Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I love cats... but I can't eat a whole one.


That's right, nekos. If you can't hear the disdain then you're just not listening hard enough. It's way past time for someone to say something. (And, go figure, halfway through writing this I see that the next PWND magazine is -duh- nekos. Awesome. Oh well, I must persevere, it's for the good of the people!) In general nekos are a good idea; cutesy, catty (no pun intended), and it totally gives you a viable excuse for purring like a wanton hussy whenever you damn well feel like it.

Yeah, it's adorable the first 5000 times I see one but there is only so much cat-tail a mouse can take. I know this sounds super hypocritical but really, the girls I log with rock and you don't. So, do us all a favor – When you find yourself bored and think “Hmm.. I should go neko like every other girl in SL” just don't. When I rez into a sim (and this happened the other night, mind you) and every single girl in there is part cat, my allergies start acting up and no one believes me when I tell them that “Cough-cough-sheep-cough” really is just how it sounds when I have a little tickle in my throat. The worst part is... they're multiplying! (And thanks to PWND it's going to be even worse. Good job, Bitches. :P)

Originality is not a sin. Hell, you don't even have to be completely original! You know, if you want to be anthro you can do just about anything. I'm part mouse, my boyfriend is part fox (and all sexy! -pant pant- ) and I know girls that are part bunny. There's a wicked cool naga set with AO and everything so you can be part snake even!

Rip apart a fursuit, build your own, or gather parts around the sims. It takes a bit of looking but it can be done! You do not have to be a catgirl - there is hope!

More designers should make random animal parts .. like raccoons and foxes and mice and bunnies and shit. (Personally, I think I would make one sexy little piggy anthro. Can't you just see it? A cute nose prim and curly tail.. OMFG.) The best place to find a set that isn't kitty is at Hybrid. They are hidden way on the top of the wall but hey, it's a start. They even come with a HUD just like other, better selling cat-girl items do!

Fact is, lots of cool ideas are pushed aside in favor of the “top seller”. I don't begrudge you designers your lindens or props – I know how crappy it can be sometimes... but, don't you think that if we pushed a little more variety we could more than make up in revenues the time spent on the design?

Now, what have we learned? That's right; just say no to 'Neko'... and for god's sake, pass the cheese.

**I'd just like to add... Fuckin' A Right InkD tattoo on the cover of PWND. Have I told you lately that I love you? (Kiss)**

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