Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Rosie... Signed PrimEnvy (+ More!)

Dear Rosie,

There's this guy, right? He's always hanging around my girl...literally. I swear...his prims are bigger and better scripted than mine. Why do I feel intimidated and lesser of a man because of this?

PrimEnvy in Primeworks

Dear PrimEnvy,

Well you feel this way because you are! I could sugar coat it by telling you some crap about how it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but then I’d just be enabling you to be content with who you are. And that just won’t do! Perhaps it’s time to invest in superior prim enhancements. Sure you won’t be truly unique if you buy off the rack, but you’ll be keeping up with the Joneseses and that’s what counts! Most importantly, learn to recognize that feelings of envy and inadequacy are nature’s way of letting you know that you need to improve. Retire your inferior, flaccid old-faithful and upgrade to state of the art! Oooo, maybe go sculptie! Your girlfriend will thank you for it!


Dearest Rosie,

My SL ex-boyfriend won't get over me. I've moved on and after 2 years, he hasn't. I think it's starting to bother my current boyfriend in SL. What should I do?

~Yours truly,
Happy in SL

Dear Happy in SL,

What should you do? Hmmm… Blog it?


Dear Rosie

... my friend finds it difficult to select an outfit, please advise how to help her.

~Waiting Expectantly

Dear Waiting,

All good things come to those who wait :) Hope this helps!


Dear Rosie,

I recently have gotten back together with my ex. I am very happy with them, but whenever I am in sl I wish I had more freedom. I find that if I am not doing what they want with their friends then I get left out of the picture or I feel uncomfortable when I do get to hang with them. Sometimes I even get ignored, which makes me start to wish I was able to just go hang with others and not feel guilty about it. I have even confronted my significant other explaining the problem. Instead of it resolving anything it usually just starts an argument and they throw things in my face from the past. I do not want to break up, but I am feeling a bit neglected. What do I do?


Dear Neglected,

Ahhhh what’s slove without feelings of guilt, boredom, awkwardness, and cheap shots? I say, make an alt! Hell, make several! Do what you wanna do! No one gets snippy, everyone stays calm, they just think Oh my my “neglected” is soooo busy and never in SL! Easy Peasy!


Dear Rosie,

I IM my friends throughout the day many times to see how they are. If I don't get a response, I IM them again with the same exact message. Sometimes on the third attempt I try to be a little quirky. I think they may find me annoying. Why wouldn't someone want a friend like me?

~How are you today?


STALKER! Don’t IM me again!


Dear Rosie-
I just read JB's post about the mantourage. Do you have any advice on where I find men willing to be in my mantourage? I don't have to put out, right? You guys are experts. Thank God for MGG2SL!

~Seeking Mentourage

Dear Seeking,

Experts?! On putting out? What have you heard?! Send a note to JellyBean Madison in world. I know she’s currently working on a database of all eligible candidates for mantourages grid-wide! That girl has all the cool toys!



Anonymous said...

Dear MG,

I do not know what the deal is with this whole undercover thing you
have going on with trying to insert one of your mean girls ex's into
various posts but it's kind of boring.

Y'all need to get on with your life and move on & not linger over ex
lovers and be so hypocritical about what to do and not to do to annoy
ex lovers because I think we all know that a certain someone recently
penned the most hypocritical post I have read in a very long assed
time. Time to get over yourself :)

Yours boringly,

A very bored individual *yawn and stretch*

Anonymous said...

LOL Keep up the wonderfully funny advice!

Caterin Semyorka said...

What fine advice you hand out dear Rosie, you are an angel of mercy and compassion! ;)

Anonymous said...

has it escaped anybody's attention that the acronym for Dear Rosie ... is DR? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Very Bored,

Is your name Rosie? No then shut up and dont post on here again. No one cares what your thoughts are