Friday, January 18, 2008

Fashionista Test

The term fashionista gets bandied around a lot. Apparently even I am meant to be one. But what does it mean? Well... Don't ask me, I haven't got a bloody clue. My guess would be they are people that transcend from the mere excitable shopper, to be omniscient beings, knowledgeable in all that is fashion, light shining from their elegantly clad bottoms.

I don't believe them though. I reckon that most of the 'fashionistas' couldn't tell their arse from Armidi. Oh and now I'm going to try and prove it!

It's a simple little quiz, tiz all. Look at all the purty pictures and answer the questions. Easy huh?
Well sort of, I'd like to point out that aside from (more) fame and glory there is no prize. Although I should mention we're the second most read blog after the Linden one (which has less nudity so why read it?). There will be a lovely leaderboard posting after the closing date. It would be oh so tragic to not have your name on it, no? Unless it's at the bottom *snickers*

In the above photo, from left to right obviously, tell me what shop they came from

The two black dresses, the green dress (don't worry about the tights or boots) and the two outfits made up from two separate items from two separate shops (Am I making this difficult?)

Simple one, name the boots from left to right.

Skins next, there are FAR too many on the grid here is a umm selection. Simply jot down the shop again BUT.. Extra clever person bonus points if you name the exact name and shade (Ooooo)

Hair now, we only want the shop here.

And you're done. Those are all the important questions out the way. Too easy? Don't worry, cos we dreamed up a couple of bonus rounds for you. These are a bonus part of the quiz, you don't have to answer them. But muchos kudos to those that do.

In the first picture we have clothing from yesteryear. These are items from the very mists of time. From the time when people would scream and cry and berate you for wearing prim hair (which on the whole looked shit) and bling was actually quite exciting and sexy. Quick note you only need to name the boots in the right hand picture.

And finally we have the 'we know you're all sluts with kajira alts who crawl around on the floor licking boot heels' section. BDSM and slutting done in style. But can you name them?
You have one week from this post (Friday 25th for those too lazy to count) to get your answers in, send them in a notecard named with your name to Kitty Lalonde c/o The Freak Factory, Essex.

G'luck y'all!


Daman Tenk said...

I can name one of the hair sets and think I recognise one of the boots.

Do I get bonus points for being a guy?

Kitty Lalonde said...

Hmmmm... Are you naked?

Anonymous said...

Gahhhh this makes even baby jeebus cry when trying to answer the questions...LOL

Cierra Theriac said...

I fail. I can do 2 boots and a 2 hairs. I might be able to do a couple of the skins if I zoomed in on them. Guess no fashionista status for me. Oddly enough, this doesn't bother me one bit.

On a side note - if you throw out surf boards and asked me name the designers - that I could do (I think, lol)

Daman Tenk said...

"Are you naked?"

I can be ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually could name all but 1 of the boots, most of the outfits, dresses, & hair. Only 2 of the skins tho. I'm not a huge skin buyer.

I don't think I'm eligible for this contest anyways.

I am naked tho. ;-)

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...


I'm gonna go with Guen's answer & say "I don't think I'm eligible for this contest anyways." Which is not a tote cop-out for me only knowing 5 out of 6 boots.

Nyah Nyah! :p

Kitty Lalonde said...

Actually the only people 'not eligible' for this contest is me and Tie who devised the whole thing. (Plus if I said no mean girls can enter then Rosie would cry)

Rosie said...

Not one notecard filled with correct answers sent to Kitty yet? I win by default? :P

Willis said...

oh CRAPSTICKS, how the fuck did I miss this post?! LOL