Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hi my name is Orchid and I am an addict.
Well, at least I feel that's what I should be saying. I'm not really an addict, except that whole dependancy upon caffeine in the form of pop. Some may also argue that I'm addicted to blogs (both readind and writing in).

After months of struggling to keep my head above the virtual post water as far as fashion blogs go, I had made my own personal blog for both my SL friends and RL friends/family to read in order to keep up with my usually hectic daily life. Fortunately JellyBean saw me floundering around with no arm floaties and rescued me from the world of fashion blogging. She invited me here where my opinions and blunt honesty wouldn't be censored in favor of kissing virutal hiney.
What's in it for us?
I know how frustrating and just plain scary it can be to have found a new favorite blog to read just to have a new person start writing in it. Sometimes the new person is completely off track from what you're used to, and sometimes that's okay. At times the FNG (Fuckin' New Guy) is just a pain in your ass and you want everyone to know it! Regardless of circumstances I will attempt to make this merger as painless as possible. If it hurts I'll slow down. I'll still respect you in the morning, bebeh.
We Can't Do This with a Stranger!
Yeah I totally understand. I don't like reading stuff strangers say either - and usually I don't give a rip about their opinions either so I will just give a little bit of information about myself so you won't feel so dirty.

  • I don't have a seperate SL
  • Immature, opinionated, and easily amused have all been used to discribe me
  • Machinima is my 'thing'
  • I like purple. A lot.
  • My sarcasm loses its charm in text sometimes
  • Married IRL to my SL partner
  • Met my RL husband in SL
  • Always too fat to be at the top of the pyramid
  • Never too tired to talk shit
That sums it up well enough.

I've been in Second Life for almost three years now. I've been doing the machinima thing just as long, and have been a smart ass my entire life. I've never been a SL Barbie - so all these things combined not ONLY nearly make me Captain Planet .. but also make me a nice peg to fit in with the MGG2SL group just fine. Well everyone except Jelly. She gets jealous of my short temper.

No Promises
I can't promise anyone that I can stick to any certain topics to blog about ... but I can tell you that it will at least be thought provokin .. even if your only thought it stabbing me in the face with a broken broom handle. Oh and good luck with that .. I'm pretty tough *flex*


♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I'm so excited I could squirt! Welcome aboard Orchid! Thankoo for warning readers of the pending doomage! Hahaha!

Alex Burgess said...

Hey Orchid! Anyone who uses the "FNG" acronym in casual conversation has my instant attention. LMAO. (And anyone capable of using it is unlikely to get stuck with the tag.) Looking forward to more. Take no prisoners. Or, take many, if that's yr bent.

Laylah said...

Yay - More pussy! *sneezes*

Welcome to the Mean Girls... Have a spoon!

Rosie said...

Yayyyy Orchid :D Welcome!

Striker Wolfe said...

Orchid, I WUB YOU!

oh and your super kawaii