Friday, January 25, 2008

Allowing Comments: A Mean Girls Policy

Some time back we turned off anonymous commenting for our blog posts. Though there was a specific post and reason for the decision at the time, we had conveniently decided to leave it off and just “forget” to turn it back on. There were many reasons for this decision. Anyone anywhere reading any blog has seen the drama trapeze act that comes a lot of times from anonymous commenting. I follow some of them too, sometimes with my mouth agape at the faux confidence and self-righteousness of people who are clearly so sure of themselves, and the importance of their message, that they feel no need to cloud the issue by stating who they are. Many times watching some blog post or other (an opinion stated or shared) turn into something truly ugly or seeing that the drivel in the comments section becomes the main show while the post itself is deferred to merely background noise.

Just as I feel that it is the right of anyone to write a blog stating their opinions or views whether or not they are the correct ones, I also feel that it is the right of anyone to be able to argue your point, defend yourself… discuss, debate. I’ve seen posts come and go… everything truly outrageous that’s gotten your feathers ruffled is usually a forgotten event within a couple of months, weeks even. I’ve watched publicly the confusion and anxiety caused over a post gone wrong in the comments section. I’ve seen policies implemented in some fashion blogs that require a blogger to disclose their personal knowledge of the content creator being reviewed at the end of their post just so that no one else gets their panties in a wad over any “alleged” favortism. Someone reviewing something a friend made? OMG, the outrage! Is that nepotism? Please. If you’ll notice, even some of the blogs content creators themselves maintain to let people know about their new releases no longer accept comments. Period. Why? Well, because there are disgruntled, angsty people everywhere. Some with an axe to grind or latent emotional issues due to not being breast-fed who are still looking for attention… no matter how they come by it. And thanks to them, you can no longer tell your favorite designer in a comment how much you love their latest release.

I’ve had several discussions with my cohorts regarding comments. Although we don’t all like the idea of anonymous commenting (myself included!), for the most part we agree that we’d like to go back to a more open format for anyone to share their views. Because Sharing is Caring! That being said, we are not therapists and comment section content that requires serious mental evaluation will not be allowed. Quite simply, only one of us is a trained professional and it would be irresponsible to allow you to put your care in our hands :)Think of us as the Dr. Phils of SL, doing what we can for the Brittany’s out there without making a single linden in the process.

Besides, everyone already knows that I’m a 68 year-old man who weighs 550lbs and lives in his mother’s basement. So there won’t be any need for you to point that out ~anonymously~ in a comment when you disagree with my stated opinion in a post.

To simplify, we are allowing anonymous comments until we decide not to either for a single post or indefinitely. Inappropriate, deranged, misogynistic comments that cross a line, will not be allowed. Try Gor for that. So choose your words wisely. If you’d like to share, discuss, or debate… you are welcome! Now, Bring it!


Kitty Lalonde said...

OMG Is that you Brian? It's me! Chuck!

You remember we met at the 'sad lonely retired truckers convention'?

I was the one wearing the shirt that said 'Looks like a needle, goes like a sewing machine'.

How's your mum?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the reasons for disallowing anonymous comments - it's your blog, after all! And I do agree with you about the tediousness of trying to look impartial - this isn't politics, after all. However not every reader has a blog or wants to invent a consistent nickname, so allowing anonymous comments does help them. Good luck with your policy!

Anonymous said...

ummmm...i love the mean girls...and i am *not* afraid to say it.

brought to you by the "mean girls for president" committee. i am chestnut rau and i paid for and support this comment.

Anonymous said...

So, this is what it feels like to be anonymous, trippy. No wonder so many people join the federal witness protection program, it's not too shabby. By posting comments anonymously, I can do so without even having to get dressed first. Heck, I could probably even go without bathing, since no one will know it's me. Though I suppose now everyone will just start referring to me as Anonymous #3. I hate labels!

Well, that's it, no real point to this comment, just being anonymous. Oh, I'd like to give a shout out to all the hot anonymous ladies out there - just the way I like 'em: anonymous. w00t ^5!

Miriam Woyseck said...

Inappropriate, deranged, misogynistic comments that cross a line, will not be allowed. Try Gor for that.

Just wanted to express unanonymous love for that statement.

Anonymous said...

*proudly wears her "I <3 MGG2SL" shirt* You all rock! :o)

Anonymous said...

I've never been anonymous before. Did I spell it right? I am usually a glory hound and want everyone to know it is me. Thank you for giving me chance to try something new.

This feels weird.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Hahahaha! I love you guys!

Great post Rosie!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I really liked your post. Very interesting. You girls rock.

Nat said...

Well, I'm glad you've turned anonymous commenting back on. Not because I want to be anonymous here, but as cool as you girls are, I'm not signing up for a Blogger account just to comment to you! :p

-Nat Paderborn

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posts are for ballsacks and people that get mad when girls pose with their BF's who aren't their girlfriends (I'm still laughing out loud over that shite).
I can see where they can be useful if you don't stand behind whatever it is you say or do.