Sunday, January 20, 2008

You blog it!

Rosie & I are kinda dicking around with the similar subject of annoyance.

Anyone remmy the 1920's Antique Headress last week from Chapeau tres Mignon? How could you forget it? It was saturated all over the fashion feed. Every fashion blogger that it was given to blogged it from what I can tell.

I was given it too. By the way, have you noticed that I really don't have a personal review policy anymore, nor does MGG2SL? It's because everyday there is a new fashion twat blog etc for SL that does all the work for me/us. Why work harder when you can work smarter? The big differences between me & most, see I said most, other fashion blogs is that:

  1. This is not a fashion blog per se
  2. I have an opinion
  3. It has to meet *my* standards of happifications to end up blogged by me

What does that mean Jelly? Well it means that if a designer gives me something they don't know if I'll blog it or not. Unlike some fash bloggers like AnaLu. Don't get me wrong, Ana is a great person & she is great with Photoshop, but she rarely, and I mean like almost never gives an opinion. Do you like that ensemble? Hate it? Why? What do you like/hate about it? Is it detailed?

I know I sound hypocritical here because every once in a while I do a Jelly's Closet on my personal blog and I don't feel I need to post an opinion. The reason for that is because if I am wearing it, that means I love it. Period. Also I never call it a review. If that doesn't clue you in that I "like &/or love" what I am blogging, seek professional help from Capt Obvious. kkthnx

Don't most designers have their own blogs? What about the What's New in SecondLife blog? Is there really a reason why the fashion feed has to be saturated with the same item on different avatars? 900 copies of the Antique headdress were given out? Okay mayhaps it wasn't 900 but jeepers! Who is buying it when it was given out to so many people? Do I really need to see how it looks on Ana, Sai, Gillian, and a handful of others?

So this post ends up with more questions than answers. Mayhaps it's just me on a ventage cycle but my gawd people if you want to call yourself a fashionista, a fashion blog, or person with good taste, at least have a fucking opinion.

Oh yes, opinions. That really gets me. If you are going to call your post a review, actually say something. Really. If you're just doing a fashion post, kay then... but a review you would think would require you to have an opinion! Don't be afraid to have a little credibility, okay so a designer could pass you up next time if you actually give an honest less than savory review, but imagine that you could actually be known as an honest blogger with some kind of credit. Not just the blogger that blogs EVERYTHING!

Remmy the good ole'days where fashionistas would find us things that weren't ALL new releases? I do! I do!

Discuss (i.e Slam me here....)


Sai Pennell said...

Hmm.... I try to give feedback and point out things that could be better and stuff like that, but most of the time, I'm only blogging it because I really like it.

I understand the fact that it can be annoying to see the same thing on various people, but I personally don't mind. I mean, seeing other people's blog posts, I get to see what other people have done with it. With that headband, for example, I liked seeing which hair people chose to wear with it, because I had such a difficult time finding a good one.

I think AnaLu is different than other bloggers because she does tons of "new" things, so instead of reading her blog for reviews, I always turn to her blog when I'm looking for something new and fresh. That is good in its own way.

Though, I don't consider myself to be a fashionista... just a dorky girl in SL who blogs interesting things ^^

TeenaB said...

I personally couldnt agree more... and today for the first time i saw an actual review....

It was by Fashion Labyrinth on the DD skins a decent review loved it!!

More people should be less afraid to actually say their opions on things vs showing what they think we all want to hear and see.

Shenandoah Saintlouis said...

I've seen that chapeau a lot of times, and personally I think it sucks, I would never buy it or even wear it.
It's matter of personal taste???And it's way overblogged by the people you mentioned before.
The thing is, designers give their stuff to bloggers because they know it will be blogged, once 1 review is done, the rest follows.
OMG we're sheep (cheap).
Thanks for making a point here!

Anonymous said...

I tend to review stuff on my personal blog from time to time for my own sake, which is why I don't have 5 million fashion posts on mine. There's plenty of other blogs who do that already.

I can understand giving out review copies to certain people whom you -know- will blog it, but giving it out to the extreme as this piece was is severe oversaturation. OYE!

Kewl post, Jelly!

Dorra Debs said...

The used to follow a lot of the fashion blogs. Not anymore... I just go to the Fashion Planet feed and look to see if anything interests me. If something looks interesting then I click on the blog. So many of them have the same items. Makes me wonder if they are just blogging what they got as a review copy and not really doing any shopping themselves. I relly dont care if they give their opinion or not as I can make up my own mind from the

Sherpa said...

