Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh NO She Di'in! Girl got herself a WEAVE!

Flexi prims changed the look of fashion in SL bigtime. This is especially true in the hair department where it has become almost imperative that designers slap a few waving strands into their 'dos. As with nearly everything in life - even good things should be done sparingly. However, I have found at least one that has gone above and beyond the call, and not in a good way ladies and gentlemen.

While roaming around random sims looking for spontaneous entertainment I stumbled upon what I thought (past tense) was a cute ponytail. Mistakenly I made my judgement before she turned around. My eyes widened a bit as her hair trailed behind her like a wounded boa constrictor. I can't be seeing this. Is that ... is that a WEAVE?!

The prim work on the bangs and hair itself was normal - and I actually found the bangs to be attractive - but the back. Oh god the back was just a train wreck, and with all horrible accidents you simply have to sit back and watch. I did.

It seems the shiteous weave is making an appearance in a huge way in SL. Why? Why and who finds this appealing? I understand that its unique (to an extent) but it doesn't even look good! Okay so the idea itself isn't new. I mean ... over a year ago Nylon Pinkney (why does my "Curly by Nylon (geek) hair say Nylon Partridge?!) put out the first real '2D' curly 'do. And? And it was kind of hard to adjust to - but it was funky and well done .. just like the rest of Nylon's creations. It had a wang to it, but it wasn't hard to swallow. This though .. this is just .. well .. weave-tacular.

I didn't even bother trying to photoshop these pictures. I was going to, but thought why sugar coat it any? As I look at these pictures I'm still whispering "Why? Why would anyone ..." I don't have an answer. I do know that this stuff is great just for laughs and to see just how much you can lag out your friends with crappy computers.

The appeal of super long hair in SL had previously seemed rare. Yeah there were a few stints of really long hair - and every so often a designer will release a Crystal Gale 'do as either a joke or just for something new, hell or maybe even to laugh at themselves! Don't get me wrong, though. I'm a huge fan of eccentric hair. I still have my old "Poke Your Eye Out" hair by Helyanwe in my inventory that I like to whip out. I even slap on an old Treebee wig from time to time ... but this isn't funny!

Gorean girls everywhere are probably singing the praises of this hair (which is a majority of what was surrounding me in the shop) even though the alphas of their 1972 I Got You Babe Cher hair totally clash with the alphas and flexis of their barely there 'silk' skirt ... things. Unless you're a comedian .. or Gorean .. or a Crystal Gale fan .. I don't see the appeal of this hair at all. It looks like a bad weave!

The prim work on most the hair is good! They started out as decent styles until .. oh lord .. those stringy bits were added. Why?! Why did you ruin good hair?! Even your textures were good! Granted not all the hair there was a poster child for Pimp My Weave ... some of it was pretty decent (the men's hair was probably best) but coming in at nothing under 194 prims this hair just wasn't worth it. Not to me, at least.

Judge for yourselves. But if your friends have a weave ... please please seek help. There are so many good hairstyles out there that they don't have to turn down Route Godiva, okay? And if they still want to ... try to find some that doesn't actually look like a damn weave!


Tenshi said...

lol :)

Carissa said...

I agree. It's flexi curl gone terrible horribly wrong...but...(dang it all I can't let it go) isn't Nylon's last name PINKNEY...not PARTIRDGE?

ZsaZsa Withnail said...

You didn't let us know where we could get some of those fabulous weaves! I especially like the blonde one!!!

Beth said...

They are all Calico.

Autumn said...

Oh dude, I thought I was the only one with a problem with this hair. Soooooooooo many people love it!

Orchid said...

Carissa - I logged back into SL because at the time I hadn't thought it was THAT weird I figured it was just another LL mistake. I'm still not sure what happened but yes Nylon's last name IS Pinkney although it doesn't show that on the "Curly by Nylon (geek)" hair that I have. I think its just an inventory thing. I talked to a friend of mine who said that the bang maker was Polyesther and the hair itself was Nylon -- but both mine say Nylon with Polyesther's last name. Dunno. But thanks for correcting that.

ZsaZsa - This stuff was MADE for you honey. Calico is the name of the place and I'll even drop a LM on you if you want it!

Autumn - Where there is hair to hate .. one of the Mean Girls will be there. Where there are overpriced skins with icky nipples .. one of the Mean Girls will be there. And where there is a sale - we already had it before it went on sale and let everyone else know if it was worth it ...

Guenevere DeCuir said...

Holy sh*t those are awful.

It's almost like we need to get an SL Hair Weave support group going to show these poor people their misguided ways.

And people wonder why I refuse to buy really long hairstyles.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe you ppl are so anti social youve made a virtual"world"to escape how you really look and live!HOW SAD!