Thursday, July 12, 2007

EX PhileZ: Letting Go & Moving on

I'm feeling particularly charitable this week, call it insanity due to lack of *good* new releases. Anywho... I figured I'd throw in my dime & a nickle in the EX PhileZ series.
Breaking up is hard to do, moving on with an uber emo terrorist clingy ex attached is even harder. At what point does the grieving process fade into an "hey I'm ok now"? Two years? Is that enough? I suppose that it's different for different people, right? From personal experience let me tell you what NOT to do.
  • Don't constantly IM your ex telling him/her how good they look since ya'll split.
  • Don't cry to your ex in IM about how unhappy your slife is since the split.
  • Don't try to date and/or fuck your ex's friends. (there's an unspoken rule yanno)
  • Don't use Snapzilla as a weapon.
  • Don't shove your new fuck buddy down your ex's throat.
  • Don't offer friendship if you're only doing it with ulterior motives in mind.
  • Don't drop textures or pics on your ex from times that you were together.
  • Don't hold prims hostage.
  • Don't have evidence of your latest whore laying around when/if you invite your ex over to "talk".
  • Don't use whatever resources at your disposal to manipulate, torture, and otherwise tie your ex up in knots.
And what you should DO...
  • Do make a clean break, quickly. (even if you feel this includes card deletion)
  • Do move on.
  • Do make new friends other than the ones you & your ex shared.
  • Do put the spoon back in the drawer... save it for you're new friends.
  • Do respect the approx 2 week long grieving process by not contacting your ex.
  • Do delete *those* pictures and copy/pasted notecards if you feel you could be dangerous.
  • Do remmy to stay on your meds.
  • Do see a medical professional if after, oh let's say 2 years you still haven't moved on.
  • Do get lots of rest and eat a well-balanced diet... you need something to balance the chaos in your system.
  • Do use those Lindens as needed to ease the pain with some other warm pixels. PLEASE!
Remmy your ex & you are fighting for the same goal here... moving on & finding happiness in your slives. You gave it a shot, hell you probably even got the teeshirt, it didn't work. No need trying to sabotage each other's chances at finding happiness, right? Too much like work, I say.

Now get the hell outta my slife or I'm getting a restraining order. kkthnxbai


Gillian Waldman said...

Welp agree all around - oh yes I do! However, when your ex in SL also used to be your RL boyfriend that you lived with, that's when it really gets ugly lol. Not only can they be an asshat in SL but they can stalk you RL...and that.just.sucketh.

Joonie Jatho said...

Very cool advice! Now if peeps will just take it!

It's hard to do when all those crazy chemicals are running around your brain...but gotta do it. You thought you loved them at some be kind. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Guenevere DeCuir said...

It's weird at first when you come to realize that something you experienced on your computer screen has affected you as much as it could if you weren't sitting there typing/clicking away.

Still... it's very good advice especially when your SL ex ends up leaving you for someone else. UGH!

October Hush said...

That is one giant horse head.