Monday, March 19, 2007

The Thong is Wrong!

Okay time for me to step up on my soap box, *takes deep breath* And here we go...

I hate thongs on males, I really hate it! Whoever thinks (with the exception of gay men *coughs Blaine*) that hairy men's asses slung into some butt floss is sexy seriously needs a psych evaluation. You know what's sexy? Boxers! Yes, boxers. I can understand men wanting girls in a thong. I mean after all our pixels are sexier in the breakdown of sexes, but guys, thongs? Eww! STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE!
  • Naked WITH attachment? Yes!
  • Boxers? Yes!
  • Swim trunks? Yes!
  • Boxer briefs? Eh, still better than a thong!

The only reason why I have ever attended a thong night was because it was my friends club. Otherwise I would have totally protested. While I'm on this subject, let me tell you that I am tired of nooblet sluts that do nothing but text rape me with their sexual obnoxiousness every time I'm in chat range. Thong night just so happens to be a great environment for this. Gah! CLOSE UR LEGS GIRLS! YOU'RE STINKIN UP THE JOINT! Sluts giving sweet, innocent, virginal girls like us a bad rep. *rolls her eyes*

Okay back to the subject at hand... THONGS on males. If you are planning on attempting to swoon us, please, please, please do not whip out the ass floss. I don't care if it's the only thing you got to work with, just don't! Try relying on wit, charm, words of woo, or anything else you can pull out of your ass, just not that string. It's the quickest corkiest way to dry us bitches up. *excuse me while I vomit*

*steps off soap box*.
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1 comment:

Akasha =^.^= said...

words of woo yes! Thongs are wrong!!!!!!!! Thongs should only be worn in south America if you have to worry about the penis eating fish.. Other then that NOOOOO I say! Yay to Jelly my pookies for bringing to the attention of those out there who would get the idea to wear such things!