Friday, May 4, 2007


Alright, honestly I'm trying to come up with different things to write about, but to tell you the truth. If you know me, this will come as no surprise to you what so ever, but I don't write.. I am so not even one who should be on here, but I love my girls so I add my 2 cents here when I can. LOL I have something that I want to put out there for all to think about, yes one of my "food for thought" *gasp* what a concept Aka is writing about something we have to think about *skims down to the bottom* LOL. No, but really, What do you see SL as being for you? For some it is a way to have fun and escape the stresses and hell that is the RL world. For others it is a place to release their creativity and let the world see things through their eyes. For others *like me* it's a way to connect with others and just have fun with friends. And yes, there are those who think it's a way to just get there freak on and who cares about anything on the other side of that monitor they are looking at..

I'm sorry.. wait no I'm not.. this is not a place where I have to apologize for how I think.. To me that's just FuCkEd UP! Honestly.. who wants to deal with that shit? Granted,a relationship in SL or RL and yes there is always the potential of getting hurt because of one reason or another the relationship doesn't work out. Yes, this is classified as a Game.. or better known as an MMORPG (for those of you still new to this Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). BUT at the same time *and yes I put a but after a period so what? Eat me if you care that much about my grammar* there are RL people with RL emotions on the other side of those hawt pixels your looking at.

Something Jelly showed me really interested me, it was a post on Taunt by Twiddler Thereian called "Is An Online Affair, An Affair?" Granted it's not just about sl and yes we are trying to keep this blog thingy all about sl, but come on it's a really good article!!! LOL Anyway, it got me thinking about how people see SL and all it's ways around.. I really think the way he looks at things in this article is well.. right on target. Of course, there is one thing I do not agree with, but I can see his point so not even saying what it is.. BUT I love it, the article, his views, everything!

Anyway I digress, STOP thinking about SL as just another game.. It's not just another game people.. TSO *The Sims Online* is just another game, WOW *World Of Warcraft* is just another game, hell for us old geezers UO *Ultima Online* is just another game. SL is what you make it and I hope that everyone makes it the best they can! SL Is more like RL then most people would like to admit.. Live, Love, and be happy! Enjoy every day and live to it's fullest!

Just some food for thought.


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Awwww my Aka, you are so cuddly now. It's so cute. *ducks from sharp flying objects* Great post, now all I need is an OL spouse. GO TEAM BEAN! hahaha!

Tiana Meriman said...

i agree, mopst people see second life as a game when its not. its truly another world.

i think its mostly newbies who think like that though, they come here misinformed and so dont really realise that what they are doing can hurt others.