Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Snap! Out & About on the Grid (Take Deux)

JellyBean: Oh gosh! The response to Oh Snap! Has been insane. People I don't know have been dropping pics on us inworld & I have to say I loveeeeee it! Because we have so many pics & are practically Oh Snap! backlogged, I've asked the other MGs to jump on the series.

Yup that's me in the background. When I saw her I thought "HOLY SHIT! Calista Flockhart hits SL and anorexia will be the new trend." Do you think she had to seriously mod her prim skirt? Her over thinness wouldn't have been so prominent had her tats not reminded me of veins against fragile bone & her AO making her look extremely twiggy! Quick someone get her a cheeseburger, large fries & extra large milkshake!

I'm so confused - is that a human or a tree? Maybe a dryad - in which case, perhaps we should plant it. The tattoo even looks like bark! Someone give this girl a cheeseburger, STAT! I hope the emaciated crack-whore look doesn't become en-vogue because it's completely disgusting and totally at-odds with my banana split lovin ass. I'm going to go ahead and invoke Rule 34 on this - Hippies, start fappin.

what's running down her leg? chawklit rain? ROFLLL I'm trying to decide what look she's trying to pull off. I think I'll call it the "Billy Ray meets Crocodile Hunter on the set of Pimps Up Hoes Down" cuz wtf is with the hooker boots? She almost looks like one of the Olsen twins .. when they were 8. Seriously though you could feed her the fries, shake and burger ... but it still won't help the fact that her arms are penetrating her breasts. If she's THAT thin and the pose is bunk ... that's just a BAD pose. Do people not sit on a pose stand to demo this stuff?

Small French Penor
yBean: Thank the Lindens for farking walls! Two words: PENIS PUMP!

*In a horrible, affected french accent* "Uhh huh huh huh, Monsieur, I see your Oui Oui!" Maybe I am just accustomed to giant willies in SL (See Biggun's Flesh Rocket!!) but even for a '16 year old French boy' this seems .. small. Perhaps it's a French thing. Someone get out the siren, this is grade a child porn... Except it's not really a child. This is poor Jelly's neighbor. Someone turn this guy in - disgusting pervert. I see his balls .. erm, poseballs and I'm pretty sure they don't make him clean his room. Start the witch hunt here, guys. *hork*

Once again - a noob who doesn't thave the money for a skin but has had enough foreski ... foresight to purchase a penis. Now THAT is priority! He needs to hit a butterfly machine ... got a little man boob goin on, and even though I love a good preforming drag queen as much as the next easily amused person .. those gloves gotta go. Looks like he got a bit too worked up .. either that or his choker is too tight. Or is he embarrassed? What's that red shit on his face?! I think its proportionate .. but its just ugly. At least his nuts don't look like a brain though! You seen those? The prim 'nads that look like they came right out of a Jhonen Vasquez drawing?

Holy Hulk Hogan
I so wish I coulda been there to witness this in person. Neck up she's as lovely as a flower, neck down I fear for my slife. What the fuck are they putting in the water at SLeek?

Oh yeah, Hulkamania! Off subject, wanna know something sad? My rl mom thinks the Hulk is sexy. LOL Anyway - Wow. This girl must work out a lot. And they call making tiny prims 'prim torture' - I wonder what those poor prims did to deserve this. Even steroid lady can not resist the lure of the bling! How do you even wear clothes over this? I see she's not wearing any panties - I shudder to think of where they've gone. I wonder if this girl knows what kind of hairy-palmed crowd she's kink-catering too? You know, I think I am a little jealous. I needs me a set of these giant muscles to pimp out. MG's - Beefed up! Hilarious! Seriously - where do you buy these? LOL

Okay ... so I have to figure out if this is a woman or a mullet wearing man? God all those prims! Though its a work of art and I can totally appreciate the craftsmanship of it - Ew. And she isn't even wearing any bottoms! But I can't tell if there's a tuck ... or if its a cooter. But no matter what .. they have their bling and apparently that's all that matters. "I might be ugly as fuck and be accused of being a man .. and I might not be able to fit through a doorway - but god damn it my toes bling!"Toe bling! ftw

