Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wanna Come to My Shop lol!11!

These days its getting more and more rare that I go out shopping for things that I don't already plan on buying. With the influx of more fashion blogs than you can shake a prim at, I don't even have to log in to know if I want to buy anything. Today though was a rare exception.

For months now I've been wearing the same skin. I can't help it, its the best colored skin I've seen in SL and until Naughty Designs puts out a purple skin that I simply must have, I refuse to take it off! Anyway - so I got a wild hair and thought I'd go skin browsing. I had a few extra Lindens so why not? I was loading up with demos when a guy walks up and strikes up a conversation. I'm not a total bitch so I say hi back.

Meet Random Guy:

Random Guy: Hello there. I see you like boots and clothes.

Me: Hi. And yes, I do for the most part.

Random Guy: I have a shop you would like. And there are lots of purple items

(see now he's toying with me. I normally don't pay attention to advertisements while I'm already shopping somewhere I like .. but he said "purple")

Me: Is that so?

Random Guy: Yes. I will give you a landmark, ok?

Me: Alright. I'll drop in and check it out when I'm finished here.

Random Guy: Sounds good! Do you wear jewelry at all?

Me: The tiny bit of jewelry I wear is either made by a friend of mine - or a few cute accessories here and there like the baby seal ring I have on.

Random Guy: Ok. There is jewelry there too - but I think you would be most interested in the boots.

Random Guy: Bling on.

(see right here I should have turned and ran - but I didn't. Why?! Why didn't I just go about my shopping?!)

Me: Tell me there aren't bling scripts in the boots.

Random Guy: No, they don't bling.

So I go to the shop, only to find out that he's promoting his partner's things. Not a huge shocker, but I really should have paid more attention to his profile. For one he's only about 4 months into SL. At any rate against my better judgement I teleported to the landmark he gave me. I didn't even have to wait for everything to rez to know that this was not my kind of shop. Who's kind of shop is it? Well its the kind of shop that most of us opened up when we first learned how to do anything and all our friends were like "omg that's so awesome" when it probably really wasn't (god I was such a victim of that).

I have titled this picture "Go to Jail - Go Directly to Jail - Do NOT Pass Go!" Anyway - that was one of the outfits there - but the rest looked a lot like it. Once I saw that outfit I said to myself 'Ahh they're just starting out with designing' but then he made a fatal mistake:

Random Guy: So what do you think?

Me: You want an honest answer - cuz if you ask me that .. that's what you're going to get.

Random Guy: Of course I want honesty!

Me: Well for one if you are going to advertise your store to people who are already shopping in a kick ass store - be sure the stuff you are taking their attention from is better than what they are looking at.

Random Guy: I see. Anything else?

Me: I mean, its not a bad start - I think everyone started out the same way if they didn't know anything so just keep practicing :D I'm sure there are plenty of people who would buy these things because they are cheap - but they are definitely not my cup of tea.

Random Guy: and for boots?

Random Guy: didn't you like the effect?

Me: Well the texture rotation script is really unnecessary. Even if you have an 'off' option the script is still running while the boot is attached. I see boots with that same type of style all the time and that's not really my bag either. I just think they are over the top. I mean twisty turny lightening bolts? Why not spend the time it took to drop in a texture and a script in photoshop and make a good detailed, shaded texture to put ON the boots so folks will buy them for more than just to laugh at while at some color event?

Random Guy: ok thanks

Random Guy: bye bye

Random Guy: i hope you don't want burn my shop

Random Guy: lololol

Random Guy: thanks for coming

Random Guy: lolol

Me: You did ask for my honest opinion. I would seriously not advertise a store inside a store that has awesome stuff unless you really think your stuff is better. I mean .. c'mon.

Random Guy: I understand. Good thing my stuff is better.

Me: Are you serious?! Your stuff is better than the stuff at Naughty Designs ... oookay.

-- He didn't answer.

This experience only lead to the support of my original policy "When shopping in a store you like - don't talk to strangers." And especially strangers who's first few words are "Bling On."


A. Burgess said...

You are too nice. That dude brought the weak shit and he was clueless. Even at 4 mos. I had manners and taste. Maybe I'm an exception, but I doubt it. OK, that's not true. I am an exception. *grin* But I shouldn't be. People rise to the challenge when you hold them to high standards. So thanks for calling him out--even if he doesn't read it, maybe another clueless one will. Though I doubt there are that many in their ranks reading Mean Girls.

Tenshi Vielle said...

rotfl.... YIKES!!

These stories are always the most fun reads :P

October Hush said...

Hahahaha, awesome =)

And I agree with Tenshi, these stories are always very amusing.

Iris said...

I gotta agree with ya'll. I make it a point never to take candy from strangers or take a landmark from anyone who says 'lololol.'

Wrath Paine said...

I mean, come on, really. How ridiculous. Everyone knows you should never let anyone promote your shop if they are blinged out. Well, unless your business is bling...

Although, it does remind me that I've heard of some shops which have listening devices to ban people who promote other stores while on their premises - this guy probably gets ejected as often as he gets rejected. ;-)

This article definitely raised one important question, though.

Do those lightning bolt boots come in a men's style? Kickass! *g*

tiana meriman said...

eerrgg. i never accept a landmark from a random person. if i see something on a avie i like, i'll ask her.

advertising is nice but when its someone doing it i always get suspicious, i would be more enclined to follow a poster then a person.

i know i said it before but thank god the mean girls are there to give out free clues to people who dont have any

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

This guy was an idiot, but I have had good experiences with random landmarks thus far. Actually at SecondFest I was given a notecard to check out a store & discovered I love Dutch Touch. In the past Truth Hawks (when I first met him)told me of his store while I was wandering and it turned out I loved his stuff too (not so much lately but yanno). Anyways, tote lost my point so Imma go look for it now. :D