Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where Oh Where Has Our Dear Orchid Gone?

I'm wearing purple in mourning because our beloved Orchid seems to have vanished without a trace. Even on her own blog her posts have become less frequent. Should we send out a search party?

Come back to us, Orchid!!! WE MISS YOU!!!


♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

*sniffles* I miss her purpleness. :'(

Rosie said...

I miss Big Mike :O

Wrath Paine said...

I bet Kitty took her. At least, I like to think they are together somewhere... private..alone.. ahem, sorry, what were we talking about?

Orchid said...

Sorry Guen and the other 3 people that miss me.

Things got busy at the holiday and I'm only just starting to make my 'rounds again.

i have a post brewing - give me a day or two ;)