Tuesday, July 3, 2007

you can piss on a slave, but there is no gambling in a casino

I have always had a secret dream.. To be a LL (Linden Liason) to get paid to be in a world I loved and to help out and to try to make this place be better then it is.. But omfg!!!! Ok I can understand the legal logistics behind it all.. I really and honestly can, but there is a point where it goes to far as in banning words from search.. Where does it stop? I learned about this today from Jelly and her blogline addiction.. She had read Vint Falken's post titled "no ass in your name no lolita in your search" and passed the info on to me and of course I couldn't back away from it.. The whole thing just makes me so mad!

My question I have to ask is what will banning words help in the long run? There are always ways around using words. I know I use words such as "teh secks or fook" just for fun but those are words used to get around filters. To me it's just a way for LLabs to hide the problem and make it all go away. But at what cost? What is next, lollipop (Lolita pornography, also known as "lollipop", a type of pornography that generally involves women older than the age of sexual consent pretending to be below it ) ? Right now there are still slaves, pissing, dungeon, also gorean, bondage, and a lot more I'm sure, but for how long? I am not saying that I disagree with any of those things, or agree with even having an adult in a child av running around naked for some old perv.. But censoring is not the way to go about making a change!!! There has got to be a better way out there to make the changes that are needed without killing the freedom of those of us in this community!

I liked what Vint had to say here so I figured I would leave you all with this for now.

"Phedophilia and child abuse have been important themes of many books, movies
and songs. For a reason! It has always existed and we shall probably never
succeed at keeping all our children safe. For hundreds of years what happened
was ignored and hidden behind closed doors. The victims were punished and the
offenders could just walk. I thought our civilisation finally ‘matured’ enough
that we could openly discuss this subjects so we could learn about it, try to
understand it and most of all, prevent it. Yet, it seems we are still stuck in
our old fashioned puritaine behaviour. Let’s shove it all under the carpet
again, shall we?"


Crissa said...

What exactly is LL supposed to do, when held legally liable for having a search tool and residents that hold such content?

It's nice to be for freedom of speech, but we need a solution, not just complaints.

Casinos are illegal in the US. Lolita (no matter the type) is illegal in Germany.

How would you deal with this? Will you pay the legal fees?

Sasy Scarborough said...

no A.S.S is how I ended up Sasy not Sassy as I had been in so many other chats no biggy but it took me ages to work out why it wouldnt take it , it was giving messages to beleive that it was actualy just not available with the last name id chosen then it took a bit to sink in it was the spelling they were editing lol , dont understand though when there is a show mature content button why it woulndt be able to list why not just make it in those categories instead of just making mature content the actual listing on the land .

Sasy xoxox

Akasha =^.^= said...

Crissa, I'm saying that I'm sure there is another way then just what LL is doing. In my opinion they are trying to sweep this under the rug and hope that it all goes away despite what it does to everyone else. I can honestly say that I have no idea what should be done, but I am almost positive that there is something better! Yes we need ideas and not just complaints, but I wanted to vent and I did. Also in venting I hope that someone with the ideas will say them. I think the more we talk about it and get things out the better chance we have of finding the people who have the ground breaking ideas.

haha Sasy, one of my other *million questions* falls along those lines. Isn't SL an adult only game? lol

Joanna said...

My eyeballs want to get out of their sockets when I read articles about censoring or legal issues (this, I can still understand to some extent). During those times I want to get on the top of my 7 floor flat and scream: "People it is just a fricking game!". Really, am I only one of those few people who see a difference between reality and fiction?