Monday, March 19, 2007

Role Call

Finally! A Blogzine that tackles the hard-hitting issues of our day! A handbook for the things you really need (and want) to know in SL.

Things have changed since SL’s inception. Gone are the days when a nooblet might stumble around blindly for months before realizing the appearance enhancements they could achieve by adding store-bought skin, shape, and prim hair to their invey.

Now, within moments of departing Welcome Island, most noobs are met with the helpful, if not terribly original, advice of more experienced players. Long-time residents of SL prove themselves friendly and helpful to both newer players as well as the icons of the fashion community. As a fresh-faced, wet-behind-the-ears Male avatar, you would be advised of the benefits of doling out just under 2k for a Naughty skin. Guaranteed to earn you hawt points with the skin’s yummy features… and the added bonus of a flaccid chicken!… you’d be armored to face the next step of your transition. But no need to go far! For your prim hair needs you’d be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the favorites: Tamed, Desire, Deception, and OC at Influence… right there on the same friggen island. For quality men’s clothing, your needs could also be met on Naughty Island… noway!! One-stop shopping! OMG Shup! Oh but yes it’s true. Clothing advice would most likely be tempered with a healthy sprinkling of FORM and DE Designs as well.

As a female noob, the choice to send you directly to Naughty might vary and you might find yourself at Celestial for skins and ETD or Gurl 6 for hair instead. Clothing advice would depend on the style of your guide. We know alts, though, and yes Naughty is often the first and only stop to get your makeover from head to toe.

How do we here at Mean Girls feel about this advice? Why, it’s approved… 110%! This is not the beginner’s guide to SL, however. Think of us as more for the intermediate to advanced user.

You’ve got your shell, backed with the fashion community’s stamp of approval. Your next step is learning the navigation, the things to do, and what you’ll make of your time.

We’ll cover fashion in these pages as well as helping you to find the fun. Our main focus will be on what you do with your Secondlife in a nothing-is-sacred, no-one-is-safe, more honest approach. You know you’ve thought it… we’re just giving it voice.

We’ve assembled a group of experienced users to shed light on the serious topics in SL such as reships, drama, land, money, group affiliation, and jobs. These will be covered with upcoming features such as:

    • Confessions
    • How To’s
    • She Said… She Said
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Rules
    • Interviews
    • Dear Rosies

    Asked what kind of pet peeves the girls have, I found that this list could be combined… I mean does anyone like bling? Other annoyances included:

    • Lag
    • Overly-used gestures with the exception of Hooooo!
    • Douchebags
    • Mental Case
    • Ignorance
    • Fake people
    • Fair-weather friends
    • Missing Image
    • Map Stalkers (there is a difference between map stalking and map watching people!)
    • Chat spam (i.e., unruly gestures that color outside the lines, Xcite! Parts notifications, pregnancy indicators)

    And now let me introduce your guides:

    JellyBean Madison
    Never had an issue stating her opinion, no stranger to blogging, and looks good with pom poms that she will not hesitate to throw down and get in your face yo! She’s a machinamaniac and our resident expert on finding the fun. A bubbly ray of pink sunshine on most days, she won’t hesitate to point out that the path you’re on may lead to mute and ban. A teeshirt and jeans kinda girl, she cleans up well and can stand nose to nose with any haughty debutante Barbie doll in the land. What does she bring to the Mean Girl’s Party? Tostitos and cheese, betch! Oh and insight into the lives of her mantourage as well!

    Akasha Nyak
    Enemy of spellcheck (yes her blogs will be proofread), she could care less what you think of her. More likely to stab you than take the time to spell out her frustration with you, she brings her witty, sharp tongue and flicks her purple tail with irritation at the ignorant masses. Though sometimes quiet (it’s the goth in her) and does not share all her thoughts, you will undoubtedly know where you stand with Akasha Nyak. Rarely do other’s opinions matter to her… and matter less if you’re among the shallow, spell-checking, manslut variety. She is an innovative builder who loves finding new sims and designs and spending time with close friends. She’s bringing the Dewwwww… oh and the stabbing!

    Petme Petunia
    Like the Spice Girls, the Mean Girls strive to be defined individually. Though Pet campaigned hard for Big Ass Slut, she was vetoed by the rest and is now known for her elegance. Though I’ve known Pet for just a short time, she’s growing on me. She’s unafraid to tell it like it is nor is she too shy to ask the questions you all want answers to! She claims to have lived a sheltered slife for 2 years but has learned the joy of ragging on people and fighting… she doesn’t care if you think she’s a biatch… that you think of her is enough :P Pet loves the talent showcased in SL and has a knack for having talented friends, she says. She has no problem sharing her opinion or asking questions that most polite people would refrain from. She brings her love of people and her observations of the good and the bad that make people who they are… though the bad makes for a more interesting read!

    Laylah Mistral
    Stinging wit coupled with a silver tongue is our very own Lala. A very popular and talented tattoo artist who is disgustingly in uber love with her fiancĂ© (try them on skype together you’ll see what I mean), Laylah strives to shed the light on the not-so-impressive job market in SL and have fun with her friends. She flies by the seat of her pants and her amazing mastery of her ADD is sure to provide interest and insight into the lives of the populace. Kinda trashy, kinda classy, and way too much fun, Lala is the Keeper of The Rack and can be used as a model for the Bewbs.

    Rosie Shark
    A Barbie Doll at her core, she’s recently taken a walk on the wilder side… much-encouraged by dirty designers and tomboy friends. At first taken as quiet, shy, and snobby, it often takes a second look to realize she’s merely choosing her words. Though she claims to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet, her alliance with and involvement in The Mean Girls leaves room for speculation. She cherishes the friends she has made and the people she has met in SL and looks forward to many adventures to come. With an obscene like for the silly and no stranger to making mistakes, she aims to point out what she’s learned and how others could do it better… and with more finesse.

    Join us, won’t you, on our journey. We aim to poke fun, yes… but we are an equal opportunity blog! Time enough to point out the misadventures of many different slifestyles and types. Many times I’m sure you’ll find your own thoughts and beliefs among the fun, sarcastic, opinionated, sometimes jaded, always hopeful heap that is The Mean Girls.


    Truth said...

    OK Vas is a big spunky man I except this ... i would lick him .... but I MUST BE A CLOSE SECOND ..... I request a close look at my curves and looks i am very handsome and I smell good!

    So i am an obvious choice for the next Beef Cake!! LOL

    Love you jells!!

    ♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

    Haha! Awwwww! Okay okay let me get into the huddle with the girls & see what they say. :p

    Kisses Truth!

    Posy said...

    Oooo! This blog is gonna be fun! ::buckles her seatbelt::

    ...and, can I ask Layla where she got her awesome Barbarella-ish hair??? It's awesome!

    Posy ^^

    Laylah said...

    Mmm - Sky Designs 'Temptress' hair. It's the most fantastic hair like, ever. Last I was there it was hidden way back in the back on the right. G'luck! <3

    Posy said...

    Thanks so much Laylah!