Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something Strange is Afoot o.O

Dear LL...

Really. That's the best you could do?

So what happened? You guys were busy... burning the midnight oil... usin' a little elbow grease... yada yada. And then what? Pooped out? Did your deadline get moved up? What was it? The Head guy and the Finger guy were doing ok, but what... was the foot guy on break? Phoning it in? "Yea guys just chop that big toe so it looks triangular... dainty, no?"

And it's only with the help of a highly-trained and able army of custom creators that we are able to at least mask this oddity with the help of a skin. Somehow not too comforting to know that on the seventh day when the Big Cheese said "let them have feet", this was the result. I'm wondering what cost-saving idea was proposed by cutting corners (literally!) on our feet. Sure, seems like it wouldn't be a big deal... but how do you tell one of your closest friends that the sight of their slightly-shaved-off, one-dimensional footsies is like nails on a chalkboard to you?

On the other hand, perhaps this was a scheme cooked up by the ever elusive and mysterious Lindens intended to lay the foundation for the prim manipulators of the future... Hmmm.. coincidence? What possible other reason could they have? And you would think that covering up these beauties would solve the problem, right? Yea, not as much as you'd hope... case in point:

Yup. Cankles. Fleshpants. No amount of H2O can relieve this kind of bloating. What *can* you do, you ask. Why, there's only one thing To Do... wear boots. That's right, throw out those stilettos, those cutsie lil heels and dancing shoes. It's really the only answer. Trust me when I tell you I've looked for the cankle slider... with no success. Err, I was helping a friend, that's the only way I know about the cankle issue. Yea that's it. But look! It's not only her. That purple foot was ganked off of a serious fashion blog! Cankles!

Anyhow, in closing, I'd like to ask the Lindens to rethink the whole foot deal. Really it's embarrassing that there are now over 6,800,000 users in SL and this is what they must walk on every day of their slife.

Thank you for your consideration,
Rosie Shark :)


Ann said...

Not until they fix the system skirts! I'm waaaayyyy more concerned about the appearance of my ass!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I demand people wear shoes!!! Seriously SL feet gross me out. Yah, Aka I am pointing my finger at you & all your bare footed friends. Freaking hippies!! ;p

Phobos said...

Ok, but prim toes are/are not the answer. Discuss.

Personally I think prim toes are hawt... in a sick, demented and sad kinda way.

:P's your toes.

Alex Burgess said...

That's why I leave my boots on during SLex

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Cazzy Ewry said...

I think the feet look even worse when you have to shrink them to size 0 to fit into prim they're tiny and disfigured! If a rl person had feet this shape and size, they wouldn't be able to walk! (or even stand, come to think of it...) Am I thinking too deeply into this? Maybe I need some fresh air...