seriously possesses you men to expand that crotch slider to Freakish Idaho Potato size?! It could possibly be that ya'll just don't look at your AVs like we do. Hey, it's possible.

Keep in mind men, that unlike us women, without the pen0r attachment, we know you look like a Ken doll under there. By making it bigger than well, ya know, we're seriously not impressed but more along the lines of grossed out.

If you are not sure what it should be set on, look around & ask guys that look "normal". Don't be shy, I mean this is your crotch & you really don't want to be the bulge of all the jokes, do you?

Random Comments on the Subject:

Gillian Waldman: FFS, what is that exactly? O.o

Nimil Blackflag: LOL someone's dufflebagging

Trinitee Trilam: zOMG I couldn't agree more on how much against this slider I am. me thinks they might be compensating for something lacking in RL? perhaps? haha

Brace Coral: holy crap... I'm scarred for LIFE!! *sobs!*

Krius Misfit: LOL, isn't that too high for a CAWK? Maybe it's just a goiter, or he has a raging case of genital warts. STD's are no laughing matter ladies!

Please don't make Brace cry, keep the bulge to a minimum, and as Krius said "
STD's are no laughing matter." So try keeping it in your pants.

This has been another public service announcement from JellyBean Madison.


Nimil said...

*gasp!* i have been quoted by the jellybean!

Gillian Waldman said...

ROFL. It's fooking hideous isn't it? Good one, Jelly! Find us more people to laugh and point at ;)

myg said...

Well thank GOD somebody finally stood up and said something about this hellish trend of outrageous genital aggrandizement among the males of SL. I mean don't these dummies realize they look they're carrying a diaper load of dookie up front? This piece is going to save countless dudes a lot of dateless nights. Good work Jellybean!

Nex Brannan said...

The life of the migrant mango smuggler is a harsh and ofttimes bitter one. "Mushies" as they're known within the looseknit fruit pantsing community, are often ridiculed and ostracized.

"Dude, wtf r u lookin at my shit 4?!?" said D3thk1ll@h when approached about the topic.