Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where Are They Now?

SLebrity Nooz...
Here it is the end of January 2008. No better time to start with some new feature article, right? Introducing this one, by me! Yay!
Ever wonder what happened to your favorite SLebrities, blogs, pawp-u-lar stuffs? Some had long careers before fading into oblivion, while others seemed like they didn't get their full 15 minutes. But we still loved them. I went on a quest to find out 'Where Are They Now?'

*Light Waves (Starax Statosky)*
The creator of the infamous Starax Magic Wand returned to SL a while back under a new name, Light Waves. Even keeping a low profile, people could not sit back & gaze upon his work without figuring out who he really was. He is still doing stuff for SL and currently working on a Rezzable project. It's all sculpties these days and so he doesn't really need to log into SL to build until he is working his magic putting his art up for us to "awww" at.

*Willow Zander (Fashion Blogger)*
Most know that Willow took an SL hiatus to hang out in RL for a bit finding out how awesome it can be. She recently gave birth in RL to a beautiful baby & has slowly but surely worked her way back into SL on occasion. I asked her if she would continue her WTF Is Willis Wearing series and she says, "Part of me reaaally misses blogging, but part of me doesn't. The drama was not fun, and soooo many people are "fashion bloggers" now." I couldn't agree more.

*Brutal Honesty (SL Blog)*
Last year we saw this blog come & shortly there after... GO. Though many are completely happy that it's gone (including me), it leaves us with questions. It appears that the sole purpose of it's creation was to be a public pot stirring, spoon carrying, SL rag that grabbed a lot of attention for awhile. In fact there was a huge anon following. Just as well. After the huge scandal of the alt cover up, it went dormant. You would think that in order to maintain the "story" of not being alts and their innocence, that they would have continued 'business as usual'. Just sayin.

*turk DaSilva (Notorious Bad Boy/Player)*
Depending on the circles you ran with, you may remmy good ole' turk. The outspoken, hard ass, uber flirtacious, female pawp-u-lar bad boy. So where is he now? Well, in his own words... "I disappeared because my real life became to overwhelming. Moved states, impregnated 2 women neither of which was the one I'm dating. I don't know if I'll ever be back. Sl is not conducive to me making money. I fucking MISS tringo. And, next for me will probably be some random woman killing me because I told her "I love you" followed by the wrong name. Name tags should be mandatory."

More to come on our favorite & some not so favorite, but pawp-u-lar spotlight absentees... Stay tuned.


iskandra said...

Funny, I thought exactly the same thing about "Brutal Honesty". Including why the heck it seemed to be on holiday at the same time as the blog of those, um, accused of being the mains.

Alyx Sands

Nat Paderborn said...

The "Brutal Honesty" flap was fun while it lasted (man, I went through so much popcorn reading those comments!), but the fact they let it die pretty much confirms everyone's suspicions about them, and thus renders them lame. Shame, really.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun read. I am an SLMeanGirls fan. I really enjoy your posts. : )

rightasrain said...

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Lots of other great builders as well as the famous Jimmy Thomson who created the Crimson Shadow build.

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