This hits on issues I've had myself. As a freebie blogger, I'm limited anyway but sometimes I'll go for a week without blogging because I don't want to repeat what everyone else is doing. However, I have been reminded by some of my readers that not everyone is reading the blog off the fashion feed. For some people,if I don't blog it, they don't see it. Also I don't really give opinions that are negative because a)it's free, just say thank you b)I only wear and blog what I like or at least high quality.I don't think we are doing ourselves, our readers or the designers any favors by blogging freebies that are 'throwaways' There was actually a situation earlier where someone was giving away a freebie that everyone blogged about and I thought was hideous. I didn't blog it, because why would I go through the trouble of posing,photographing and blogging something, only to dis it?

Alyssum Therian said...


Zbornak said...

Your posts suck so bad that I usually read them when I need to vacuum my apartment.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

@Sai - I do enjoy reading your blog that I have it on Bloglines, not just thru Fash Feed.

@the rest of you- High5!

@Zbornak - Kay!

Annyka Bekkers said...

Every Friday, every newspaper in the country publishes movie reviews of the same big movies. Should they stop doing it because every other paper is reviewing the same movies?

Should I, when I have a new release, only send a review copy out to one single blogger so that I don't run the risk of annoying the reading public who are forced to look at my products more than once? Who should I send that one review copy to?

What if I have a new release, and some obscure Khazakstani blogger with all of 17 readers gets it and is the first to blog it. Is that it for me? Does that mean now nobody else is allowed to blog it and my new release is doomed to die in obscurity?

This multibloggery is a dreadfully serious problem. Because we are FORCED to read each and every fashion blog, and seeing the same thing twice could cause hemmorhaging or something awful. We need to all band together and find a serious solution to this horrible problem.

Emme said...

I think lately part of the problem has been that there are SO MANY fashion bloggers out there now, not calling any particular people out but basically I can't even tell who's blog is called this and how they are slightly different from each other.

There's just an over saturation of blogs on the feed, I'd really prefer a feed with maybe just designers on it announcing their new items.

@Annyka- when a movie does come out, there aren't 4 or 5 reviews in one newspaper for the same movie, that's kinda how I feel the Fashion Feed has become like.

pia said...

I think fashion bloggers succumb to peer pressure. If everyone but me isn't noticing that the neckline sux, sux, sux, then it isn't really a problem, right? And lookie, yet other incredibly bad tribute to a dress someone saw in Vogue 3 years ago! OMGSqueee! We have to lurrve it because it's Real Fashion!!(tm)

Secondly, you've got to have a seriously stiff spine to deal with designers, some of whom *will* melt down because you said "I love everything but X". If a designer gets hysterical because my review wasn't 100% positive, chances that I'll ever review anything else by that designer rapidly approaches zero. It's a fast way to sort the professionally behaved designers from the angst queens/kings. Just say one little negative thing and see what happens!

Like a lot of other people here, I'm of the opinion that life is to short to blog about bad clothes. But yes, it is helpful to have an opinion on said clothes other than "squee".

Ana Lutetia said...

Different people have different opinions...
When I read fashion blogs I don't look for the bloggers opinion because if an item is being blogged is because it is good or the blogger likes it. Then on I need to know how many colours there are and what do I get when I buy it.
If I was going to write a fully opinion article (like I do in, not fashion related though) people would have to get a translator because my English is not that good and I would write in Portuguese. But Tao told me that he only wants blogs written in English in the feeds...

Grace Winnfield said...

I think that lack of blogging means the item was not liked by that blogger... I send my stuff to alot of fashion bloggers and VERY rarely do i get reviews... to me that means they probably didnt like it or liked something else even better. The only issue i have is seeing the same designers blogged consistently and no new content. I would love to see smaller designer lines blogged... there definitely are fashion designers out there who are unknowns with excellent material who are not as well known as Callie Cline, and Shai and the rest.... (no offense guys I adore your stuff!) I just am constantly looking for better... OH and what peeves me off is when i see a well known designer blogged just because they are well known and then i go buy the outfit because it looks good in the photo and the Prim attachments are awful! That annoys me to no end. (doesnt happen very often, but when it does... ack) Blog it because it is good or dont blog it at all... I dont think we need to go slamming designers work in an open forum but give credit where it is due, and dont blog it if it isnt due..... JMHO!

alf said...

Hi girls. Im a portuguese blogger for about 4 years, same as Ana. Sometime last year we came to SL and we started our own blogs, sl-related. Ana's evolved for fashion issues, so she started to write on Geta (, the first portuguese blog about SL. She does give her opinions, so if you be so kind as not waste your time deciding how fashion blogs *should* be edited (im sure there are a lot of them with a lot of opinions) and read our blog, you will find Anas opinions there. You cant read in portuguese, temos pena. E a inveja é uma coisa mesmo feia...

