Saturday, January 5, 2008

Portraits of SL Assholes, Special MGG2SL Edition

Apparently I'm inspired to get off my ass and write since my induction to MGG2SL. And I must say, It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite-to-produce blogging features, Portraits of SL Assholes. Today's topic? Asshole Ghettopreneurs Who Spam Designer Groups in order to Promote Their Very Low Quality Garbage. It's a mouthful, I know. But here's the deal.

I recently got hooked on freebie surfing, and joined a number of my favorite designers' groups so I could score some holiday cheer. And wow what a haul this season - especially in the skins category. I know you're following the free skin frenzy, I won't blog it here. But it never fails, does it? Some asshole must capitalize on the attention of the good guys who are giving away quality stuff. So, today SL Asshole of the Moment spams a designer group with the following:

[13:28] Asshole: beautifull skin + 4 make-up + 1 shape to 499 L here Island/..... and skins from 50 L (only creation not fullperm !)

Now, given the quality of the text alone you knew it was a scam. I can smell an SL asshole from 10 sims away, so of course I opportunistically TP'd to the scene immediately and found bedlam.

All kindsa pissed off folks standing around, not rezzing, hair up the ass, every manner of catastrophe known to vanity. That and the fact, of course, that the store is filled with tacky garbage that even the newest noobs should steer clear of.

The group IMs continued in a flurry (all chat transcripts edited for conciseness and humor, read at your own risk:)
[13:31] Random Av: Is that [designer's name here] skin?????
[13:35] Designer Group Rep: No it is not and that person has now been ejected.
[13:37] Another Random Av: what is it ?
[13:38] And Another Random Av: I think its a spam
[13:39] Random French-speaking Av: mdr les skins sont horribles
[13:40] Random Av: ow ok:)
[13:41] Random French-speaking Av: beurkkkkkk

I couldn't agree more. Meanwhile, at the shop in question, the following ensues:

[13:35] Myg: this store sickens me
[13:35] Different Random Av: what is this?
[13:35] Myg: it's shit, that's what
[13:35] Another Different Random Av: this shop is crqp
[13:35] Another Different Random Av:: crap
[13:36] Myg: way to abuse another designers group to promote your own low quality shit
[13:37] Myg: say cheese
[13:37] Designer Group Rep: Well you have been ejected from the group, you don't go around spamming your products on other peoples groups. It's unethical.
[13:39] Myg: can everybody pose here close to [SL Asshole in question's name] like we're about to group stone her please?
[13:39] Totally Different Av: lol
[13:42] Totally Different Av: place is a train wreck
[13:42] Totally Different Av: ;/
[13:42] Myg: sheesh old enough to know better - your in SL almost a year and pulling that kinda bullshit?
[13:42] Myg: for shame

Mind you, the asshole in question didn't respond, not a word, gesture, tp out, nothing at all, not to any of us. She was doing stuff, but ignoring the whole scene. Smarter than I would normally give credit for, I am sure. But that doesn't make her (him, most likely - see AWNM, type 3 would be my guess) any less an Asshole for trolling the designer's group in such a way.

Myg out.


♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

I've seen a few of those going around. Often spamming their own stores or their websites. They usually get ejected soon after but DAMN! Make your own fashion group instead of ruining it for us.

Good job, Myg!

A. Burgess said...

Whoo boy, this is not a good time to get on Myg's shit list. *makes note to self: better... get... breakfast... upstairs pronto.

Traci Yiyuan said...

please please PLEASE IM me next time you go to bring brutal justice to one of these guys... :)

Traci Yiyuan

A. Burgess said...

"[13:41] Random French-speaking Av: beurkkkkkk"

Is that actual transcript? I so want to know what that means 'coz it is making me laugh. My lame translation only gets me "butterkkkkk," and that makes no sense.

Traci Yiyuan said...

Laughs... I could be wrong, I don't speak French, but I think that was a noise corresponding to a bodily function, and therefore not requiring translation... Traci.. :)

ryepdx said...

LOL. Y'know, it's probably some 12 year old kid who doesn't know any better. I used to pull the same kinda' shite when I was 12. Had no idea it annoyed people. My brain apparently hadn't developed enough yet. But I caused enough scenes like the one you described that I eventually learned. :-D

crotchomrax said...

wow, you guys need a life, seriously.

whew, sadness to the ultimate... you all probably will never hold down a real job.