Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh Snap! The Shoe Expo Edition

Okay most of you by now (ESPECIALLY if you're female) have heard that there's this little thing called the SL Shoe Expo going on right now. If you haven't been there... GO!!!!! If you've already been or want to go later, stick around and read.

The event was put together by Phoenix Chapman (whom we actually ran into while we were there) and it's for an extremely good cause. It's also a great chance for bigger brands and smaller brands alike to interact and get noticed by patrons. I know we ran into a bunch that we'd never heard of so it was great to see all the incredible talent.

On the other hand, we also saw some things that should probably have been left in the respective designer's inventories. If I put all of them into this post it would take up 3 pages, so Kaedy and I managed to narrow it down to the weirdest of the weird.

The Whole Frikkin Store?

Guen: We get it, you're proud of your work. But at an Expo you only put up a small selection of your stuff for us to see. If folks like the selection you show off there, they'll be more curious to browse your things at your main store. No point in clicking on the landmark tack in the middle 'cause all the product is RIGHT HERE.

Rainbow Garden Weasel

Kaedy: "Guen! C’mere! You have got to see these! LMAO!" Footwear Fashion meets the Garden Weasel. All I can say is I have got to get me a pair of these! These will make my job of planting my spring bulbs 1000% easier.

Stolen from Grandma's Closet

Kaedy: Over the hills and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go. Yes that’s right... the latest in fashion footwear! Quilts on your feet! For those of you interested in recycling, here is a great at home craft project for you. Just cover those old worn out stilettos with your grammies old quilt, throw on some plastic jewels and you're ready to go. Go to what? I haven’t got a friggin clue. All I do know is that I wouldn't be caught dead there, and since I’m already dead...

Um... Where's the Shoes?

Guen: Okay... the booth itself is great showing off beautiful landscaping (most of it by Botanical) but... where's the product??? You may have to squint and hold your tongue just right to look, but there -is- actually 2 sets of boots in there. I'd suggest next time not using your entire prim limit on presentation.

New Level of Blingtard

Kaedy: As if bling wasn't bad enough, what would have been a really nice pair of sculpty pumps has been ruined by the addition of a "sparking particle" emitter! Not Sparkle.. Sparking! OMG every bimbo in SL is going to be wearing these. We’re going to need a new gesture...

Guen: The photo doesn't do this pair justice. You just have to see them for yourself. Yes they really do sparkle... a lot. Bling is annoying. Particles are annoying. Put the two together on a pearlesque pump and you got... SUPER ANNOYING.

Kitteh Wedges

Guen: Okay I understand these were made solely to give proceeds to the ASPCA charity, but I have the suspicion that if these weren't for charity they'd never be purchased. I'm sorry but this is a whole new level of FUGLY. Making them Transfer Only is ironic, since after buying them you'll be trying like hell to give them away.

Kaedy: And what better way to support the ASPCA than to stuff your foot up some poor unsuspecting cat's ass. Poor kitty.

I will say that these examples are only a small portion of the shoes you'll find at the Expo. Many more designers have brought incredible footwear to this event that's worthy of being purchased. I know Kaedy, Rosie B and I are much lighter on Lindens after going to this thing (and we're all probably going back for a second trip) so please do check it out!

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If you see something you'd like us to Oh Snap! Please send the pic(s) with full perms to Guenevere DeCuir or Kaedy Ferraris in world.

No Kaedy... you can't take the big shiny shoe home with you...


Rowan Carroll said...

I'm glad you, I guess, liked the rest of my shoes enough to NOT post them on this blog. Yes, the Pouncing Kat Wedges are a little unusual, that's what I do. And you would be amazed at how many people have actually bought them. Even if they just toss them in the trash, at least $300L more went to the ASPCA.
Hell.. I coulda added some bling, horse like clopping sounds or maybe even GLOW and Light!

Jessyka Richard said...

You overlooked the stall selling system shoes:

Seriously, what?

Also, I like the grandma shoes, but that's just me. :3

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

Oh yeah the system shoes. We did see those, Jessyka. Like I said we had to narrow the choices down a bit and the system shoes weren't quite as "interesting" as the ones we did post about.

Kaedy Ferraris said...

But I want the big shiney shoe! Waaahhhhh

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

*Given to moi in IM*

[17:14] Truth Hawks: and I didnt use my 300 prim limit I think i used maybe 50 prims ..... beauty of being able to scult i guess :) What happend to Kitty Lalonde she was always well informed .... anywho bye bye

Thanks Truth. Yer a real pal. ;-)

Kaedy Ferraris said...

Hmmm I think Truth missed the point. Shoe Expo.. not sculpty expo. Congrats on the great sculpty display tho.

Kaedy Ferraris said...

At least I think "scult" means sculpt.. I could be soooo wrong.

Emerald Wynn said...

Pure laughter. I love this blog.

Daman Tenk said...

I thought the botanic exposition was one of the best. The shoes were good. And well, if you only have two pairs to show off, it's silly just putting down to simple vendors and leave it at that.

Tenshi said...

I'm having a good chortle over here.

Sensitive much, Rowan?

Rowan Carroll said...

I think I have a right to be sensitive. I dunno, maybe someone who would have bought the shoes, decided NOT to after seeing this blog.
Anyway it's over and done... At least I can go down in history as being on the Mean Girls' blog... Sorry to see you girls go.. you made me laugh more times than you made me "sensitive"