Thursday, July 19, 2007

Peeping Tom or Stalker?

This actually happened to me the other day, so I figured I might as well bloggity blog blog, besides I like to get other people's opinions with my posts, and justify my insanity at times. There was a time when if you had traded cards with someone it automatically gave them mapping rights and they could easily track your ass down. In my case, I wasn't too particular with card trading. (I'm not really as mean as these other mean girls, some of ya'll are just sissies.) Anywho, I would be friends with anyone & everyone. Call it social butterfly syndrome, whatever.

An SL update not too long ago changed this friend rule by allowing us to choose not to turn on a person's mapping rights in our friends list. Wow! Hmmm at first I thought "Well hell, EVERYONE can map me! Mapping Party! Find me!" After years of common courtesy and trust in the mapping privilege I ended up getting mapped & stalked. Now normally this would not bother me if say I was at tringo (unless you land in front of my card), at a club, or anywhere else with a large group of people on the map. In these two instances I was not in a huge group, nor was I alone. *wink* Hello? Two green dots? Yah, that's me & Hawks - Go Away! So this lead me to a new way of thinking and implementing my own personal new rule. No one under the SL age of 3 months or mentally unstable would be granted mapping rights.
  • No one under 3 months was because alts know how to map & some people are just born grievers. Besides if you're that SL young, you can use the fact that you're a noob as an excuse for almost anything.
  • Mentally unstable? C'mon everyone has at least one of them if not more on their list.
This worked for awhile, until the other day Hawks & I were hiding out at our other house, no one else on the sim, then boom Poophead at 2 o'clock or really just 20m. So I yell "Go Away!" of course, cause I'm like witty, clever bitch like that. heh. "Oops! Mapped the wrong J on my list, sorry," he replied. Immediate loss of mapping rights. Haha! POWAH! No, just kidding. So I rethought yet again about mapping rights and introduced yet another new rule. No one gets mapping rights now, okay some do, but it's like Rosie, Aka, Laylah & Orchid cause when no ones looking they beat me. They really do! HELP! ME!

A friend once told me "nothing good ever comes from mapping a person." This could be true. There's reasons why I do actually like the mapping feature. One being that I am uber nosy and want to know what my girls are up to if I'm not with them. There is a difference between mapping & actually stalking. Stalking is actually hitting that "teleport" button. Mapping is just peeping to see where everyones at. I admit I do that too when I'm bored & if I see a friend with a group, I might im and beg to come. :p That's where trust, respect & common courtesy come into play. It's okay to map, and request a tp. It is not okay to map & stalk without prior permission.

Was the mapping feature a factor for accepting or declining friendship? Am I the only one who implemented mapping rules as SL changed? Do you freely give mapping rights? Is it even something you think of? Your thoughts please...


Mirrabella Schumann said...

You are the brave one - no-one on my friend list has the mapping rights (I dunno about who allowed me to track them, as I do not use this feature). I also tend to exchange cards with almost everyone, because I like to talk with people and some contacts may give me some benefits in the near future ;) . I am a private person, so I would hate if people would suddenly appear beside me.

Alex Burgess said...

Hmm. I arrived 12/13/06--after the mapping feature was optional. The only person with mapping rights to me is Myg. It always seemed like a super-personal thing to allow, plus the whole stalker thing. As a result, I'm pretty free with my friends' list--I like it big and casual. Heheh. I did not just say that. I'm actually more likely to give out modify rights than mapping rights.

Wrath said...

Shoot, the one person on my friends list who had the mapping enabled is no longer? :-( I never even considered using it, I just liked whenever I checked the friends online webpage your name was always an underlined hyperlink and stood out - kinda like you! ;-)

I have thought about enabling it, but hate unannounced visitors in RL and probably SL, also. Plus, I like people to think I have an active social life and wouldn't want them to know how much time I actually spend at home. Wait, did I just say that outloud?

dandellion Kimban said...

Only one person ever had mapping priv since it came to somebody's linden head that mapping for all is a bit of privacy intrusion. One of my first SL friends used to rezz out of nowhere, but never without a joke and a trick. It was a pity not to give him opportunity to do that. Everybody else have to send an IM first.

Ana Lutetia said...

Only my close close friends have mapping rights. Or, better, only the persons that I don't mind droping by have map rights. But those persons don't dropped in on me. They always ask first or offer TP.

I enjoy my privacy alot. So, I only allow map for a restrict group.

Aemilia Villota said...

Yeah I don't hand out mapping rights to anyone, and never have. A friend of mine gets mapped all the freakin' time and to be frank I think it is rude to map someone and tp there without asking.
Wanna know where I am? Heck, just ask!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I admit I let Wrath map me! But thats cause I love having his eyes on me :o *secretly gives him back his rights*

Alex, You're right about it being more of a super personal thing to allow. Of course Hawks can map me too. I want him to always feel comfy with whatever I am doing that he could just show up unannounced.

I would prefer someone IM me with a "What's up? Mind if I hang?" Rather than just showing up on my head. Rosie, Aka & I are diff when it comes to mapping, we definitely do map each other and get bent if we notice our rights have been temporary taken away. LOL! But that's cause we're just funny like that. If they're boinking, *I* wanna know who. :p

Cierra Theriac said...

The only people who have mapping rights to me are Flynn and 2 of my girlfriends. Flynn and I made an agreement not to hide from each other in SL - but we always ask before popping in. Okay occasionaly he has popped in unannounced, but it is in a "boo!" kind of way when I am shopping, and he usually bails immediately.

My chicas are RL girlfriends and they are never on anymore. If by some strange reason they actually do come on, I want them to find me. (But they have always asked first too.)

tiana meriman said...

i personally dont have anyone in my list that can map me and i actually forgot that i could see where other people are using that feature. to me it's just not useful. sl changes so fast that even if i knew what sim they are own i would still not know what they are doing. so its a lot more convenient to just ask.

plus i see that feature a bit as like giving your house key to someone and inviting them to drop by anytime they feel like it.

Chloe Streeter said...

Only one person on my list has the right to map me, though I'm wondering if I might want to let some of my other friends do so. I think it might be useful at times when I really don't want to be disturbed but don't want to set myself to busy. I'd just have to let them know not to contact me when I'm in a particular sim.

Willis said...

I only let certain people see me on the map, because I had this one person that just kept on randomly turning up wherever I was, whether it be my skybox, a store, AN INTIMATE MOMENT -.-

They got really offended when I said mapping was rude and said you shouldn't have friends if you don't want to be mapped... uhh... ok then *switches map option off*

If you want to visit people, great, but dude... IM FIRST.

I don't mind certain people mapping me, hell I don't mind being mapped THAT much, it's when you ask someone politely not to do it, and they freak out on you that pisses me off!


Ginseng Kyong said...

There is no reason to give out mapping rights. Even if someone has given me that privilage, I will never use it. I do not want to pop in at some akward moment. To see someone online is all the privilage you need to give out, if you want to hang, you just tp the person... very simple.

Anonymous said...

I am just a noob (2 months in the life) but I never give mapping rights. My 1st bf lost that privilege when he kept showing up in the shops and casinos convinced he would catch me snogging some one else. What an arse!