Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Neato Mulligans: Vehicle Edition

In the real world - things that are considered 'classic' never really fall out of style. Normally there is a small group of enthusiasts which keep the spirit of the classic alive. English teachers keep classics like The Adventures of Huck Finn and Romeo and Juliet going strong while movie buffs recommend classic films like The Count of Monte Cristo or Gone With the Wind allow such 'outdated' flicks to still be sought after and loved by even younger viewers.

The same doesn't ring true in Second Life. Though SL could easily be considered an infant among online games - trends have already come and gone in our realm that we very easily call 'classic'. Like scripts in the asset server many of these things have become lost to many of us among droves of boxes in YadNi's Junkyard among other freebie places.

Do any 'older' (not necessarily wiser) residents still whip out any classic items? Most likely not. With the overwhelming rate of content creation (compared to just two years ago) many of these things have just gone .. well .. away. Do I think these things should be widely loved, adored, or even viewable? Not really, but I do think they deserve some recognition. If nothing else they should be revisited - like a fond memory - instead of avoided like the plague.

I hope in the next few posts to cover things that most new residents probably won't know about - and things I wish I could see again. I'll call it Neato Mulligans (Mulligan being a golf term for 'do-over')SL Cars

Alright so everyone and their brother has a Shadow - but what ever happened to these beauties in Dosojin built by ahkenatan Grommet? In my opinion this was the first vintage, retro, 50s styled sim in SL. There might have been others, but if there were they didn't stand out like this place did. akenatan had a diner, old 50s style gas pumps, classic cars .. the whole package was here in this sim and it was just fun to explore! The cars were all prim work - all the way down to the engine. You couldn't drive them but they were simply amazing to look at!

I realize and understand that every one's idea and taste of/in art differs greatly from person to person, but as people of the same community why is it that so many lack appreciation for prim work? It isn't always about who's the biggest badass in Maya or Photoshop - sometimes the best art is that which seems so simple. Like all those cars that akenatan built. Sure, to the outsider they're just cars. Who gives a rip, right? But some of those cars were well over 160 prims and were fully prims! They were sculptures! Instead of having that huge muscled handstand statue in front of your house ... why did no one have a Delorean?

As a matter of fact I loved that sim sooo much that its one of the first places I took Bebop when we were SL dating.

And why do I never see noobs zooming around on the penis hover board .. or any hover board for that matter? Are hover bikes, boards and flying teacups now a joy that SLers no longer experience?! If so, what started this downward spiral of such vile hatred of hysterical laughter and random hilarity?

SL Vehicles: Classics or Extinct? I'd like to know. How many folks have these prim art pieces hidden in their inventory? How many people have all kinds of fun vehicles that they never use just because you get a +5 Pantie Drop skill for whipping out the Shadow as apposed to the prim equivalent of a Plymouth Fury?

Maybe I'm just old. Perhaps I just miss the days of racing my friends around sims in the most god awful vehicles on the grid. We actually had people that built dentist chairs we could fly, toilets that shot out particles that looked like poo, pigs that engulfed your entire screen with pink particle clouds, and bouncing cows. Where's all this fun gone?!


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I still whip out my bouncing cow (and the one that has been converted into a monkey). You're right though, my inventory is full of classics that I haven't whipped out in forever. :)

Anonymous said...

I still have a penis hoverbike and dancing cow! My favorite classic item though is the watermelon shooter. I give it to all my noob friends. :)

Anonymous said...

ahkenatan Grommet has a place next to my shop in Epoine... :)

I don't have an exact URL for it but if you walk out by my waterfall you can see it.


Tara Kinsella said...

I have my hover board and my pig, and my motorcycle which is impossible to drive! They make the occasional appearance now and then. Usually when teleports are acting up and you cant get anywhere, I'll pass them out and everyone will go cruising around the Sim crashing into things. Its a good laugh and most people have never seen them.

Dinee Ghia said...

does anyone remember the bloo jetpack from about 2 years ago that linden gave out? I still have mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow does that bring back the memories! I am actually in the process of bringing back the fifties town on my sim called (suprise) Primouth. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see someone remembers that old town. Thanks for the compliments!