Friday, January 11, 2008

"Deception" & Friends :)

Rosie Shark: afk
JellyBean Madison: kk
(few minutes later... )
JellyBean Madison: pssst
JellyBean Madison: Rosie
JellyBean Madison: pssst Rosie
Rosie Shark: lol hmm?
JellyBean Madison: look at my feet

So I did what any rational, totally normal, totally justified friend would do (I can only take so much ya know). I knocked her down! And ripped those totally gorgeous-just-had-to-have boots off her snide lil feet! Yeahhhh she may look tough, but I whoop'd her ass!

Then I gave them back cuz she pulled my hair and I like broke a nail. Ok, so my face is a little messed up, but you should see the other guy!

Boots: "Deception" Sinistyle (released now!)
Skin: "Busted Ho" 1313 Mocking Bird Lane (release coming soon?)
Hair: "Angel II" Armidi
Dress: "Jersey Pullover Set" Cake
Photosphere: Kyoot Army HQ


Dreamer said...

didja rly break a nail Doc? :-P

Cierra Theriac said...

Nice thing about SL, just hafta "take off" and "wear". Good as new :D

Kitty O'Toole said...

Laughing my socks off at this,so funny and completely true! They are indeed rather gorgeous boots:)