Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Da Bling Thing

Not sure I'm even ready for mah 1st Blog but here it goes..

Lately I've been chatting with the other MG's about our pet peeves in SL and I gotta say my BIGGEST pp is BLING.. I mean everyone as a newbie is enthralled with *bling* when they 1st arrive in SL... but like ::Get Over it Already:: All it does is cover up the beautiful things created by other designers that really take time, effort AND imagination to make.

Did you realize that MOST bling is made by no talent "so called designers" that throw a bling script in a prim! .. Even I could do that fgs! and I'm about as "prim handicapped" as they come:P

I think the guys that use bling are worse than the chicks.. I mean irl we girls can sorta *bling* with our jewelry and certain clothing we wear, but how many guys do you se
e walking around with *blingy* arm cuffs and belt buckles? Come on Guys.. Get with It.. Use that "shiny" personality to get some attention. I mean do you really wanna be known as "that blingy guy?"

Just for the record I wanna say I'm not against ALL *bling* Some things do work well with a "lil sparkle" like engagement rings or to accent something thats brand spanking new.. but those Over Blingers who shoot blinding lights outta every avie orafice really gotta go:) TY for reading... and I will be back with more of Pet's Peeves :P


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