Thursday, July 26, 2007

Drama: Stays Crunchy! Even in Milk!

If you've been around in SL for any length of time then you're already aware that Drama is a predominant part of life and culture here. It's really the glue that holds us all together :) And as much a part of our culture is the self-righteous proclaimations of hating drama.

I can't remember the last time I actually said the words: "I hate drama". And if I evaluate this in myself, I find it's good and bad... Good because look... I am a part of this very blog you're checking out. To say I hate drama would be fairly to extremely hypocritical. Bad, because what's the alternative to saying those three little words? Take a Pro Drama stance? I'm not really campaigning for more, but what's to hate? Sure, it sucks when you are being bombarded with opposing viewpoints or in an argument with someone that you can't seem to win, or when dealing with anyone who is different than you. These are all part of relating to other people. You can't just lump someone else's opinion or their choice of how or where to share it into the bin labeled 'drama'. There are times when I love a good drama. Honestly, I usually do. Does this mean I start drama? Don't we all? Be honest. It's not a conscious decision usually... I shall go and start some drama... unless you're trying to promote a new product and thinking any publicity is good publicity.

“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out”

I'm bored with the ever popular soapbox stand on hating drama. I'd like to point out that it's usually the ones with the highest flying I-Hate-Drama flags that start the most shit... or suddenly *hand to forehead* find themselves smack dab in the middle of ugly nastiness and they can't seem to imagine how they got there. Woe is you. This isn't always true, but I have learned that those with the anti-drama warnings in their profiles, the NO DRAMA signs posted in their homes... they are the ones to steer clear of. You're so sick of "drama", yet you insist on having relationships in sl, writing a blog, commenting on posts (anon or not), sharing your opinion with the world at large, and listening to the opinions of others, or talking about other people (and you know you do), etc. And low and behold drama *magically* finds you. In essence, to stop the dreaded drama I suggest you live in a hole.

So, when you're stating to the sl world at large that you are "Anti-Drama", what message is it that you are hoping to give? 'splain, please? Is it that you are declaring to the world that you've seen it, done it, have the tee shirt, and now you need a rest? And what exactly is your definition of drama? Did someone get too serious? Say something you didn't want to hear? Call you out for something? What is it that makes it drama? What I've noticed is that drama has been the catchall for any subject matter that stirs attention and makes you wanna choke a bitch. "oh drama, drama, drama." Translation: I am a very important and busy person who knows many interesting and challenging people (insert exasperated sigh)." All this seems dramatic in nature by the way. So you label the subject matter, incident, or person as Drama... we all breathe a sigh of relief and disregard it as not worthy of our attention, and beneath the high and mighty place where we like to reside. Drama is a part of slife, it seems. There is good and bad. There are starters, stirrers, and watchers.

What's the difference between good and bad drama? Who determines which is which?


Willis said...

I'm a big "I HATE DRAMA" fan, because I do, but you're right, you can't ever claim you've never started any, or whatever, cos that would be a big fat lie!

I think we ALL dislike drama, but it's just part of life, SL or RL, it's never gunna go away, even if you hole yourself up, never gunna happen!

I live in my skybox, and I pretty much avoid most things, mainly because my pregnancy hormones really don't allow for stabbity rage, it's bad for bean!

I don't think i'd ever go as far to uh.. put a sign up tho :O that's just asking for trouble.. and drama :P

Anyway, pointless comment but uh.. yeah!

Tenshi Vielle said...

Good drama: creating enough flack to shut down a copycat designer long enough for them to come up with their own, original ideas instead of stealing.

Bad drama: Attacking someone for no reason.

That being said, I'm an investigative writer, so if anyone has any drama they want aired out, give me a shout. It might make it into the Herald. :)

Alex Burgess said...

Um, drama just is. I'm not sure attempting to divide it into good and bad will make it easier to deal with. Part of what makes it so vexing is that drama usually arrives at exactly the moments when you are not looking for it. Even for those of us who carry Acme Giant-sized Drama Ladles.

That said, good drama is any argument I pwn. Bad drama would be the converse; a rarity, but I'm not so narrow as to believe I'm *never* wrong.

Akasha =^.^= said...

I don't know about good/bad drama.. I guess I kind of look at it this way. Drama just is.. it's like a good movie or show *hugs her Kdrama* then there is the drama that attaches it's self to my friends *hugs her knife* then there is drama that attaches it's self to me *hugs her mute button* I guess it just depends on where the drama is coming from and going to.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

What?! I love my ladle. :D Honestly though I have to say on most occasions I love drama. There's always going to be drama, how you deal with it is the key.

I completely agree with this post as I watch some one close to me suffer from re'ship drama. I laugh at it cause I think it's hilarious though I'm not sure he sees the humor quite yet. Two out of 5 of his 'girls' have something dumb on their profiles like "No Drama Mama" and "Anti-Drama Zone" yet they are the biggest offenders.

Haha I'm so gonna catch flack for this but good drama to me is designer drama. In the end I benefit with a 1L item. :D Bad drama is oh iunno, re'ship drama, I s'pose. If it's me... we ALL know that Jelly has had some serious re'ship drama. Thank goodness graciousness for finally fixin all that. :)

Aly Shark said...

After reading the post and others comments I would have to agree there's no way around drama and again agree that we all create drama. I also believe it must be enjoyed to some degree by most. My motto: if you don't like it, leave it. The only way I've found to avoid the Drama is by not bothering to log in. Then when you start feeling the need to get your fix of SL drama start playing again. Speaking of which, I think I'm nearly in need of that fix. In all reality I think I've been in the Drama Free Zone for nearly 12 months. It's time!

HawksRock said...

To me the drama I try to avoid is when people take the tiniest lil things and get terribly bent out of shape about it. OMG she/he said this, or didn't mention this, or snubbed me in this way or the other. Hello people, there is a fucking war going on out there, or the environment is still heading towards disaster, let's use that energy on something constructive.

Also, I can't stand when an individual gives his right to happiness away to another. This leads to all sorts of bad drama. There are a lot of f-ed up people out there in SL and in RL and I say let em work each other over, cuz I won't let em mess my life up, just cuz they are nuts.

Delilah...Kiss Kiss said...

I think that "drama" is inevitable, especially when people with greatly diverse viewpoints and experiences come together. It's easy to say that those who thrive on drama are immature but I think that's not always the case.

I think that any drama that ends in greater understanding is good drama. Any drama where people learn about themselves and each other is good drama. True it can be painful to go through the experience and I think we've all lost "friends" due to drama, but it's an inevitable part of life - either in sl or out of it.

dandellion Kimban said...

I am aware that I may sound as an aunt or as a complete noob, but I0'll take the risk: can somebody tell me what the fuck is drama? in one (or two) clear sentences... something like a definition.
(I am serious)

Rosie said...


Events circulating around or causing angst, arguing, or general bitchiness. Somehow always seems to stem from furries.


Anonymous: anonymous haet drama

Furry: :(


Lilliekins said...

I totally agree with your "steer clear of folks with anti-drama signs posted" LOL They're usually the biggest carriers.

And I usually find that the difference between "good" drama and "bad" drama is - the problems of people you care about are concerns, the problems of people you don't care about are "drama".

dandellion Kimban said...

Rosie not only gave me definition but an example too. Thanks.