Thursday, May 24, 2007

Filthy Chicks

filth·y [fil-thee]


  • Foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth; disgustingly or completely dirty.

  • Vile; vulgar; obscene: filthy language.

I love to model. Something about being in front of the camera, watching the lighting play off of my avatar as I focus on this or that, really makes me happy. I edit my own photos in photoshop and it allows me to be creative in ways I can't do in RL ( I can't draw for the life of me -_- ). I get to model a lot for my tattoo parlor – I'm always there when I need someone to wear the newest ink. That's business, though, and it can wear a bit thin. For fun I love to model for Filth Magazine.

I'm no Barbie, by any standards. I love to get dirty, grab my guns, strap on my shit-kicking boots and just let loose. Most places or magazines want you to look like a haute couture goddess or stripper of the month. Filth, however, wants us dirty girls; tattoos, guns, boots and all.

MG has a very diverse readership and I know some of you girls love to model, just like I do. Filth Magazine is looking for Filthy Chicks to grace it's glossy pages. They're not looking for Barbies, mind you, or nasty slider-impaired strippers... They want intelligent, talented, unique avatars with a firm sense of personal style – not mainstream style.

So think you're a Filthy Chick?

Fill out the following questions and slide a sexy snap into a notecard and name it (Your name)...Is a Filthy Chick and send it to Kitty Lalonde, Tiernan Serpentine or drop it in the Filth Offices mailbox.


Five things you love?

Five things you hate?

What three items would you take to a desert island?

What is the most deviant sex toy you own in SL?

If you could get away with it, what would you do in PG land?


Wrath said...

Also, totally unrelated to the modeling gig, feel free to accidentally forward a copy of your notecard to ATTN: WRATH PAINE as that would be okay, too.

If you'd like to add your measurements and a daytime phone number to the questionnaire, that's perfectly acceptable, as well.

. . .

Still waiting.


Laylah said...

You win the adorable award!


October Hush said...

Oh Wrath, you're so funny =)

Hmm...maybe I could be a Filthy Girl...

What do you think, Wrath?

Wrath said...

Well, duh - your name alone gets you the job, Tober! ;-)

Miss October.

How convenient. *g*

Oh, and besides, if you do get the modeling job, then finally I won't feel so bad about having introduced you to everyone as a filthy girl all these years. tee hee Kidding!

October Hush said...

That's Ms. Hush to you.

Tiana Meriman said...

very cool video, i loved it ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey what guns where that doing martial arts animations?