Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not so Stellar Shorts

I have to admit I do love new stuff from Stellar even if it is just the same skirts retextured with diff tops. I was so excited to see that Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs had made some frayed jean shorts. I mean my ND ones are so very old & worn out now that I'm surprised there's any material left to them after years of wear. Then of course there was that time with the gearshift knob accident. Sigh. Anywho... I went straight to Stellar all excited like after seeing the ad on bloglines.

First of all designers, please kindly display your *new* stuff in the front of your stores. It's very convenient for us crazy mad shopaholics. Theres nothing I hate more than thongs on men, than searching for new shit. It'll piss me off & I will im you, then you will either A. get frustrated with me or B. laugh at me. Either way, it puts a damper on me wanting to go back. It's so aggravating to swim thru a sea of old shit looking for new shit.

Anywho... I bought three pair and what I got wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. Though they look ab-fab in her ad pic, what she failed to snap was the shorts in motion with diff people's AOs. Oh yes... I present Exhibits A, B & C.

These are SD Denim Cutoffs - Dark Wash, SD Frayed Short Shorts 5, SD Frayed Short Shorts 6 in no particular order because well, that was too much like work. So anyways heres what I have... what appears to be a misplaced maxi pad sliding down my inner thigh, an entire triangle shaped mystery of missing material in middle pic, over creaminess mayhaps on the inner thigh again in last pic. I suppose if I were a good cowgirl, I'd be keeping my calves together and no one would notice but thats not how my AO rolls. So yah theres that, and the fact that I'm not a cowgirl at all. Hm.

The textures are awesome. All nice & denim-y. It's gotta be a bitch to make short shorts, because so often the insides of the thighs are so eep! I thought these would be different but sigh. *struggles to put back on the ND frayed shorts, sucking it in to button them*


Tiana Meriman said...

"First of all designers, please kindly display your *new* stuff in the front of your stores"

and i'm sorry to hear the pants arent all they were supose to be XD i see that often though, seems like designers round the corners a bit sometimes in some hard to see places.

Tenshi Vielle said...

Usually this is more guilt of the template, not the designer themselves, but a good designer will taper the shorts upward in an effort to avoid the smearing.

Six Kennedy said...

Re: the comment that stellar stuff is the same skirts over and over.. i beg to differ on that. I own almost all of the Clothes from stellar designs and her skirts are probably my favorite in all of sl. She has the hot mini flexi-s down to a science, and they are always different textures, different belts, different designs and different lenghts and styles of the actual prims. I way dig em!! Most of the times when i buy outfits from other designers i end up using the shirt but defaulting back to one of lexi's skirts because of how well they look. Just lil pennies :P

Sugarr said...

Spotted your link to Sasy's plurk, just wanted to put in a good word for League's booty shorts. They are my go to short shorts and cheap in a sixpack of colors for like 500l. You get blue, black, light washed, purple, green and so on. Actually now that I think about it i think it's more than six colors. Anyway, they rock imho. Hoping you get comments mailed to you so you see this. :D