Cat Magellan

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

@ alf Iway owknay ouyay areway utbay atwhay amway Iway? Honk! Honk!

*I'm uber mature* :D

Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Tastes come in all varieties, thank goodness. :) When I look up Ana's blog, it's just because I love her personal taste, and because her recommendations make sense to me. Oh, I could spare the time spent looking at her blog; usually, she drops landmarks on my head, and that always works for me.

I really don't need to know on which issue of Vogue that particular dress was copied from; or if Britney Spears used something similar in lime green in 2003; or if "the sculpties are tailored to a perfect fit, and the Photoshopping was extremely well done on those highlights".

What counts for me is that she liked it, she placed a picture about it, and that picture is the recommendation. That's what I expect from her blog — good recommendations. Very likely, what she admires on an outfit is not what I do — but I usually tend to agree on her picks, and the way she's always alert to novelties from lesser known designers.

In fact, it's the same reason why I browse through Vogue once in a while (even if it's an old 2004 edition ;) ) — just to look at their pictures and ideas. I'm not exactly interested in high intellectual content when looking at the outfits!

Really, when I want to discuss philosophy, politics, religion, or even fashion with Ana, I just drop her an IM... she's always eager to talk back for a while, and seems to have time for everybody. Or, as commented before, I can read her other blogs elsewhere.

I mean, it might be a bit strange (or perhaps I am a strange person...), but I don't browse through fashion blogs (or fashion magazines for that matter) in search of intellectual opinions. Perhaps that's why I like the Japanese blogs on fashion: if they're giving out opinions, I don't understand them ;) But I understand what I like, and I know how to click on a SLURL to get what I want :) And that's all I need to know really...

Rowan Carroll said...

I agree with Grace about the small time shops getting blogged.
I am a small time shop. I hardly ever get blogged. I stopped really giving out the review packs, because it was alot of work and no one every really paid attention.
I would LOVE some honest reviews of my stuff. I mean, I get notecards and ims from people all the time, love your shoes! But the fashion planet feed can really get a person down, when release after release is ignored. It's a glass ceiling in SL. I'm just about tired of bumping my head against it.
I can see the same thing blogged about on 14 other blogs, when the FashCon notices of new stuff caps my ims almost daily!
Give us a try! We might surprise you!

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

The thing is that a year ago, there was mayhapsibly 5 fashion blogs & sometimes you would end up seeing the same new releases 5 times but it was rare. There was a code, like we all knew that if there was a new Canimal release, Willow would be blogging it. It was like an unspoken rule between all of us. Hey guess what, *I* was a fash blogger, I use to write for Appearance Mode. Hah! Okay no one remmys that, but it's true.

I guess these days there are just too many fashion blogs. If you really think about it there are more fashion blogs then there are great places in SL blogs (like dinee Ghia), podcast roundups (like Crap Mariner) or Live musical stuffs (like Chestnut Rau). Fashion is big business in SL and any one with a blog can do it. Too me it takes more than that to make a good fashion blog. I require more than just pics, and SLURLS.

You don't have to agree with me. That's not the point here. The point is that the Fashion Feed is like one boring commercial now and there are better ways to go about getting your fashion fix without relying on the feed. Oh wait, I think the actual point is to "discuss". Yes, the point is to discuss freely how you feel about it. Disagree or agree, every one has some opinion and is rightly entitled to it. Just like me! So nyah!

Tary Allen said...

I agree there are a lot of fashion blogs, actually I do browse fashion feed now and then and its enough for me. But when I'm looking at fashion blogs I just want to see the clothes, the slurls and the price. I don't care about an opinion or review, I like the outfit or I don´t. Ana Lutecia is a blogger with an incredible good taste and she does amazing photos and that's pretty much what i need to know about clothes.

Rosie said...

*shrugs* I don't define "taste" as having the foresight to use good lighting and post pictures of yourself in styles that were handed to you.

However, if I were a content creator, I'd give my review copies to Ana too.

Leilah Nishi said...

If your trouble is with the Fashion feed, why dissing out AnaLu? It's not her fault that there are so many fashion blogs saying the same.
I agree that there are too many fashion blogs nowadays and they all seem the same, but that's just their creators' fault - they're the ones who must find a style, a personality (if you like) for their blog. Ana is very professional about her posts and gives the necessary information - where to buy and what you get for your money. That's it. If it's on her blog, it's worth a peek. But that's just my .02$.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

"If your trouble is with the Fashion feed, why dissing out AnaLu? It's not her fault that there are so many fashion blogs saying the same."

Did I diss Ana? No, I don't think I did. In fact I said "Don't get me wrong, Ana is a great person & she is great with Photoshop..." So please do not try to stir my post in a dissing matter. kkthnx.