Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh Snap! Out & About on the Grid

JellyBean: Yah, shup! We know it's been awhile since we've done an Oh Snap! It's Laylah's fault. The bitch that she is pretends to always be busy when we really know she's whoring herself out. You may have to click to enlarge the images, don't hurt yourself.
Laylah: Lies - all lies! I'm a married woman now. I spend my time baking cookies in only an apron and stilettos. It's a hard knock life.

The Bunneh
Laylah: Oh god, the bunny. Ok, I know.. I did tell you to be something besides a cat.. and I did mention bunnies. It's nice to see you listen but lets not take it to extremes. You might as well go full furry. The truth is - I hate bunnies. I do. I will speed up if I see one in the road...but I tell people not to be fucking cats so I can't really sneeze at bunnies. I mean - she looks so stupid. Why, god why, would you cover you hands and feet in those things when there are so many wonderful shoes out there.. and the hands just creep me out.

JellyBean: She's one strong bunneh to hold wee men on one shoulder. I'm not sure but she leaves me confused. Furry or not furry? Help me out here - throw the bean a bone. Oi! Speaking of bonin', would being with her be considered bestiality? *shakes head* I am confused by what I do not understand.

The Stretch
Laylah: The plastic man tote reminds me of Stretch Armstrong. Remember him? Weird... or maybe Gumby. I wonder if this guy can glide like Gumby does. How cool would that be? ... Big, bald and scary as all get-out. At least he's not cookie-cutter like everyone else. Even toothpick legs loves the bling. it's a disease, I swear.

JellyBean: I bet he's a great contortionist. I'm not sure I could honestly get past the bling & small head to find out. However I seriously wanna ask for a piggy back ride just so I can touch the clouds.

Mr. Winky
Laylah: Mr. WINKY! Not too bad looking.. except for the third leg. What's they they say "the barn door's open?" Looks like the horse got out. And again - men not lining up their hair. I mean it's a click and a drag, it's not that hard. No one has to guess what he's doing when he should be fixing his hair.

JellyBean: Now we don't know for sure, but he could have it caught in his zipper. :o The only thing is, he doesn't appear to be in pain, so I'm going to guess he could be into that sort of thing. New meaning to "freeballin". In any case, you don't have to woo his socks off to see what his package looks like... BA BAM! It's just there.

Emo Vamp
Laylah: "I Vant To Suck Your Blood!" Her giant gray boobs scare me - and that's saying something coming from "Bewbs" Mistral. That's one hooker I would be scared to pick up - you could lose more than your wallet and get the ABCs of STDs to boot. It's obvious to me that she is a hooker - look at those boots! I find that people in SL go way super far with the Goth thing. I was goth in high school, thank goodness I grew out of it. Even then I had -some- style. I think we're going to have to do a post on Goth done fashionably well. Yes, yes .. Your life is a dark pit of darkness. We get it - you're so goth you wear velvet tampons, sure. Might as well wash your hair, put on some Dashboard Confessional and cut yourself (so you can feel) because Goth is SO out and Emo is the new Goth.

JellyBean: Everything Laylah said. Lmao!

Oh, Snap!
An MG Blawg Post Series with Laylah & JellyBean. Two views on fashion, faces, and unfortunates combined into one general consensus.

If you see something you'd like us to Oh Snap! Please send the pic(s) full perms to JellyBean Madison in world.


Garbage Prototype said...

Haha this article was fucking amazing GIMME MORE!

Morgana Fillion said...

It's not even the clothes are that skin that make Emo Vamp scary. It's that shape! This vamp is half way through a sex change, I think - got the boobs but the hips and shoulders scream guy.

October Hush said...

Better to be a neko than an usagi. I'd rather be known for grooming myself with my tongue than eating my own poo. ;-)