Friday, May 18, 2007

Carrying Your Spoon!

Spoon Carriers as told by JellyBean Madison...

The definition:
A Spoon Carrier is a person who has been properly trained in the fine art of Drama Cooking/Stirring. Mostly, the spoons are the pride of the carrier and handled with care, often polished, and shined. They carry their spoon(s) around on their person at all times, as one may not know when or how often stirring opportunities may arise. They can smell a pot of drama on the stove miles away, will swoop in, most times unnoticed to turn up the heat, give it a stir, stand back & watch it start to boil over. Keeping drama away from their own kitchen as well as sneaking in to stir the pots of other's simmering drama is not an easy task. This is purely for their entertainment purposes only, well mayhapsibly their friends also. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned bitch fest? :D Beginners should start out with a spork (It's like a big "student driver" sign).

Tools of the Skill:

The most common spoon carried is the "Big Drama" spoon. Though it's name makes it sound like it is only used in fantastic situations, it is just as easily used in less than big situations. In fact, this is the most practical spoon of the four. It's heavy duty, wider at the mouth, can handle about any size drama there is, can be used for scooping up massive quantities in single scoop and perfect for when you're on the go and gotta spoon it out fast.

The sister spoon to the "Big Drama" is the "Love Drama" spoon. Not just confined to lovers, but used with love to stir up a current drama that a friend is having... notice bottom of heart shaped tip... symbolizes the love and concern they show by mixing things up.

The "Square Drama" spoon is used for anything in between "Big & Love Drama". Nerd drama, prim drama, fashion drama, land drama and most definitely TRINGO drama... all of that fits into the square category.

Last but not least, this is me showing off & using my very own "Neko Drama" spoon. Neko drama is not limited to actual "nekos" but can also mean "catty" in general, which as you know most bitches are. :) So in this case scenario I am using it the "neko" way to say it gets used for when all hell breaks loose because someone doesn't like the neko revolution (reference) which we heard about AFTER that post & trust me, we laughed til we pissed ourselves.

The reason why I put this post together was because I have been asked what a spoon carrier meant or was. I have no problem educating ya'll on our short hand lingo. :) Next I'll tell ya the truth about "limelighters".

Til next time, wear oven mitts and remmy the pots are hawt!


Tiana Meriman said...

and for the rest of us who dont go around starting drama, there is the "matrix spoon". there is no spoon ^^ :P

Laylah said...

Nu-uh .. We don't *start* anything... we just agitate what is already there. ^^

Nex Brannan said...

Yay! Jelly lurned me!
Thank you Ms. Madison.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

You are so welcome Mr. Brannan. :)

myg said...

oh hell that's funny...