Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Internet Badass

You know what, I might be new around here, but I am not new to the intarwebs. I'm not new to virtual communities of all types, and I'm not new to the very old idea of the internet badass.

Since we've got a couple that lurk around here leaving superduper intellectually stimulating comments as "anonymous" because their secret internet celebrity identities are TOP SECRET, I thought I'd make a comment of my own.

The funny thing is, since I am a contributor here I get to have my comment on the front page, and since I'm not a chickenshit, I won't sign mine "anonymous."

The opinion of someone who needs to troll along to a blog and post a comment without an identifier of who they are, virtually or realistically, matters to me about as much as whether or not my neighbor's dog has a pimple on its ass.

The problem with the unfortunates who delude themselves into a position of superiority from the comfort of their adjustable desk chair and 19" monitor, is they think everyone else is going to think they are SO. COOL. AND. SMART. AND. ULTRA. HOT. AND. AWESOME.

Not really.

Only about as relevant as a pimple on a dog's ass.

Now then, on with the highly intellectual discussion! Be sure to bring up the nazis, whether or not I misspelled something, critiques on my use of punctuation, short sentences (for emphasis), degrade me, belittle me, and throw in something completely unrelated but derrogatory and fictional about me in order to further discredit me.

So mote it be!

PS: If you're an internet badass in SL this probably applies to you, too. Hugs and kisses.


Swirly Cyclone said...
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Anonymous said...

Swirly forgot to post anonymously so will leave her comment again without giving her name this time :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Awesome Rosie! I've always hated anonymous comments for various reasons. I know that some say they don't have a blog account, but if you look down at the options under 'Choose an identity' you can simply leave a name and/or URL without the need for a blog. It even allows for OpenID which is great.

No excuse anymore. Folks need to have some balls and use their name (even their SL name) when they post comments.

Anonymous said...

And when you really don't know how to NOT put in commands, you can always put your name under the command you are posting...

Here is an example....

Ozark Hax

Izzy said...

Wait. Your neighbor's dog has a pimple on its ass?!

In all seriousness, though, I could not agree more. I have *always* had a problem with "anonymous" wiseasses - if you don't have the balls to stand behind your word(s) and *put your name on it* then SHUT-THE-HELL-UP.

These people always seem to feel they are *so superior* and, yes, "badass"...but they're too weak to actually stand behind the bilge they spew out. Spineless weaklings, pah. Truly, they disgust me...thank you for allowing me this rant. *grinz*

Anonymous said...

(anonymous for fun, but it's Alaska) Your ears are too cute!!

Fuqu M. Orons said...

Wow. Lemme guess- you got your lame @ss handed to you by someone posting anonymously. With no possibility of recovery- you were completely faced. No comebacks available.

And you respond by attacking the idea of anonymity.

Frankly, with your undisguised bile and tendency to rant, does it surprise you that someone wouldn't want to give you their personal info? It's not like Id be giving you my home address- what possible point could it have, other than getting crap mail in my inbox?

It's a great strategy if all you want to hear is echo-chamber praise. But, in the end, that just shows what a profoundly weak person you are.

Per guenevere, it's apparently Ok to sign with a *made-up* name anyway. Meaningless to accountability, but if it makes you tiny people feel a little bit better, go for it.

Fuqu M. Orons said...

PS Writing long posts about how you don't care about something is kind of a giveaway that you actually do care. Im sure you understand, it's not real complicated.

The problem with the unfortunates who delude themselves into a position of superiority from the comfort of their adjustable desk chair and 19" monitor, is they think everyone else is going to think they are SO. COOL. AND. SMART. AND. ULTRA. HOT. AND. AWESOME.

Does this somehow not apply to you? Or are you blogging from some secret cat-related lair, on a 22" monitor?
What you apparently can't stand- being dumber than paint, and having this pointed out to you. Monitor size nonwithstanding.

Rosie Barthelmess said...

I love the irony. It's palpable!

Rosie Barthelmess said...

PS: I would like everyone to please leave me their full legal name, business address, a .pdf of their last income tax form (if a U.S. citizen), an estimation of your net worth, and a copy of your birth certificate.

Most sincerely,
Rosie Barthelmess (CLEARLY my real name)
Rosadora, Holland, SL (My real address)


A. K. Marx-Dudek said...

Leaving a trail of Troll Chow to a box propped up with a stick and a sign underneath labelled "INTERNETS".

Works every time.

A. K. Marx-Dudek said...

[.pdf attached]

Love and kisses,

Angelique Karla Marx-Dudek
Holland, Holland, SL

Camthan said...

u r teh dmb lololololz. If this were real life I would so beat your ass because I am such a badass. I am so intellectully superior to you that I can't see the irony of posting anonymously on this post specifically. Espcially since the only people who agree with what I say are the same people that post anonymously, hence we never know who each other are. We just assume the other ones are all losers, who wouldn't say this shit if we had to own up to it.

Just remember the greater internet fuckwad theory.

Normal Person + Audience + Anonymity = Total Fuckwad


Kaedy Ferraris said...

You tell 'em Rosie!

I love how this has brought the anonymous morons crawling out of the woodwork. Its so easy to hide behind that anonymity.

Heaven forbid these intellectual giants (cough) actually have the balls to stand behind what they say. tsk tsk...

So now I'll probably get bashed too LOL. Bring it on! I love a good debate :)

Noirran said...

Darwin,grammar,the Nazis, your Mom.

My work here is done.