Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dearest Fashionista Bloggers?

Hiii! First off let me says Kudos for all that you do. Bringing ex-fashion bloggers like me the world of fashion, keeping us up to date on the trends, new releases & fluffing designers. This morning as I licked my thumb and browsed through my BlogLines I saw some uber cute stuffies I just had to have. I love the mix & match blogs because that takes talent. Plus it takes a lot more time & effort to list all the things you are wearing from the various designers. I admire your dedication, really I do.
I know I am not super blogger by any means, but I am quite proud of my super shopper skillz, yO. There are two particular bloggers that blog fash regularly that are driving me freaking nuts. I won't name names, cause well that's so B-List. I would like to just make a few itsy bitsy tiny suggestions if I may? kkthnx
  1. Could you mayhapsibly use SLurls?
  2. Not clump a bunch of outfits into one post?
  3. Format it as if you were the one wanting to sniff out the outfit(s) for yourself?
  4. Be a little more specific? (skin, hair, designers names mayhaps if store isn't searchable & you're not using SLurls)
  5. Is it flexi? Is it tintable? Did you have to mod the attachment points?
  6. Make yourself available for questions regarding your post? (full SL name, email addy, social security number, Skype name, anything)
It seems simple, it really honestly truly does. The issues I ran into today were no SLurls, the jewelry store listed did not exist in search, I couldn't find the shoes or the belt, and I had to decide between skirt, belt or mod the attachment point. It was just frustrating. My suggestion in addition to the ones above are for you to re-read your post and ask yourself if you could easily navigate it yourself. Oh I should point out a fashionista that does it right... Willow Zander of Style Disorder. Even outside of game she manages to put the SLurls and separates each item nicely. Way to go Willow!

This has been another public service suggestion from Jelly. kkthnxbai


Willis said...

I do something right? OMG, I must stop!

Seriously for a moment, I actually started clumping things together, because my time in SL has dropped drastically, I admit I don't actually like doing it a lot, but then I don't want to blog 10 things in one day, all in separate posts, cos i'm fookin lazy like that.

Fashion blogging just isn't as much fun as it used to be, or maybe i'm just a hormonal muppet :)

Sasy Scarborough said...

um um um cries and runs

Ann said...

Could I just add...semi-proper use of punctuation and sentences less than half a page long? There's one that I just can't read, even though she often finds interesting looking stuff, because the run-on sentences make my head want to explode.

Milla said...

I hear you girl! SLURS are coming! I hope I don't drive you nuts... :)

Willis said...

I think I should also add here, I HATE HATE HATE forum posts that give an SLURL with no picture, sorry, but sometimes I can't tp in SL for love nor money and want to know what i'm trying to possibly tp to!!!!

Linking blogs is also annoying sometimes, but it doesn't make me stabbity like no picture does :D

I know that is nothing to do with fashion blogging, but help us help you! ADD A SODDING PICTURE.

Tanya Book said...

I don't think you were directing it at me. I tend to use SLoog (http://www.sloog.org) instead of SLurls but it gives you about the same thing as a SLurl with all my SLoog tp's being on the SLoog website so I don't have to log into SL to find that dadburn SLurl while I'm trying to write.

I also try to at the end boil it down to disclaimers, Price, Permissions & Store location.

And yes Willis, the no photos on the forum drives me nuts!!!!

Gillian Waldman said...

Agree with Ann. There's one I cannot read anymore...because I don't know where one thought begins and ends :/

Ana Lutetia said...

Glad you did this, JellyBean. The reader's point of view is SOOOO important!!

Sometimes, I dunno what to write in the post about the outfits. Well, I only write when I make reviews. Most times, I put some things together and take pics.

So, I promise to be more specific. Sometimes, it's a question of time (that I don't have).

5. Is it flexi? Is it tintable? Did you have to mod the attachment points?
Never thought about writing about this...

I am always available by e-mail or IM in-world. My skype is as simple as my e-mail... ;)


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

The "Is it flexi? Is it tintable? Did you have to mod the attachment points?" was because a blogger posted a skirt with a belt (both from two different designers) and though I thought it was funny that I lost my skirt as soon as I attached the belt, I got frustrated every time I tried reattaching it to a diff spot & losing my green arrow in the adjustment process. As for the flexi & tinting... I hate hate hate no flexi, and won't be bothered to even buy it if it is not flexi (skirt/dress), and sometimes I don't like the colors. If I can pink it, chances are I will. :D