Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Faked It: Confessions of a Multi-Tasker

Ever wonder what exactly she was doing while you spun all the magic you could into typing out that erotic novel to her? Of course you would think that she is as spellbound with your creamworthy wordations as you are with your ability to correctly spell “penetrate”, but in reality she may just have other pressing matters to attend to. Of course it’s important to her that you reach the end you’re aiming for, she’s just able to juggle many things at once… she’s a woman afterall. Some names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Rosie Shark: so tell me about yourself
Ivanna Humpalot: Just one second phone
Ivanna Humpalot: Okay back, sorry to keep you waiting
Rosie Shark: no problem...
Rosie Shark: busy girl?
Ivanna Humpalot: Very much so, if I don't stay busy I get bored
Ivanna Humpalot: I've always been a multitasker, it's like breathing to me
Rosie Shark: so does multitasking extend to all areas of your life?
*****waits for a response*****
Rosie Shark: is this a bad time for you? Distracted?
Ivanna Humpalot: lmao sorry
Ivanna Humpalot: I multitask everything
Rosie Shark: and everyone?
Ivanna Humpalot: from housework, to SL, and people
Rosie Shark: lol
Ivanna Humpalot: Most people know this & accept it.
Rosie Shark: "most"?
Ivanna Humpalot: Well it's not something I say right off the bat like "Hi I'm a multitasker" like someone would say, "Hi I'm gay"
Rosie Shark: don't you think something of this magnitude should be fully disclosed to those around you?
Ivanna Humpalot: Not really, I am so good at it after doing it for so long, most people can't even tell
Rosie Shark: which is the reason for this interview
Ivanna Humpalot: I hate to brag but one time I put my multitasking skills to the test...
Ivanna Humpalot: I was on an alt and on my main av while managing to cyber with two different men, in two different sims
Ivanna Humpalot: No one was the wiser
Rosie Shark: hmmm you *are* good
Ivanna Humpalot: and I would say that was my greatest multitasking moment of all time
Rosie Shark: so then you were proud?
Ivanna Humpalot: Very proud
Ivanna Humpalot: I deserved an Emmy
Ivanna Humpalot: In fact, at the same time I was IM’ing my best friend telling her of my master skills
Rosie Shark: wow
Rosie Shark: did either of these guys ever find out?
Ivanna Humpalot: Yes
Ivanna Humpalot: and I was so busted & dumped
Rosie Shark: in looking back on that experience
Rosie Shark: would you say that your "performance" was not compromised
Ivanna Humpalot: It probably was to some degree, but neither complained
Ivanna Humpalot: so I suppose even average was enough for them to get their rocks off
Rosie Shark: was that the only time you multi-tasked in this manner?
Ivanna Humpalot: Yes
Ivanna Humpalot: I should use my powers for good not evil
Rosie Shark: well yes you should rofl
Rosie Shark: was this texting to both?
Ivanna Humpalot: yes
Rosie Shark: don't have to worry about typing the wrong thing in the wrong box with that then
Ivanna Humpalot: no you keep it basic... "baby" works very well
Rosie Shark: ok other than doing two guys at once...
Ivanna Humpalot: There was one time that I played with my friend for months with an alt
Rosie Shark: just you on an alt or were you coming at your friend from both characters?
Ivanna Humpalot: On both characters, so they wouldn't suspect the alt was me
Rosie Shark: and what did you do to your friend?
Ivanna Humpalot: I played the bitchy newbie that was a man-hater
Rosie Shark: just to push your friend's buttons?
Ivanna Humpalot: exactly, because he couldn't figure it out.
Rosie Shark: have you ever cybered while doing other things?
Ivanna Humpalot: Oh sometimes I surf the web if it's boring, paint my toenails, sometimes load the dishwasher or make a light snack
Rosie Shark: so then with so much going on...
Ivanna Humpalot: It's just a normal day for me
Rosie Shark: in these multi-cyber situations, are you totally in the moment or do you find the need to fake it?
Ivanna Humpalot: Completely faked it
Ivanna Humpalot: I cannot see how people can text type cyber & actually masterbate
Rosie Shark: So then you aren’t totally into it… why do it then?
Ivanna Humpalot: it's like a contest
Ivanna Humpalot: to see who can write the most erotically
Rosie Shark: kinda challenging?
Ivanna Humpalot: exactly
Rosie Shark: so what was it that motivated you to *do* these two at once?
Ivanna Humpalot: exactly as you said
Ivanna Humpalot: challenge
Rosie Shark: personal growth?
Ivanna Humpalot: I am always looking for new ways to push the limits of my skills

So there you have it! Could just be you are not the only thing on her mind… even at the times you most think you should be! Next time, keep her on her feet… say something sexy like “say my name, bitch” see if that gets the appropriate response :P


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Oh Rosie... Your post makes me touch myself. *creams*

Tiana Meriman said...

i have to wonder if this is a real person or not (with name changed) and if your making fun of her or not.

cause really she's not that impressive and hardly a master multi-tasker

Akasha =^.^= said...

Yes it is a real person and no were not making fun of her, Although I wish we could.

Honestly, if it's not that impressive and hardly a Master, then hey if you have better storys then share them! We are always open for bigger and better! LOL ;)

Tiana Meriman said...

well i hate to brag (reminds you of anyone? lol)

but i have cybered with 3 people im IM at the same time and didnt fake it and i wrote long text and didnt resort to "baby".

so thats for the bragging lol but what i'm trying to say is that many of us juggle plenty of IMs and do other things at the same time like building, creating clothes, playing tringo or doing things irl. (i know plenty of people who cook dinner while being in sl and i eat in front of my pc all the time.)

i'll give her credit for using 2 avies but in a world where poseballs do all the work and a few clicks change your position, i dont see it as an amazing thing.

i'm hardly impressed by someone that can chat and paint her toe nails at the same time.

and for the record fooling your friend with an alt, is totally a mean thing to do.

October Hush said...

Doesn't everyone multitask in SL?

Phobos said...

Just imagine what Ivanna could do if she owned a Sybian!