Friday, March 23, 2007

Wooage 101 - How to Woo a Girl

It's come to my attention that most guys just basically suck at the simplest forms of wooage. For instance the...
#1 whip it out
#2 tap her in the forehead with it to the tune of woody wood pecker
#3 don't stop until she takes it in her mouth
approach probably doesn't work well on most of us women. I asked around to see what men would say their strongest woo points would be. I was surprised by many & generally jellyous too. You're probably thinking "Why the fuck is Jelly writing about how a guy should woo a girl", right? Well I'll tell ya... I use to think that wooage was very important, now even though I feel most of it is a crock of shit & pretty much a fairytale played out to get into the virtual grannies, it's still a nice thing. When you get it that is. I don't know one girl who hasn't fell deeply into an "awww" moment, me included. So this is just a guide per say to get ya guys on the right track.

So I'm going to start with what I know woos me. I love a good rooftop dance. Any guy could take a girl to a club, but a guy who has thought about it more than "I just want to touch her on the dance floor" could easily set up the most intimate, candlelit dance on top a secluded rooftop. Midnight City is great for this. Always take into effect auto return on any parcel. Not only does she feel the thought put into it but it's nice to not be in a huge crowd. It may take some work on your part since it seems that most places now have become no build. You will most likely have to find the perfect place prior to actually having your date to work out any kinks.

One of the main keys is atmosphere and location. It is amazing how much the setting can help set the mood and do a lot of the little work for you. So if you can pick a situation (like dancing) where there is some sort of physical contact or a cuddling position, with great scenery and the right music then you are 1/2 way there already. Then it is just all about focusing on your her and making her the center of your universe. Pay attention to what and how she is responding, and you can figure out real quick what it is that turns her on. You can also do little things like have her describe her perfect first date, or to tell you about her first kiss, that will open the doors to you on what sort of setting turns her on. Listening is a huge plus!

Sometimes being together, is enough to foster a feeling of closeness. You can also explore a quiet time together, talk about what you like about the place, maybe look for out of the way spots that you two discover together. You'd be surprised how fast a spot like that, even if it's just a little place, can easily turn into a shared special moment together. If you're the shy type, thats o.k. a lot of girls actually find that endearing, especially in SL. Let her know that you are shy & that you want to get to know her better.

Dating is not the only time you can woo. Little things like gifts of thought work well too. For example if you know where her home set is, you can fill that area with flowers after she logs. Don't spend a lot of money, there's no need. They could be copyable flowers. It's just the thought that you took the time to A. remember her log in spot B. thought of her enough to leave her a gift telling her just that.

One word to her can mean so much. If you're thinking of her let her know in an IM. If all else fails, and you don't know what to do for a date night, you rent a movie and watch it together.
For a guide on date places and other stuffies, visit Natalia's SL Diary Blog post where she posted one on Dating & Philosophy.
Good Luck! And happy woo'ing!

Coming Soon: Wooage 101 - How to Woo a Guy


Laylah said...

"...if you know where her home set is, you can fill that area with flowers after she logs..."

Jelly - please come and woo me. I soooo "Awww!"d at that.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Haha! Damn it! Send me a LM, I'll woo your ass! :p

m said...

My modus operandi in the wooing department is much as you say, JB. The intimate spaces, the talking long into the night.

I also try to put her in a box, like Julian Sands did to that girl in "Boxing Helena", and keep her captive for a while. It really brings out aspects of both of our characters that can be quite illuminating.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Mike, you never cease to amaze me... Ever! :p

Tweeze said...

Yah. I'm down with the "put her in a box" thingy. If that doesn't woo her, then she might be woo'd when I let her out, eventually.
'Course... if I poke holes in the box so she can breathe, that might be considered "wooing"... at the very least, it would lead to her going "awwwwww" when the air in the box began to circulate.