Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wooage 101 - How to Woo a Guy

In my last post I totally forgot to add the definition of wooage. My bad. So I think it's best if I begin this one with a clear definition. Oh yah and I'm sure I don't need to point out to you that this is just my opinion, right? I didn't think so. You're such a good class. :) I'm not sure I should be writing the Wooage posts, but I didn't see any of the other bitches here jumping all over it. Haha!

Wooage: to woo. The feeling of "awwww" from any given word, action, and/or moment. The event or action that causes your heart to flutter and your entire body to feel like silly putty.

Now that I got that out of the way an entire post too late, we can move on. Guys are a little bit different when it comes to woo because a lot of men in SL are pretty damn slutty and for those men of course there are skanks-a-plenty. This post isn't for either of them, but I'm sure down the road, I could dedicate a post to the Meat Market.

I did some research this time and besides big pixelated tatas being considered a form of wooage on our part, I learned very little. Most guys don't have clue one on what the hell they like or what they'd consider a wooage attempt. The general consensus was that most of them prefer a straight forward woman that will im them first. To them, this is wooage, crazy as that may sound to us. It gets them interested.

Guys are not romantic by nature & anything usually taken as romance was either for the woman's benefit or a complete "oopsie". So romance is probably not a route we should take when trying to woo the male species. Different guys take stuff in different ways and most of the time anything done generally just inflates their ego... giving them a smile, or a wink could or could not be considered wooage on your part.

From the guys I spoke to today my stance is this, they love the first move but only when us girls make it. Thing is a lot of guys don't really know what they want, so by the girl making the first move they are like wOOt, yah it gets them all hoppity. So girls, that's pretty much it. Haha! There is no such a thing as wooing a guy. Not in their eyes anyways. We may think we're wooing by giving them time, attention, fussing over them, trusting them around our friends, dressing them, etc etc but to them this isn't wooage. This is a girl who has peaked his interests, occasionally gives pressies and could see himself spending more time with.

Of course regardless of your sex, be it male or female, humans (avatars) in general want to know they are thought of. You can all refer back to Wooage 101 - How to Woo A Girl on ways to let someone know they are thought of.

If I'm wrong guys, please let me know. I'd love to hear what more than the 12 guys I asked say.
Happy wooage attempts,



Tweeze said...

I would say you're way off if you think that simply IM'ing a guy constitutes "wooing" him. I think I can speak for most of men when I tell ya that for a girl to woo a guy, it needs to come from her heart. Taking a guy to a quiet private place (if there is such a thing) would be a good start -- it means you want to get him alone and spend quality time together. Telling a guy how you FEEL would probably top the list of "wooing a guy", because most men have NO IDEA what women are thinking until they say so. (Contrary to women's popular belife, guys can't read women's minds.)

Truth said...

Well she had me at hello....


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I think that's a great point. It does go beyond an IM... and other things that come from the heart are not necessarily considered wooage, just acts of love. I'm sure there's some kind of line that determines one or the other. I love the quiet place suggestion. You are deeper than the guys I asked today by far.

again & again Boo... <3


Milan said...

Are we in the same SL? I totaly agree with tweeze.. I am a guy and believe me a woman that makes a first move is not 'wooing' me either.
If that would be the case, i would feel 'wooage' all the time: women and girls in SL are predators . I get 'first moves' all evening.

How about: A girl that can tempt my curiousity with anything else then pixel tits/ass, pink/blond wigs, annoying 'i am so cute' soundfiles and the whole 'gosh i'm famous in sl act'...
Total wooage: An intelligent conversation, a girl that can hold my attention for longer then 5 minutes because she has value in any other way then how her pixels look.

Moments of tenderising are when people show a glimpse of their true personality to you in this very anonymous world. The reason they do this is because at that very moment they think you are worth it. Male or female. That's wooage for me...

Can i date your daughter now, Jellybean?

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Where were you & Tweeze when I was asking? :p I think in both cases, male & female it boils down to pretty much the most common things... attention, affection & interest. I'm by no means an expert, just a pink-headed nobody that went on a mission of curiosity.

I'm very impressed that there are deeper guys out there in SL, not just ones that want to get deeper. There is hope after all. :)


SLNatalia said...

Jellybean, personally, I prefer to wear a blonde hair, bump into a guy, then ask for directions :P

OK OK...I didnt just say that :P Ive never done that ( SL anyways :P)

Its so cool that you are writing about dating advice in SL! Its something I tried but failed badly at. But you are such a natural at it! Keep it up! :)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thanks Natalia but I think men disagree with us. Rofl! I love your advice :)