Monday, April 2, 2007

Tringo & the Beast!

*Begin Tringo Rant*

It's bad enough that over 2 years ago Kermitt Quirk invented a highly addictive gaming alternative in SL known as Tringo. I am one of these so-called Tringo Sluts. Recently released T2 is taking over & shaking the Tringo community. Feelings are mixed on this new twisted version that just so happens to be the drug of choice at the moment. Though it is one fubar'd version in my opinion, I find myself drawn in to it. Too many pieces, too many rounds, too fast, too many fucked up pieces & still full of cheap bastards. This ranting & raving though has nothing to do with how much I hate the new T2 though. Oh no, this is about the on going issues since the first version was released...

Greedy Bastards & Cheap Fucks
Yuck! Just yuck! How can people live with themselves? With Tringo comes greed. Yucky word, I know huh. I may be a Tringo slut but I still play for the fun of the game, not the pot. The pot can be a nice bonus, but trust me it's not my source of income. For others such as Bri Koolhaas, Black Summers (and his multi-alts) & Zen Golding, that lack talent doing anything else, Tringo pots are very important. The tringo Check.. its like SS for those who never had a real job. In fact, you will rarely see them at smaller potted games. Well, you may not see Zen at all as he has been banned from almost every Tringo place in SL and he is no longer look-up-able. Not only do they like to win big (guessing they use the Linden win to supplement their food stamps) but they rarely re-pot.

A couple weeks ago at Pay-To-Play Tringo (a weapon used solely to combat the douche bags) Bri did the math, I didn't know he had it in him. *color me shocked in pink* He thought that the return amount was shorted by 10L. Oh mah gawd! No way! Shut up! A whole 10L?!! Turns out he was wrong, but still... How can people get off making a stink over how much the pot should be? Especially when you're CHEAP!?! Amazing! Absolutely amazing. He also made a point of letting us know he put in 40%. Kudos! Hope that % math was better than the add-back math. :O

I could go on & on forever about how much this makes me want to punch their mothers in the face, but I won't. It's like one of those things you just have to deal with in life. Not everyone can be an asshole, thank goodness for over achievers!

*End Tringo Rant*

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