JoyStick Hair
Laylah: Joystick Hair: Wow, you know I'm the kind of girl who says "Let go of my hair I know what I'm doing" but this girl's hair just screams "Grab on and twist this bitch like you're at game point on pong!" Seriously, I guess that might be comforting though. Mmm, Atari - You never forget your first! Geeks around the grid will be looking for the quarter slot on this bitch. And I don't even want to know what is on her thigh but I think her coolant is leaking.

See that hair only works on like ... someone who's RPing some kind of midevial type character or a shao-lin monk LOL! OMFG she has that shiny layer thing on .. that's another rant that's on my back burner. So she has on this taxi cab yellow 'kini .... but ugly ass black Budweiser socks? That's horrible product placement! and what's running down her thigh? that a bruise from the stripper pole?

Oh, Snap!
An MG Blawg Post Series. Views on fashion, faces, and unfortunates combined into one general consensus.
If you see something you'd like us to Oh Snap! Please send the pic(s) full perms to JellyBean Madison in world.


Anonymous said...

Jealousy is soo ugly on you.

Anonymous said...

your words and making fun of others is whats truly ugly here

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 1 & 2... I'm Anon 3 =)
Jealousy? You really think they'd want to be these people? That's funny, but honestly, keep your day job. =)
Lighten up and learn to laugh. Names were not used and these people freely walk the grid. I play a green avatar, yes with green skin. I'm just awaiting my Oh Snap debut. If you can't laugh at yourself, your issues are far deeper than just need of happy pills. =(

Nivea Frua said...

Haha the overly skinny girls in SL scare me, I dont know how they just dont drop dead in their tracks...and on top of that they end up being like 7 feet tall o_o
Your posts can be soo amuseing XD

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 and 2:

You want an ugly blog, try that other one that claims it doesn't "stoop" to the level that MG does. They are right, they don't. They stoop far lower.

Can't say I agree with everything the MG's post but at least they don't hide behind 2 alts and pick on the people they know they can affect.

Shenandoah said...

This site makes me laugh, and the comments make it even better! Especially made by someone who is anonymous.
Makes ya wonder, who IS anon 1 & 2.
- The anorexian
- The nekkid half-a-penis guy
- The hulkian guy/girl
- The I-have-a-bad-hairday girl

Hmmm, guess it's the anorexian..:D

tiana meriman said...

i think the last girl wasnt so bad, her hair reminds me of one of the hairs i got at calico a long time ago. the one on the pic looks heavilly modified though but i'm pretty sure its the same one.

also i'm really really curious about that red spot on her leg, someone needs to ask her what happened cause its really bugging me.

Phoenix Chapman said...

Whenever I post someone's pic on SL Fashion Police, the comments calling me mean are always by the ones pictured.

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is pretty awful on her!

And yeah, all the anons need to step off or grow a pair and *not* post anon. Cause, if you think about it, your SL identity isn't your RL identity, so you're already anon! Durh.

Great post though! :D

Manticore Pinion said...

the thing on the #4's leg was actually something dangling off her bikini.
and the budweiser socks were because it was the budweiser select model search. I guess she thought that and the joystick hair would up her chances. lmao.

Charissa said...

*Spits coffee* you bitches make me proud to be a bitch! <3

Anonymous said...

Calling out other blogs is kinda funny when this one claims to be "A-Listers". This blog reminds me of the bunch of girls in high school who think they are all that, but after graduation they end up working for McDonalds, or Dairy Queen.

This blog is High School at best. I can tell you a few blogs that posts what people are really think about, as opposed to this teenie-bopper rag. I doubt other blogs think about Meat of the week or some High-Schoolish thing like that.

A-Listers talking about Meat of the Week. Ok.