Friday, March 23, 2007

So, Where Ya From?

So, Where Ya From?

Did someone ever walk up to you and the 1st thing outta their mouth is.. "So where ya from?" Not Hello, How are you? Kiss my Butt..nuttin'.. they just wanna know where you're from. I just dont get it. My usual answer is Geometer.. cause thats the sim I live on. I'm online Aint I? I'm in SL Right? So, common sense tells me you wanna know where I am from IN HERE. But thats not what they mean. They wanna know where I'm from IRL.. which I dont keep a Big Secret, but its really not a conversation starter for me. It reminds me of my old chatroom days when all you saw was "a/s/l" splattered across the screen.

I mean IF you're lookin for someone that lives close to you then:

1. Turn off computer

2. Jump in the shower
3. Squirt on a lil smell good stuff
4. Go to your local Pick-Up joint
5. Possibly get lucky:P

I'm not saying that there aren't some in here that do desire to meet others with similiar interests for more that just an online relationship, but even so, I'd like to think MORE than a person's location would dictate how far 2 ppl would go.

The internet IS a wonderful place to broaden our horizons and reach out to touch people, but lets take time to do things a lil like the 'old fashioned' way.
Say Hello 1st:)

TY for listening to another



Tweeze said...

I'm thinking the "So, where ya from?" opener comes from bars and dance clubs as a guy's tried and trusted icebreaker. Face it, if we comment on your appearance, we seem slightly superficial. If we comment on something you say, we come off as slightly judgmental, and risk being on the business end of a negative comment. The key to the approach is not giving a girl the chance to say "no".
So... that leaves questions about where you're from, your age, and your favorite color. Anything more cuts a little too personal for an opening line, and anything less makes us guys look like wallflowers.
My advice: answer that you're from a distant sim (or the next sim over), and wait to see what comes next.

SLNatalia said...

Lol thats such a funny pix...

Its so true about guys wanting to know where you are from. I tried the sim thing. It doesnt just know whats going to come next :P Now I tend to politely ignore/sidestep the question or excuse myself if Im working...

BTW, I think the question after where you live is "How old are you?" :P