Monday, July 28, 2008

Pop Goes the Weezel

Ok.. yeah I admit it.. Imma Mean Girl.. Always was and always will be. Come on People, we ALL have that streak in us somewhere, but its not the mean streak thats a problem, its how you use it. Some of us use it with finesse to enlighten others. Some use it to open the door for a well needed change. But there's those that use it for their own personal gain with no regard for anything or anyone outside their own twisted head So with that thought in mind I have decided to get a lil mean for enlightment purposes and expose those who abuse their meaness at the expense of others :P As a long time resident of SL I think I have enough experience in this area to warn fellow residents to this type of predator and my only hope is that these words can spare someone the agony of experiencing and dealing with them. First of all there are "real people" in here who are genuine and find places in our hearts..They are our True Friends and relationships we have with them are endless and boundless. We can talk about our RL's and share bad times as well as good times. Then there's those who use this place and the people in it for amusement at the expense of others. You WILL run into them and lets make sure you're well armed and can run them over when you do:P Let's analyse this a little deeper in case study form using a person we'll call Tiny Toon.. Tiny Toon is a desperate little man that honestly thinks he's all that and presents himself as such. He will start a convo with his usual charm making you feel like this is the 1st time he's ever done this. He may even tell you this IS the "1st time" hes met anyone as wonderful as you. He will take great pics of your avatar and make you feel like you are the sexiest and most desirable girl in here ( all the while hes doing this to 2 or 3 other chicks too.. and more prolly than not.. your good friends. ) He will play songs on his stream and say they remind him of you. Yes, Ladies the "woo'ing" is intense. In some weird way Tiny Toon has a hard time understanding friendships and the loyalties they possess. Valuing friendships seems to elude him and therefore he has no respect for any one else's friendship. He will use one friend against another, whispering half truths and his own point of view in your friends ears and when he does this to the gullible and lovelorn he succeeds and the result is the loss of a friend for YOU and a new victim for him. Tiny Toon lacks the maturity and masculinity to befriend another man, instead he finds fault in ALL men around him. He doesn't seem to have the emotional ego to share this place with other males. On the other hand Tiny Toon is VERY egotistical, when he's not telling you how sexy and beautiful you are, he's telling you how talented and wonderful he is. He sorta fills the whole conversation with his thoughts, words and opinions. He also hates hearing about your RL, especially the happy parts.. If you mention the nice dinner you had with your rl hubby or boyfriend you are accused of being insensitive to his feelings and asked not to do that again. Tiny Toon will however pass you notecards from other women he's currently flirting with in here as "proof" of how lucky you are that he's with you. In the beginning you are in awe of his prowess and intellect but after a while you open your eyes and start thinking "Am I ever right? Do I have any worthwhile thoughts? Why am I feeling hostility towards my friends? and Why cant I talk about my RL?:( This is when the problem starts. This is when you realize that the world he's created for the both of you is only meeting his needs. For a while you try and find what went wrong and you're told it's all your fault cause your not understanding or you take things out of context. In the beginning you 2nd guess yourself and even walk on eggshells around him, trying to be perfect so he will tell you those sweet, romantic things he used to tell you. What you havent realized or dont want to realize is ..He IS saying them.. only to someone else LOL. So Girls Arm Yourself before he strikes.. He moves from friend to friend like locust,, bad-mouthing everyone who even gets an inkling to his true motives. Stay close to your real friends.. Never let a piece of pixel cock come between you and them. I know SL is a playground for this preditor but the more people that are educated and aware of him the better off we all are.. This is PetMe signing off and remember.. Never be afraid to say whats on your mind.. even if its Mean :P. Those who love you won't be suprised and the rest.. well they'll get over it eventually :P


Falisitee Fall said...

This was so well written, I infact fell for ''Tiny Toon's'' Charm, even when i tried not to. It is potent the games him and his types play. All i can say for anyone falling for it, dont say you werent warned, I wish i was wanred! and good luck... Just stay within a pixle reach so we can laugh at you, Its my turn for entertainment now!!! I've paid my dues!!!


Cherie Parker said...

Unfortunately... they are legion. Be warned.

Hali said...

This was indeed well written.

"Tiny Toon's" intentions are very clear. He's attempted to get close and say sweet things. He thinks he's slick..Well his attempts failed, thanks to friends who care :P

Yummi Burrito said...

Oh PetMe. Get out of my noggin please. I have met SO many "Tiny Toons" in SL, I have started to believe there is no decent man left in SL. (Although at present I think I have met a good one but time will tell if he's truly a toon). They're always building a bridge to one girl, while with another. Of course, I realize this is just a terrible generalization but it's rampant in our pixilated world. How nice would it be to find someone who truly care for you and concentrated their efforts on you and if/when it falls apart, THEN they move on. Stop building ur bridges while on someone else's bridges. When you do that, you end up usually burning them both in some huge bonfire. (Unless ur REALLY good like some I have dated) Although, I admit, I do love sitting with my friends roasting wieners in the fire after.


Lizzy Ames said...

Wooooohooooo omg so nicely and well written! (nicely in a way i think its nice to read hehehe)

Hmmm i would like to meet this person, ow you said sl is full of it hmmmm lemme log in :P
For some reason i guess those persons are scared of me since i sort of never met or well maybe i was to boring :D

Can you introduce me Pettybiatch hehe


Yoyo Maginot said...

I love it! I hope those that read it will take heed to the words of wisdom of someone who's had experience in Tiny Toon's games. Weasels like him need to be castrated and left in the gutter...very well written Pet muahhh=)

Dreamer said...

"Tiny Toon" also seems to have the spectacular talent of reducing otherwise super-intelligent women into "mindless girls" .. cling to ur intellect ladies!
brilliant post Pet .. shud deffo be compulsory reading for n00blets far + wide .. as shud the entire .. well, most of the .. MGG22SL archive!
huggles to my fave MG's! <3

Oelric said...

Karma's a bitch ain't it ladies?

/me waves to everyone

Anonymous said...

Ummm oelric was supposed to be me That must be one of hubby's accounts LMAO


Anonymous said...

I used to be an escort in SL and my job was dealing with the Tiny Toons when you weren't logged in. (Yes, that's *you* specifically... at least half my clients were partnered in world, and a good chunk were seeing me through alts.) That experience taught me not to trust any man in SL, no matter how much of a gentleman he seemed. I've never had a SL boyfriend and I never will, because even the nicest of guys turned out to be a Tiny Toon!